Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up? Volume I

by Pastor Mark Downey


To my parents who ingrained upon me at an early age the love of truth, and to the spiritually blinded majority of Israelite kinsmen in New JerUSAlem. As Noah warned his fellows of the impending flood, may this book serve as a signpost of the times.


The title of this book is a play on words from an old TV game show of the 1960's, To Tell The Truth. The celebrity panelists would try to guess which one of the three contestants was not lying. After questions and answers, the host of the show would ask the real Mr. so and so to please stand up. The bona fide truth teller would rise and the audience would erupt with applause. Today, we see the truth taking a terrible pounding. The treatise of this book is to resuscitate the fight for that which will set us free from the bondage of lies. May the real Armageddon, God willing, rise up and tower over the plethora of falsehoods.

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of this century is the power to change the meaning of words, whereby definitions slip away into an insidious memory hole, after the manner of George Orwell's 1984 (totalitarian mind control). The tragedy is that an entire race, the White race, is being led into slavery and slaughter by the gradual erosion of language. The control of hearts and minds is manifest in an opposite direction of what God intends. The sub-human usurpers will craftily call evil good and good evil. This we can plainly see in our midst today with the legitimization of immoral behavior that in times past would have been punishable by death. There are masters of deceit that stretch generations to accomplish their sinister ulterior motives. Their goal is world dominion and manipulating communications is an integral part of their conspiratorial intrigues. Therefore, it is imperative to examine these words that have been incredulously foisted upon us in a most damaging hoax; that with the lift of God's Word we will expose its dark and evil fraud.

That most significant word is Armageddon. Let us proceed to dissect the cancer from the truth and may God's mercy lift the fog of confusion, so that those with eyes may see and understand. The purpose of this treatise is to remove the barnacles from the trumpets of deliverance and proclaim liberty throughout the land. Let freedom loving Christians shake off the shackles of lies and put on the whole armor of our God given racial heritage.

Definition of Armageddon

Revelation 16:16 is the only place in the Bible where this word, Armageddon, appears. We find from Strong's Concordance that this Greek word [1] means a symbol and is derived from two Hebrew words: Har [2], meaning a mountain or range of hills sometimes used figuratively as a country and, Megiddon [3], meaning a rendezvous [4]. Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary defines rendezvous as a place appointed for assembling and symbol as a creedal form, a visible sign of something invisible. Some ministers denounce the use of a concordance so that they may keep their flocks in darkness, similar to possession of God's Word being forbidden to the people prior to the Protestant Reformation. The common denominator that forms the Christian creed (or belief), contrary to what false teachers may say, throughout the entire Bible, is the physical role of Israel, for whom God selected to receive His Word [5]. The Bible is addressed to this race of people only; all others are incidental as they may interrelate to Israel. Interestingly, the book of Revelation, a vision of St. John, is predominantly symbolic, so we must observe II Timothy 2:15 in studying and properly understanding what is written, because it is either for our good or detriment as to how these interpretations are applied to our lives.

Unfortunately, the real context of Revelation 16:16 has been ignored and falsely exploited to rob White Christians economically, for a bandit political state in Tel Aviv, in the form of foreign aid via federal income taxes. The tactics of the Israeli Lobby are intense. To the criminal mind it makes sense to bribe American officials in the various branches of government, if the return is a thousandfold or more to their advantage. There are antichrists such as Zionists, Talmudic Jews, socialists/communists and Judeo-Christian traitors who would fall flat on their face if it were not for the belief system that promulgates the false teaching that Armageddon is associated with a battle in the Middle East. The key to our study is location and the identification of the people involved. It is intellectual dishonesty to say that Armageddon is a battle or valley. The claims of the Israeli Jews based on Biblical extrapolation and fabricated conjecture cannot be proven upon a close investigation. In fact, upon scrutiny of their contentions, no theological or historical evidence can honestly lend support. Armageddon has to do with the Israel people, but not to the imposters that steal the birthright today.

