Is Revolution Christian?

by Pastor Mark Downey

The question of whether or not Christians can or should revolt is answered.

Part 1:  Jesus' teaching on taxation; revolution defined; the principle of revolution applied to the government; revolution as a spiritual movement.

Part 2:  Unauthorized rebellion is a recipe for tyranny; Paul, Carodoc and Boadicea; we cannot be free without Christ; Rex Lex and Lex Rex; the circle of life.

Spirit Steady – Combat Ready

by Pastor Mark Downey

A look at our spiritual and physical demands required from God. 

Part 1: A fair and balanced examination of spiritual warfare; how to deal with an increase in knowledge; preparing for the harvest. 

Part 2: The antichrist enemy is prepared to destroy White Christians; ungodly economics of Babylon; being in agreement with God is a release of sin/debt; arming ourselves with the Word of God.

Sword of the New Covenant


by Pastor Mark Downey

The invention of the sword goes back to the early Egyptians around the time of the Bronze Age, which was about a thousand years after Adam.  I believe metallurgy was a gift from God to the White race.  Two identification marks (and there are over 100) of Israel would be great agricultural wealth and land having an abundance of minerals.  Deut. 8:9 covers both aspects, “A land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness… a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou may dig brass.” 

Swords developed gradually from the scythe, a farming tool used to harvest grain.  But where did the White man get the idea for a sword?  I think it’s interesting that God introduces the first recorded weapon of war in the Bible, not man.  If you recall Adam and Eve being driven out of the Garden of Eden, God placed the “Cherubim and a flaming sword that turns every way to guard the way to the tree of life” (Gen. 3:23).  The idea of a sword then is to protect something.  In early usage, the sword, no doubt, defended their source of life, their gardens, from outside threats. 

If you look up the word ‘sword’, you’ll find the Hebrew word ‘chereb’ (#2719), which comes from 2717 meaning ‘to parch (through drought)’, supporting the word chereb, which means drought, having a secondary definition of ‘a cutting instrument (from its destructive effect), as well as 2717 saying, ‘by analogy, to desolate, destroy, kill.

Love Your Enemy


by Pastor Mark Downey

A discussion of what "love your enemy" does not mean, and an explanation why we are taken advantage of by the enemies of God.

The gods of Shock and Awe


by Pastor Mark Downey

Discussion of how the Iraq War is a sham and why we support our troops ... to mutiny.

A Time To Kill


By Pastor Mark Downey

The reason I selected Ezekiel 3:17-24 for today’s Scripture reading for this subject is to warn the wicked, those who have misappropriated the Word of God for the justification of ungodly acts that result in the loss of life.  It is never a time to kill if there is no divine sanction.  We call that murder and we’ve been discussing murderers for the last couple of weeks.  God’s resolution for homicide is not a life sentence in prison, not plea bargaining, not extradition, not counseling and therapy.  It is death.  It is the only principle of law of ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’, or to boil it down to the law of like for like, that without it, would utterly destroy the peace of society, sowing the seeds of discord, hatred and revenge.  It is the law of retaliation as prescribed by God.  In other words, we must convincingly establish the axiom that crime does not pay.  Sin is the transgression of the Law and the wages of sin is death

The Christian Military

by Pastor Mark Downey

A grossly overlooked aspect of Christianity is a call to arms as God commands us to be His battle axe.

Part 1:  The context of Christian militancy; establishing the Kingdom of God is Law enforcement; meeting the challenge to Christian authority; battle plans.

Part 2: Rules of warfare; our commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ; identification of enemy forces; resolve for victory.

The Fiery Cross

by Pastor Mark Downey

A Christian Cross on fire conjures up all sorts of assumptions and presumptions about what it means.  It’s probably one of the most politically incorrect and despised images the controlled media can offer to convey what they consider a symbol of hate and bigotry.  But, I’m not here today to promote any organization that they like to call a hate group or activities that they like to call hate crimes, but rather a biblical examination of these elements of the Fiery Cross.

An Open Letter to White Veterans


by Pastor Mark Downey

This will be a theocratic dissertation on the saturation/marketing and brainwashing leading up to the 2008 presidential elections. Never before has there been such intense daily coverage of republicrat losers vying for the so called “highest office in the land” nor exorbitant record millions of dollars being spent to mold your mind like silly putty. Some ‘change agent’ think-tank came up with an evil stroke of genius to plant the idea of a negro occupying the Oval Office at about the time Americans were Bush whacked with a second term of the lowest rated president ever in the history of polls. Is it just a coincidence that George W. Bush is portrayed as a mix of buffoon and war criminal and that anybody would be better than this politically challenged psychopath? Will future generations read in disbelief about this time in history where the Republicans best shot was a Manchurian candidate with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s?

Greetings to the White Christian men and women in uniform who have served our nation and took an oath to defend the Constitution; and probably did so with the intent to protect the American people from enemies wanting to destroy us. I deeply regret having to pop your bubble that our real enemies are mostly from within, rather than foreigners thousands of miles away and that this threat has been prevalent for a long time. Many high ranking military officers have written about this betrayal and I would be happy to provide you with a recommended reading list if you care to get informed.

I’m Pastor Mark Downey, a Christian Identity minister and today I want to speak to you as a veteran who served honorably in the Vietnam War.