Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up? Appendix B: Identification Marks of Israel

by Pastor Mark Downey

In John 10:38 and 20:29-31 Jesus, in essence, told them even if you don't believe His simple proclamation and doubt His Word, believe the works (signs and miracles) that you may know He is the Son of God. Likewise, being consistent with Jesus' reply for proof, the true identity of Israel can only be claimed by those who fulfill the signs or marks, not just taking somebody's word for it.

  1. a great and mighty nation: Gen.12:2, 18:18, Deut. 4:7-8
  2. named "Great": Gen. 12:2
  3. be blessed of God: Gen.12:2
  4. will be a blessing to other nations/races: Gen. 12:2-3
  5. other nations affected depending on how they deal with Israel: Gen. 12:3
  6. a great multitude (population): Gen. 13:16 and 22:17
  7. Egyptian captivity and deliverance (precedent for chastisement): Gen. 15:13- 14
  8. given land in Middle East: Gen. 15:18
  9. become many nations: Gen. 17:4
  10. a company or commonwealth of nations: Gen.35:11
  11. descendants to be kings and rulers: Gen. 35:11
  12. land of Canaan theirs for an everlasting possession: Gen.17:8
  13. mark of circumcision: Gen. 17:10-11
  14. keep the way of the Lord, do justice and judgment: Gen. 18:19
  15. keeping sabbath a sign forever: Ex. 31:13
  16. possess the gates of their enemies: Gen.22:17
  17. Israel chief among the nations: Jer. 31:7
  18. only Israel is custodian of God's Word: Ps. 147:19, Is. 59:21
  19. possess God's laws: Deut. 33:4
  20. blessed above all people when obedient to His law: Deut. 28
  21. judged for disobeying: Deut. 28:15-68, Amos 3:1-2
  22. control of the seas: Num. 24:7, Ps. 89:25
  23. God's servant race: Is. 41:8
  24. will possess God's Holy Spirit: Is. 44:3, 59:21, Hag. 2:5
  25. a missionary nation: Is. 49:6, 66:19
  26. great agricultural wealth: Gen. 27:28, Deut. 8:7-9, 33:13-14
  27. a land of great mineral wealth: Deut. 8:9, 33:15-16, Gen. 49:25
  28. Israel brings glory to God: Is. 46:23, 49:3
  29. Israel to be God's glory: Is.46:13, 60:1-2
  30. God's instrument in destroying evil: Jer. 51:20, Dan. 2:34-35
  31. to be God's witnesses: Is. 43:10
  32. will demonstrate praise and expertise: Is. 43:21, Micah 5:7
  33. a multitudinous seed: Gen. 13:16, 24:60 dust 15:5 stars 22:17 sand
  34. God of the Bible to be God of Abraham's descendants: Gen. 17:7
  35. to be God's inheritance/heritage: I Kings 8:53, II Sam. 7:23
  36. to rule over others: Gen. 27:29, Deut. 15:6
  37. Israel to have power with God and men: Gen:32:28
  38. a righteous nation guarding truth: Is. 26:2
  39. Israel to be a nation forever: II Sam. 7:16,24,29 I Chron. 17:22-27
  40. to be heir of the world: Romans 4:13
  41. Israel to have all the land needed: Deut. 32:8
  42. an undefeated nation, protected by God: Is. 54:17, Lev. 26:6-8, Micah 5:8-9
  43. Israel to be God's battle axe to destroy evil: Jer. 51:19-20
  44. Israel's home invincible from outside forces: II Sam. 7:10, Is. 41:11-13
  45. a just nation: Gen. 18:19, Lev. 19:15, Deut. 1:17
  46. possess the wealth of the earth: Gen. 27:28, 49:25-26
  47. possess the heritage of the heathen: II Sam. 22:44, Ps. 2:8, 111:6
  48. Israel to be envied and feared: Deut. 2:25, 4:8, 28:10
  49. shall lend to other nations: Deut. 15:6
  50. kind to the poor / brethren: Deut. 15:7, Ps. 72:4
  51. to free kindred slaves and political prisoners: Is. 42:7, 49:9, 58:6
  52. Joseph's descendants blessed above rest of Israel: Gen. 49:22-26, Deut. 33:13-16
  53. Out of Judah would come the rulers of Israel: Gen. 49:10
  54. the throne of David is a perpetual monarchy: Ps. 89:35-37, Jer. 33:17, II Sam. 7:13,16, II Chron. 13:5
  55. 12 tribed Israel to lose all trace of her lineage: Is.42:19, Hosea 1:9
  56. divorced and dispersed, they could not return to Palestine: Hosea 2:6
  57. blind to their identity: Is. 29:10-11, Romans 11:7-8,25
  58. Israel to spread abroad in all directions: Gen. 28:14, Deut. 33:17, Is. 27:6
  59. Israel to have a new home: II Sam. 7:10, I Chron. 17:9
