The Truth About Lies


by Pastor Mark Downey

What is the truth about lies? It's that the truth doesn't matter. "An enemy hath done this" (Mt. 13:28), that sowed good seed with tares, that mixed the holy with the profane and spiritual with carnality... that makes the Truth of none effect.

Part 1: We should pursue the truth as to when America stopped being a Christain nation with scholarship, because that will help us to identify when we stopped being a White nation. We are no longer a White Christian nation, but rather a third world multicultural country.

Part 2: These days there is a monumental disparity between what someone believes and the truth.  Just because someone believes something is true doesn’t mean it is the truth.  And this is the great dilemma in awakening our people to the fact that they’ve been lied to or what they believe to be true is in fact false.