The Joys of Tribulation


by Pastor Mark Downey

I no sooner commenced to sitting down with a yellow legal note pad to write down this message, when a bird in the backyard began squawking. I wondered, "What's his problem." It sounded like some kind of warning, rather than the happy chirping of an early bird catching a worm. Perhaps another animal was encroaching upon his meal.

I love how the Holy Spirit works. Before I began to write anything about tribulation, the sounds of God's creation gave me a sermon example from the get-go. Through this otherwise mundane morning activity of nature, it came to my mind of a situation we had last year in our driveway.

The Shining Light of Glory

by Pastor Mark Downey

Light is God and His word dispels the darkness.  Darkness is ignorance of His word.

Part 1:  Definitions of light and examples of Old Testament light as metaphor and literal.  Different kinds of light explored in the book of Job.

Part 2: Where there's smoke, there's fire and where there's fire, there's light. But some people want to throw water on the shining of God's glory, as we learn more lessons from the Old Testament prophets. We examine the poetic books of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and discuss how we live each day to the glory of God as a manifestation of the shining light of glory.

Part 3: Summing up the proposition that light, water, radiance, cleansing, repentance, baptism, purification, separation, glory and other revelations of biblical awareness all have a common denominator giving the Christian a direction towards finding the truth.

Maturing in Christ

by Pastor Mark Downey

The progressive understanding of God's will is learning how to yield ourselves completely to God. Our actions determine our destiny.

Part 1:  Any White person can mature spiritually if they develop practical action steps and everyday habits. As we deal with things in life, we learn to use the Word of God as our standard of measure. 

Part 2: As we see the vision of overcoming the adversary, we mature in Christ as we approach a closer proximity to the Kingdom. But we need the glue that connects our people; that bonding agent which is the shining light of glory.

Shake and Bake

by Pastor Mark Downey

Analysis of one of the most massive earthquake/tsunamis ever recorded.

Part 1: the jewish conspiracy and Japan’s economy; the mysterious HAARP; global blackmail.

Part 2: prophecy says the human devils are going to be wiped out; an era of natural and unnatural disasters; the antichrists run HAARP.

Disasters R Us


by Pastor Mark Downey

I read recently that scientists had discovered that goldfish had a memory retention of two seconds.  So you could imagine two goldfish in a bowl complete with castle and plants talking to each other.  First goldfish, “Look at that castle.”  Second goldfish, “What is a castle?”  First goldfish, “Why do you ask?”  Second goldfish, “Ask what?”  There are an increasing number of people like that in our society.  But, goldfish swim all their lives in that bowl and are unaware of the water they swim in.  Some people are completely oblivious to the intellectual and spiritual sea we swim in with all of the philosophical undercurrents and riptides.  That ocean of information has been spawned by mass media and various mediums of persuasion.  When Daniel (12:4) spoke of “an increase in knowledge”, he may have been alluding to an information overload.  Because of this saturation bombing of the mind, the world is in a state of confusion and chaos.  And this is by design to mold public opinion like putty. 

A Preemptive Romans 13 Strike

by Pastor Mark Downey

We need to get one thing straight concerning the modern church and state. Religion, not to be confused with true Christianity, is being used against us as a weapon. The church minister has become the enemy of the people and change agents of the state. Throughout history they have been referred to as Baal priests, false prophets, greedy dogs, fat shepherds, wolves in sheep's clothing and more recently known as pulpit pimps, government stooges and useful idiots. Probably one of the worst perversions of Scripture is taking the godliness of God’s Word for ungodly purposes. We can observe that the Kingdom of God has been postponed innumerable times for the sake of man made institutions operating in the name or authority of divine sanction, which is nothing but an excuse for corruption.

Bad Ideas Are Not Fair

by Pastor Mark Downey

A superficial expression used to gloss over the iniquities of the world is ‘life aint fair’. Joe Sixpack, an American icon, crying in his beer, confronting his next door neighbor, exclaims, ‘”You got my daughter pregnant, killed my dog, ripped off my life’s savings and burned down my house! I thought you were my friend.” To which the rather smug perpetrator replied, “Hey man, life aint fair.” The purpose of this message is important because it reveals the consequences of departure; leaving ‘The Way”, as the 1st century apostolic church of Christianity was called, and drifting towards “the way of the heathens” as has been adopted by the apostate church of darkness.

Our God of the Holy Bible created life on earth and He called it “Good.” It was the best idea ever with a perfect system of law and order. Shortly thereafter, well, I guess you could say, ‘there goes the neighborhood’.

Baal Worship in Judeo-Churchianity

by Pastor Mark Downey

Today there are many people who are advocating what is known in Scripture as ‘Baal Worship’ either knowingly or unwittingly, the latter being predominant.  Our people don’t know what it is, don’t understand its ulterior motives or even recognize it when they see it.  It’s like a cancerous disease manifested in many different symptoms, which the average Christian cannot detect without trained eyes. 

The Illusion of Free Will


by Pastor Mark Downey

How often do we hear someone say, “God gave us a free will”? What they usually mean is that they have freedom of choice. Free will and choice are two different things. In Romans 7:17 Paul says it wasn’t him making the choice: “Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.” If he’s making choices at the behest of a “law of sin” that has been put within his “flesh”, but not of his doing… where is the ‘free will’ here? I had to think long and hard about composing this sermon, so bear with me.