  60. new home is not Palestine, but the isles of the sea: Is. 24:15, 49:1, Jer. 31:10
  61. Israel's new home northwest of Palestine: Is. 49:12, Jer. 3:18, 31:8
  62. would occupy and live in the islands and coasts: Is. 49:1,3, 51:5, Jer. 31:7- 10
  63. would colonize, spreading abroad: Gen. 49:22, Ps. 2:8, Zech. 10:8-9, Is. 26:15, 27:6
  64. colonize the desolate places: Is. 35:1, 43:19-20, 49:8, 54:3
  65. Israel to lose a colony (America from England) then expand: Is. 49:19-20
  66. will irrigate the deserts: Is. 58:11
  67. will build the waste places: Is. 58:12
  68. will be a maritime nation, command of the seas: Num. 24:7, Ps. 89:25
  69. will receive strangers and refugees (kinsmen living abroad): Lev. 19:34, Is. 11:10,14:1, 56:6-8
  70. Israel to have a change in name: Is. 65:15, Hosea 2:17
  71. Israel to be called by a new name: Is. 62:2
  72. Israel named after Isaac's son i.e.. Saxon: Gen. 21:12, Romans 9:7
  73. Israel to be called the sons of God i.e.. accept Christ: Hosea 1:10
  74. were to be called by the name of God i.e.. Christian: Num. 6:22-27, Rev. 3:12
  75. Israel to have a new language (English): Is. 28:11, Zeph. 3:9
  76. Israel to come under new covenant: Jer. 31:33, Heb. 8:10
  77. 'brith' means covenant, 'ain' means land (Britain- covenant land)
  78. 'ish' means man (British- covenant man)
  79. Joseph's coat of many colors, forerunner of Scottish plaid: Gen:37:3
  80. the cubit of the Pyramid, Noah's ark, Moses tabernacle and Solomon's temple is the English 25 inch measurement
  81. the population of the wilderness with Moses and the original 13 American colonies was 3 million
  82. inscribed on the Liberty Bell is Leviticus 25:10
  83. like Joseph, lost Israel is powerful yet unrecognized by brothers, giving bread to the world
  84. the coronation ceremony for British royalty same as King David: II Kings 11:12, II Chron. 13:5
  85. the coronation stone of British royalty is the stone of Israel which Jacob used for a pillow and set up as a pillar: Gen. 28:19,22, 35:14-15
  86. Joseph was hated as we are today by the rest of the world: Gen. 37:4, 49:23
  87. Joseph sold into slavery as we are put into economic bondage: Gen. 37:28, Jer. 30:8
  88. the descendants of Joseph spread abroad: Deut.33:17
  89. today we declare ourselves to our brethren as Joseph did: Gen. 45:1,3
  90. America shall blossom as the rose in the desert: Is. 35:1
  91. eagle with outstretched wings national emblem of U.S.A.: Is. 18:1, Rev. 12:14
  92. our early ambassadors had to travel over sea: Is. 18:2
  93. a nation meted out (measured, surveyed land by boundaries): Is. 18:2
  94. whose land the rivers have spoiled (to cleave or specifically quartered): Is. 18:2
  95. people scattered , tall and peeled like smooth trees (no beards) and terrible from their beginning fits the Indians wasted by continual wars and the later White Americans
  96. the land beyond (west of) the rivers of Ethiopia is America: Is. 18:1
  97. "In God we trust" became our national motto passed by Congress, becoming law of the United States of America, July 30, 1965
  98. Israel's sojourn into the wilderness (America): Hosea 2:14
  99. Israel to be a people saved by the Lord: Is. 43:9-12, 44:1-3
  100. As the end of the age draws near, travel and search for knowledge and information shall be increased: Daniel 12:4 much more so in America

When you consider that there are more than 100 recognized nations in the world today, the mathematical odds against all of these identification marks being fulfilled by just one small group of nations, all of the same blood, is billions to one. But since it has happened, that the marks of Israel have been fulfilled by the Anglo Saxon and kindred people, do you think it mere accident or coincidence? If we are not Israel, then what has happened to all of God's prophecies? It certainly is not the Jews or anybody else that even comes close to matching the biblical descriptions. It is the White race alone that fits every piece of the puzzle.