Booklets available and What's New at Kinsman Redeemer

Pastor Mark Downey joins William Finck in a much needed discussion, in the capacity of watchmen on the wall and vigilant towards the adversaries of our faith, identifying ‘Who Hates Christian Identity and Why.’  An outline text will shortly be added to accompany the audio program.

On another note, Pastor Downey is also writing a new series of sermon messages called ‘The Inspired Word,’ which addresses the often asked question of: what is the best Bible to use that best explains Christian Identity.  It could be said that our Bible is a stack of books.  Once completed, this series will be published in booklet form and available in the near future.  Watch for other parts on prophecy and archaeology. 

While we do not sell books per se, we have a number of hard copy booklets for your reading pleasure on a donation basis.  What follows are the titles in our current literature list by Pastor Downey. If you are interested in receiving any of these booklets, please write to Pastor Downey at P.O. Box 436, Alexandria, KY 41001.

  • Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up?
  • The Shining Light of Glory
  • Universalism on Trial
  • The Catholic Menace
  • Baal Worship in Judeo-Churchianity
  • The Madmen of Gadera
  • The Perfect Sermon
  • The Inspired Word
  • Adamic Creation

Click on any of the rotating images of booklets on our webpage to view the keypoints of that booklet. 

As always, we thank you and greatly appreciate your support and prayers for Kinsman Redeemer ministries.  May these messages be a blessing to you.