Jewish Ritual Murder Painting

Allegedly this taboo-breaking piece of art was a very secret work of Hungarian painter genius, Munkácsy Mihály, realized between 1882-1887, at the request of Russian tzar, Alexander III, and inspired by the world-famous Tiszaeszlár Affair (Hungary, 1882), which was a blood-libel directed against a group of Jews, who murdered 14 year-old Solymosi Eszter inside a sacrificial ritual. The painting is absolutely monumental in depicting Jewish thirst for "goyim" blood. The young girl can also represent modern Europe as being encircled by demonic Zionists and prepared for being crucified. There is a whole scandal in Hungary already (as always when something "antisemitic" stirs up in the news). Some (Socialists, Liberals, Jews) already plead for reconsidering the artistic and human values of Munkácsy, who is one of the most revered artists in Hungary's cultural pantheon. It's incredible how these scums are ready to boycott this great artist's legacy, just because after one hundred years there was discovered a painting of his, which is highly incriminating towards the Jewish community. These political circles already managed to influence our academia to renegade some of our most precious writers and poets, only because they dared to name the Jew as one of the core reasons Hungary and all the Western World are on a cultural, social and spiritual decline. I seriously hope this time we will fight for the integrity and good-name of this great painter, and they won't eradicate another brilliant Hungarian from our public discourse. The masses need to be exposed to such art.

Article on Jewish Ritual Murder