A Bible Love Story

by Pastor Mark Downey

Today, I would like to share the greatest love story that few have heard. Sometimes God reveals the truth in ways that have not been previously told. Past generations have gotten so caught up in religion that by omission, the greatest love story has not been told. But, once it is revealed, I think it's a truth that is earth shaking and one that can entirely change a person's life and understanding of the Bible.

When Moses officiated the covenant ceremony between God and the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, it was a wedding and they were pronounced man and wife. An entire nation of blood relatives, composed of 12 tribes or large families, became the bride and wife of God. They were known collectively as Israel and should not be confused with the modern application by the same name. In fact, God still loves these descendants of ancient Israel, but they became, as Jesus called them, the lost sheep.

A Study on Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

by Pastor Mark Downey

" ... the story about Philip and the Ethiopian found in Acts 8:26-40. It has been assumed by contemporary seminary trained doctors of divinity that the Ethiopian of 2000 years ago is the same as today, as if to say the demographics remained static. We in Christian Identity respectfully disagree.

The key to the identity of the Ethiopian eunuch is to find out who the inhabitants of Ethiopia in New Testament times really were. Many Judeo-Christian publishers gloss the Ethiopian as an arbitrary African Negro without much historical accuracy. History is replete with examples of territories changing in racial make-up via wars, famines, migrations etc.

In Defense of Legends

by Pastor Mark Downey

Are legends Christian? Some people don't think so. A legend is a story coming down from the past, especially one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable. 'Prima scriptura', which holds that the Bible is the primary source of doctrine, but that understanding can be improved by reference to other sources. 'Sola scriptura', on the other hand, a product of the Protestant Reformation, leaves us a legacy that has evolved from the original protest against church authority, in contradistinction to the Bible itself having sole authority. A legend can be either good or bad, true or false. The point to remember is that it is something that is passed down generationally. Of course, God's Word is the final authority; it's just what you do with it.

Racial Issues of the Bible

Interview with Pastor Downey

I was recently given the opportunity to give a Christian Identity response to a bible college project on racism. Specifically, I addressed some of the comments made at the Kinsman Redeemer website. Many of the questions go directly to the core message of race in the Bible. Most of these students are probably hearing the focus of Identity for the first time. We therefore ask our friends in the Christian Identity community to pray that the planting of these seeds finds fertile ground and will grow with God's blessings.

Prophets vs. Profits

by Pastor Mark Downey

In this day and age we hear a lot about the future. In fact, futurism has become a big business for not only religious opportunists, but secular interests as well. There is altogether too much disinformation regarding the parameters (elements whose values characterize a member of a system) and perimeters (a boundary line protecting an area) of what a prophet entails. Nowadays anybody can call themselves a prophet and not have the character or limitations of this vocation, whether temporary or during a lifetime, and may be outside the realm of what constitutes the job description. One can declare themselves a prophet with impunity, because there is no law against it, except God’s Law, which unfortunately is not enforced these days by the body politic. Conversely, lawless accusers can enjoy their day of calumny labeling someone a false prophet without much reality to the accusation.  There are three basic prerequisites which mandate a prophet ...

Come Out of Her, My People

by Pastor Mark Downey

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev. 18:4

This is perhaps one of the most profound utterances in John's Revelation. It contains the racial message of Christian Identity that the White race i.e. Israel is God's people. We always have been and always will be His people. But, we are commanded to come out of her, which is alluding to Mystery Babylon in chapters 17 and 18. Mystery Babylon represents the culmination of filthy state sanctioned religious, political and economic systems of death.

What is it that we should come out of?

Why We Hate Jews

by Pastor Mark Downey

An expose of the jewish religion and why it has fomented animosities since the time of Christ.

Part 1:  An explanation of hate and how Judaism creates antipathy through historical practises of ritual murder.

Part 2:  A well kept secret of Jews in the religious rite that sanctions lying and rationalizes stealing.

Part 3:  The deathly role of Jews institutionalizing the mongrelization of Christianity and the White race.

The Mind Control of Obama Nation


by Pastor Mark Downey

This will be a theocratic dissertation on the saturation/marketing and brainwashing leading up to the 2008 presidential elections. Never before has there been such intense daily coverage of republicrat losers vying for the so called “highestoffice in the land” nor exorbitant record millions of dollars being spent to mold your mind like silly putty. Some ‘change agent’ think-tank came up with an evil stroke of genius to plant the idea of a negro occupying the Oval Office at about the time Americans were Bush whacked with a second term of the lowest rated president ever in the history of polls. Is it just a coincidence that George W. Bush is portrayed as a mix of buffoon and war criminal and that anybody would be better than this politically challenged psychopath? Will future generations read in disbelief about this time in history where the Republicans best shot was a Manchurian candidate with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s?

The Unfortunate Gentile

by Pastor Mark Downey

Regrettably, the White race has an unwarranted legacy of being in the middle of a secular and religious expression that has authored a great deal of confusion. It has created a false identity with just one word: gentile. If you were to go to a public library that has one of those 20 pound dictionaries and looked up the word gentile, you would read its definition as "a pagan or heathen or someone who is not a Jew or a Christian". This, of course, would be unacceptable to the White Christian, especially if the truth be known that our race is the true Israel of Scripture and not jews or a spiritualized concoction of racially blind churches.