The Antisemantics of the Word 'Jew'


by Pastor Mark Downey

We hear a lot about anti-Semitism, which is a misnomer in its usage, but we don’t hear anything about anti-semanticism. Semantics is the study of the meaning of words. If something is ‘anti’, it is against or contrary to something and is replaced with another meaning. Such is the case with the little four letter word ‘jews’. I had the pleasure of discussing the jewish problem of the word jew recently with a well versed Bible scholar. The discussion began with the question “Are jews a race?” and evolved into a more in-depth examination of how the word jew is used in the Bible. Of course, it goes without saying, that the word jew is the most deliberately confusing word in the Bible. My friend contends that the word jew, as found in the Bible, always means a Judahite and hence an Israelite, whom we both agree constitutes the White race in the world today. However, I think the word jew means something else besides Judahites. The following is a continuation of dialogue with my friend: