Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up? Volume II

by Pastor Mark Downey

Misnomers and False Interpretations

The controversy is between two schools of eschatology (study of the end times); that of the historicists and futurists. The former, as the name implies, explains God's Word in sacred and secular history, both of which is His Story. The Protestant reformers understood correctly, events that had come to pass fulfilling the veracity of scriptures. On the other hand, the futurist disregard the past and place the works of God in the distant future.

Futurism is the greatest mental block which people have against accepting our identity as Israel. These wolves in sheep's clothing defend their errors as if they were defending their inheritance. But in fact, they are denying their actual biblical birthright. Their doctrines were devised by papal Rome to regain control over people through fear that they enjoyed during the Dark Ages. The futurist use clever buzzwords like: the rapture, the battle of Armageddon, the coming antichrist, pre, mid and post tribulation, Israeli, Zionist, Judeo-Christian ethic, Christian Jews, Gentiles, the holocaust, anti-semitic....ad nauseam.

The Lord pictured two types of people in this era: the ones with their hearts failing them for fear....looking after that which is coming [54] and the others who joyfully stand uplifted anticipating deliverance (v. 28). The pulpit pimps and TV preachers would tell "us" that the tribulation will be the most diabolical time ever, when "they" shall escape it, as God removes them from earth. This is a lie and diversion from the millions of Christian martyrs murdered since the time of Christ [55], but it is to our glory that God works in the lives of His true people [56], whereby the truth is perfectly interpreting and rightly dividing His Word that will set us free as we see the keys to the puzzle fit together, slowly bringing the big picture into focus. The apostle John wrote of 'great tribulation' [57] which has lasted throughout the whole of the Christian dispensation. It is folly to try to crowd into 1/2 or even 7 years, a time of trouble as mentioned in the book of Revelation.

It would tax the ingenuity of man to imagine all that Christians have gone through for their faith. Paul also taught we must go through much tribulation to enter the Kingdom [58]. Myriads of bloodwashed souls have passed through these fires of suffering that futurists would rather keep quiet. If we were living in certain parts of the world, ruled by hardened hearts (modern pharaohs), we as Christians would have no doubts about when things begin to tribulate. A change of residence would change the theology and status of many deluded believers with their sights yet in the future. The liars have much to lose and will not recant. Thirty million Christians have died in this century alone at the bloody hands of red Edomite Jew communists since the Talmudic/Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. If the meaning of words and identity of who's who in the Bible are twisted to such an extent, then the people are bound to a propaganda tantamount to brainwashing.

The Bible speaks of many being deceived [59], even those in positions of authority. Just because the majority of churches believe that today's Jews are the biblical Israelites, does not make it so. At one time it was dangerous to deny the earth was flat, however truth is not determined by popular consensus. There is ample documentation from Jewish authorities themselves that say they are not a Semitic people (descendant of Shem); but assume this identity for political and economic expediency. Some say that Jews are not a race, but rather a mere religion. Why then do they attach their name, when supposedly converting to Christianity? We don't have Islamic or Hindu Christians, nor can there be Christian Jews any more than there can be cold fire or dry water. What better way for the enemies of Christ to exploit His followers, than to be accepted by manipulating the names Jew with Christian [60].

The false prophets' agenda conforms to political ambitions, a new age and world order with false Christs, ignoring biblical timing, people and geography; and hysterically demanding the defense of the Zionist state (on stolen Palestinian property) at all costs, saying that Russia will invade Israelie (their battle of Armageddon hoax). If Christians would but understand the differences between the Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27, the Tribulation of John's revelation and the Time of Jacob's Trouble described in Jeremiah 30:4-10 rather than taking the arbitrary word of futurists, much about God's Word would be clarified (when you read, study and pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you to truth). But where are the Soviet missiles aimed at today? Communism is not dead as long as Judaism exists!

That Great Day of the Lord will separate the wheat from the tares, and the non-Christian tares (those impersonating wheat or the true Israel) will be removed from off the face of the earth (raptured!) by casting them into the fiery furnace [61]. Christianity stands in the way of the internationalist plans for the would-be gods. It is the Aryan Israelite race that God predestined for Western Christian civilization to be a blessing to the nations [62] and salt of the earth [63], preserving His laws, statutes and commandments. The enemies of God want to eliminate God's law of segregation so that the despoilers miscegenate all races and homogenize all religions into one mongrelized United Nations. The U.N. is just another tower of Babel (confusion).

To those who say, "suppose we are Israel, what difference does it make"? I say it makes all the difference in the world (kosmos- the social order). If you don't care, you're no different than the reprobate Esau or the traitorous Judas. You open the floodgates for evil to prosper when you nonchalantly reject the truth, and the truth sets us free. Will you throw this God given gift away or will you be one of the few that enters the narrow gate and finds the way to life? The purveyors of disinformation are the opposite of I Thessalonians 5:21. They don't prove anything because there is no goodness in them. Woe unto the sophists of futurism. Beware of misnomers.


In Matthew 13:44 the Kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure. Israel is the Lord's peculiar treasure [64] hidden in a field. The field is the world [65]. Jesus is the buyer of the lost tribes of Israel hidden in the world at the cost of His precious blood [66]. This treasure He found and then hid in the field before He purchased the field (world). Why was Israel lost in the world? Could it be so that they could be properly identified and delivered?

Many good intentions of the churches, for which the road to hell is paved, mistakenly think that Jesus came to save everybody on earth. A favorite scripture for the integrationists to rationalize that all races are one in Christ is Galatians 3:28-29 when they magically defy the laws of inheritance and genetics. The problem words are 'Jew' and 'Greek', which are simply the tribe of Judah and tribes of Israel in Greece respectively. If Paul had meant other races, to make his point, why didn't he say Ethiopian or Canaanite? Verse 2 does not say, 'Wherefore the law was everybody's schoolmaster to bring everybody unto Christ, that everybody might be justified by faith'. The context is racial Israel.

All 12 tribes of Israel are one in Christ. Jesus says in Matthew 15:24 that He was sent only unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Israelites in scripture have always been one race of people and referred to as His sheep. John 10:27 says that His sheep hear His voice. What race of people have historically been the followers of Christ and responsible for the advancement of Christianity? The Anglo Saxon and kindred folk of course! But Israel became scattered from the Assyrian captivity [67], not to be confused with the Babylonian captivity. Luke 1:68 declares the God of Israel redeeming His people to keep His racial promises and covenants (verses 72-73), and improves upon it with the New Covenant [68], again exclusively with the houses of Israel and Judah (not Jews). Israel did not return to Samaia. Judah did return a remnant to Jerusalem.

So where did the Israelites go after the Assyrian empire fell? Some seminary-fed ministers parrot the line that they disappeared or intermarried with other races. This babble reflects their ability to make God a liar and for scriptures to disappear. As to the Israelites whereabouts, the Lord says in Amos 9:9 that He would sift the house of Israel among the nations, like corn sifted in a sieve, and not one seed shall fall to the ground. Their racial stock shall remain intact. After all, God promised their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the blessing of being a great multitude; a population numbered as the stars of heaven; the sand upon the sea shore and as the dust of the earth.

The historian Josephus reaffirms the existence of the 10 tribes and their inestimable numbers at the time of Christ [69]. During the Assyrian captivity, God no longer pleaded with Israel. He divorced Israel because of their disobedience and whoring after other gods. They no longer qualified or deserved His blessing. He left them a slave people, left to their own devices. They even lost their Hebrew language. They erroneously regarded themselves as gentiles and so did the world. But Jesus Christ knew where the lost were [70], and commanded the 12 disciples to go to them (Israel), not to the gentiles (heathen) or Samaritans (non-Israelites). Why are the 12 tribes greeted in James 1:1? Israel was scattered abroad physically (and may have been scatterbrained spiritually as well) as sheep without a shepherd [71]. The Israelites would eventually dwell in a predestined location [72] after their fall, captivity and dispersion. They were the dispersed (Israelites) among the gentiles (Greeks) referred to in John 7:35.

It would help you to look at some good biblical maps to get an idea of how millions of our race were deported from ancient Israel to Assyria (modern Syria and Turkey) and from there (after the fall of theAssyrian empire) were left no other choice but to migrate north and west, uniquely and carefully being led by providence. The Lord locates, filters and leads them [73] along the countries of the northern Mediterranean and into all of Europe. Click here to view maps showing the migrations of Israel.

The intricate name changes and fascinating archaeology of cuneiform clay tablets impart an accurate history of the true Israel lost and found. If we trace back through White European cultures [74] and go forward in time identifying the Israelitish cultures [75] from the Assyrian records, then the so-called missing links are resolved. The emerging settlements of Europe were in fact the colonization of migrating tribes of Israel; becoming many nations [76]. Israelites in Europe were not only being preserved by God but were also establishing permanent residences [77]. It was all part of God's plan, that only God could orchestrate [78]. The Good Shepherd gathering and bringing His sheepfold to their own land.

Where was the first Christian church? The early Christians in Palestine were underground because of persecution and Roman Catholicism was not founded until about 350 A.D. (although Paul dedicated the home of Pudens and Claudia as a place to worship in Rome in 56 A.D.). Thanks to Joseph of Arimathea, Britain was the first of all kingdoms to receive the Gospel. This was confirmed by the Church Councils of Pisa (1409), Constance (1417), Sienna (1424) and Basle (1434) that maintained, "the churches of France and Spain, must yield in point of antiquity and precedence to that of Britain, as the latter church was founded by Joseph of Arimathea immediately after the passion of Christ".

Many church historians date the good news of the Gospels reaching Britain around the time of the death of Tiberius Caesar in 37 A.D. and flourished thereafter with the building of the first Christian church erected above ground in 39-41 A.D. at Glastonbury. This is not worthy of debate; it is indisputable historical fact. Britan or the 'isles of the sea' [79] has the most endearing Christian history from which we can glean understanding of what the Bible is all about. The British royal family documents its lineage to King David [80]. It was Jeremiah that brought the daughters of Zedikiah to Ireland [81] and Jacob's pillar stone which is placed in the Coronation Chair to this day [82].

In 1320 A.D. Robert Bruce proclaimed the Scottish Declaration of Independence wherein, "the nation of Scots .... which passing from the greater Scythia (the Assyrian territories where Israel was placed in about 700 B.C.)....by many victories and infinite toil, acquired for themselves the possessions in the West". There is an abundance of legend kept alive for millennia, yet suppressed by black-robed apostates, that Mary, the mother of Jesus, died in Britain and is buried at Glastonbury, and that Paul and other apostles and disciples preached in Britain and Europe. To complete the migrations of Israel, it is now becoming obvious that the U.S.A. is most definitely a key participant. Read, if you will, the Mayflower Compact of 1620: "Having undertaken for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith"; and the Constitution of the New England Confederation of 1643: "Whereas we all came into these parts of America with one and the same end and aim, namely to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ".

The sure Word of God specifies where that Kingdom will be in the prophecy of Israel's regathering (remember the true meaning of Armageddon); in Micah 4:8 that Kingdom will come to the daughter of Jerusalem and not the old mother. A second witness is Jesus telling the filthy Jews in Matthew 21:43 that their kingdom would be taken away from them and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. The daughter of Zion or the new political enforcement of God's laws is the pretext for the theocracy of Christ headquartered in America....not Tel Aviv where you will never hear the Christ-hating Jews proclaiming "No King but Jesus!" The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hid in a field. You won't find it, if you don't look.

Judgements of Israel

Proof that we are still God's covenant people is that we are still chastised. For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth [83]. Our endurance and developing discipline from the chastening receives us to Almighty God as His sons [84] in order to break the spirit of rebellion, to bring repentance [85], and to return to the teachings of obeying the Law [86]. America is being chastised because we are Israel and the sons of God. Bastards or non-Israelites are not chastised [87]. In America, our beginning was blessed (annuit coeptis) as we discerned in chapter 3, but now we are cursed for not opposing the satanic Jew. Wrath is upon us if we help or love those who hate the Lord [88]. 'Hate the sin, but love the sinner' is a nonsensical cliche that is not found in the Bible.

We have not heeded the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin who allegedly said in 1787 at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, "I fully agree with George Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. If you do not exclude them from these United States, in this Constitution, in less than 200 years they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government.... In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone, depreciated its commercial integrity....and have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded".

When the alien parasite has consumed the host (when welfare and foreign aid is sucked dry) the vampire will turn to other victims, seeing the great curse of Israel's God [89]. Because Christians have forsaken the racial covenants of the Lord of their fathers, we see the judgments upon us. The defamation of attaching Judeo before Christian is a self inflicted oxymoron. The alien brings philosophies of 'higher criticism' (pseudo intellectuals) and pagan heresies to Christian doctrine. We have strayed from our Christian forefather's way of life when the laws of God were administered as the law of the land. We are not to degenerate into democracy, whereby mob rule dictates golden calves. Just because a majority decides upon a moral issue does not make it right. God made this point with Sodom and Gomorah.

There is only one righteousness and that is found in the deity of Jesus Christ [90]. Ezekiel prophesied the future judgment of Israel in 20:33-38 where God gathers Israel out of slavery again (the persecution of Protestants in Europe)...."with fury poured out" refers to the vials of wrath in Revelation 16 (of which we find the all important word Armageddon in verse 16)....and there in the wilderness [91] of America, God will plead with the regathered tribes of Israel.

This is why we need to know our identity; to respond to His rod and know that He is our father in heaven. The purpose and result of punishment is correction, to lift us up from the cesspool of subhuman decadence to which our race, nation and faith has sunk. Correction means repentance or making changes, to go the other way, the right way. To not do the things we think are right [92], but to do what God's Word says is right.

When we fail to execute a killer or rapist because we believe in the goodness of man, we reap what we sow if we parole that killer and he repeats the crime again. If His people reject the idea of an inherent sinful nature, then they would also reject the idea of Christ's blood sacrifice for the remission of their sins, for their transgression of the Law [93]. For them, the crucifixion was in vain. It is my earnest prayer that those of us who take the scriptures seriously, should now bow down on our knees and take to heart and mind and soul II Chronicles 7:14.

Regathering of the Lost Tribes

The absolute miracle of God's dynamic drive to lead His people to be gathered is a logistical wonder to behold that only an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God could perform. His story (history) has not been left to chance or accident. Zechariah 10:10 says the Lord gathered them out of Assyria; in verse 7-8, Ephraim (a son of Joseph, whose identity marks, blessings and prophecies point to Britain) is gathered, redeemed and increased.

We will be spared and restored. God "will gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered (the old world, Europe), and I will give you the land of Israel (the new world, America)", where we will be a judged and converted remnant [94]. In Nehemiah 1:8-9, the principle found is that if you disobey, He scatters and if you obey He gathers.

In the I Chronicle 16:35 psalm of David, 'being saved' is being gathered together and delivered from the heathen; not floating up to heaven with the heathens. The covenant to gather Israel is in Deuteronomy 30:1-3, and it shall come to pass. God calls His people to help them; "Gather my saints together....those that have made a covenant with me" [95].

Even though there has been chastisement, it is with great mercies that He, as a husband, gathers us [96]. As the Lord gathers His remnant back to the fold, they shall be fruitful and multiply, and have shepherds (ministers) to protect them in their own land [97]. The beautiful words of Joel 2:15-16 tells us of the people being gathered for a solemn assembly... for a marriage; and in verse 17, a prayer to spare our inheritance from reproach (shameful disgrace by rejecting our God-given heritage) when the heathen rules over us and asks 'where is your God'? where we can unashamedly say, as found in v.27, that He is in the midst of Israel.

There are numerous gatherings that span the centuries and will culminate in Armageddon, i.e. America, as the location for the tribes of Israel to be gathered together. God has a plan and purpose in relation to the grand scale mobilizations of so many people. The ratio of White Americans to non-Whites in this country is rapidly changing and along with it, the moral complexion.

Conditions are reaching a crescendo of confrontation as predicted in Joel 3:2 and 9. Several factions are maneuvering and preparing for a racial war. As stated in v. 16-17, our strength and hope is through God and the holiness of His law and order, which prohibits so-called peaceful coexistence with strange gods of the aliens corrupting our nation. Our Christian duty is to declare war on the wickedness that prevails unabated [98]. Let it be known, we are to warn unbelievers and those who stand in the way of righteousness, that they shall surely die as a consequence of their lawlessness [99]. God has chosen this land and people to fulfill: to chase the moneychangers out of our national institutions. We are supposed to wake up to the abominations (mixing the holy with the profane) here and now [100].

We need to examine our relationship with Jesus Christ, if we are to be living and reigning with Him [101]. The confirmation of Christ's sacrifice, not just for Israel alone, but in order to gather the scattered into one [102] has happened in America. This marvelous gathering is all in preparation for the return of Christ in which the Lord separates His sheep from the goats and blesses His true Chosen with their Kingdom inheritance [103]. Praise the King of Kings power to gather....all glory be unto the Lord of Lords.

The Kingdom

Seek ye first the Kingdom [104] and after that God will provide what you need. When mankind realizes that his priorities are not in harmony with God's priorities, then we shall become God fearing men and women and begin to understand (Proverbs 9:10) that love is obeying the commandments of God [105]. Are you pleasing God or yourself with your thoughts and actions?

A Kingdom has four components: 1. land 2. people 3. laws and 4. a King. The Kingdom of God is thus: 1. the land belongs to God forever [106]; 2. God has chosen Israel to be His people above all other races in the earth [107]; 3. God's laws have dominion over a man as long as he lives [108]; and 4. Jesus is proclaimed King [109].

Armageddon is good and will lead us to a new age and a new world order with Jesus Christ claiming His throne in glory where every knee shall bow. It will mean the end of the traditions of today's pharisees and Talmudic life. The regathering will restore the preserved of Israel, the salt of the earth, thy judges and counsellors. We will be administrating Romans 13, not legislating the traditions of man or Jewish fables. The wise and understanding men of Israel (not the political race mixers) will be the captains and officers ruling over the tribes [110]. A wonderful remarriage is predestined between the God of Israel and the Bride of Christ (Israel / White Christians) [111].

We Anglo Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people were separated for the purpose of forming the original nucleus for the Kingdom of God on earth, under the kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the den of vipers (jews) who have consistently and continually rejected our Saviour are shallow and pathetic impersonators. The White Christian nations were to be the model state to give a practical example to the rest of the world. Not until they become what God ordained for them, will the rest of the world want God's way [112].

Obviously, God made a specific difference between the Israel people and the rest of the world. No amount of U.N. interference, Congressionally passed anti-hate crime laws or court decisions can change the Divine decree. God has decreed we shall be the head and not the tail. The sooner we recognize our role and act upon it, the better it will be for us and others. The rulers of darkness probably know and understand the biblical formula for the Kingdom of God better than the true Israel that it was intended for. This explains their barrage of circumventing the scriptures at every turn and deceiving all nations with their sorceries [113] and of all that were slain by the great men of the earth. We know who these prostitutes are in government, churches, banks, schools and commerce [114]. We know them by their fruits (what they produce), drunken on the blood of the saints, waxed rich from abominations and blasphemy, the hypocrites that devour widow's house [115].

The lamenting prayer of Jeremiah cries, "Thou, O Lord, remainest for ever; thy throne from generation to generation. Wherefore dost thou forget us for ever, and forsake us so long a time. Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old" [116]. For years, patriotic Christians have been endeavoring to solve our mounting problems without getting at the causes. Only a cursory diagnosis is applied to the symptoms. How much more suffering must we endure, because of our blindness to who we are and our responsibility to God? We have a destiny that we cannot avoid or evade. We are God's servant race Israel; in the building of a Kingdom of righteousness here on earth.

Our identity is the vision of the standardbearer radiating the light of Christ, fearlessly crusading the message of the good news of the gospel. We are the same heirs today, that Paul witnessed to his brethren; his kinsmen by race, who are Israelites: to whom rightfully belongs the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the law giving, the service of God and the promises; of whom were the fathers, of whose race the Messiah became incarnate above all [117]. Let us rejoice in Armageddon and seek His Kingdom, believing in His good, noble and perfect will for us.

And God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes....neither shall there be any more pain [118].

Appendices ... "Is White Supremecy Scriptural?" and "100 Marks of Israel"