As we shall see, Israel is not synonymous with Jew; never has been and never will be. People often perceive what they think to be the truth as a result of what they hear first or is most repeated and corresponds to their own personal notions of what truth is. And truth usually suffers as being accepted last. Many seek an easier, softer way but truth is not mocked. The blood of the saints and martyrs of Christendom have not preserved the eternal principles of God in vain. Nor will today's patriots tolerate compromise. We are approaching an ultimate conflagration between good and evil. No one will escape choosing which side they will serve. However, the term 'battle of Armageddon' is not to be found anywhere in the Bible! These references to that great battle are more correctly called 'the day of the Lord'; when the proud and lofty tares of Mystery Babylon, a system of corruption, are purged and cleansed for the incoming Kingdom of Christ on earth [6]. It is not a nuclear blast vaporizing the planet, but rather the dissolving of ungodly elements that will not enter the Kingdom [7].

Armageddon or the gathering is not the battle itself, but is associated with the prophecies of the destruction of God's enemies. These enemies of Christ, the self-appointed chosen ones, fear the truth of the gathering and most assuredly are working towards the prevention of the true Armageddon. God cannot be stopped and White Christians need not fear the inevitable. In Revelation 16:18 a great earthquake follows the gathering of verse 16. If this is not a literal earthquake, could it be something else that shook the world, something like World War I and II? Yes! Remember, this is a vision.

If you are a Christian, it is your duty and reward to dig up the hidden treasures of God. Jesus spoke in parables because the mysteries of His Kingdom (government) were given only to a specific people and denied to others [8]. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter [9]. Your attitude will determine whether or not the truth be revealed. If your heart is waxed gross and you give reverence to the status quo of the world, then that which you obey and follow will be your god [10]. Choose you this day whom ye will serve [11]. Realize that there are two kinds of pain: 1. discipline weighing ounces and 2. regret weighing tons. Chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation describe the subsequent judgment and destruction upon Mystery Babylon. Armageddon or the gathering precedes the fall of God's enemies and we are to rejoice over her [12] as those who subscribed to the hoax weep [13].

Linguistics experts say there is a striking similarity to the Hebrew and English language. In Zephaniah 3:9 after pouring out of the Lord's wrath upon the earth, the Lord will instill a pure language for universal service. The only proven element of unity in God's good purpose is English, which is synonymous with the White race, who are heirs of the promises given to ancient Israel. Then in verse 20, in no uncertain terms, God blesses the same race of people with a name and praise among all the races. The genealogies of Jesus are given because of the importance God places on racial bloodlines. Do not make the mistake of spiritualizing away that which God has foreordained. To clearly decipher the vision of Revelation 16:16 let us rephrase it thus: And he gathered the tribes (nations) of Israel (the White race) together into a place called, in English, the united states of America. The name America comes from the word 'Ameri' meaning heavenly, and 'rica' meaning kingdom, hence the heavenly kingdom.

The Racial Identification of Israel

There are three views entertained by Christians as to who the Israel people of the Holy Bible are, namely: 1. the church, 2. the Jews, and 3. the Anglo Saxon and kindred people. It behooves all serious inquiries to let the scriptures establish the answer. For too long, the first two nominees have virtually gone uncontested and now that they are being challenged, the burden of proof is found wanting. The third group claiming identity as Israel is the most controversial and has been forced to scholastically produce the evidence (it is not based on the say-so of their pastors).

Therefore, what sayeth God's Word? Jesus announced to the Jews (followers and leaders of the Babylonian Talmud), who had rejected Him in Matthew 21:43, that the Kingdom shall be taken from you (Jews) and given to a nation (Israel). When has the church ever been a nation? Never! Some suggest that Israel is now spiritualized. Considering all scriptures on the subject, this would make God a liar, contradicting all the references made about it. And Romans 11:29 says the gifts and calling of God are not subject to change.

If any book can be called a racial book, it is the Bible. The same chosen people continue and remain chosen. Galatians 3:16 points to this fact. God does not advocate pluralism or a national blessing upon a melting pot of races (seeds). The Holy command for racial separation is discussed in a later chapter of this study. To eliminate race is a grave injustice and denial of what God has created for His purposes. Amalgamation and integration are self-serving non Christian concepts. These ideologies cannot coexist with God's Word. That is why the meaning of scriptures must be changed....to serve their purposes (not God's). If you don't want race rightly discerned, then you really don't want God in your life. Your god is from the vain imaginations of the destroyers of race.

God's chosen people are specifically by blood inheritance. Abraham had many sons, but the inheritance was to descend through only one. The son is identified in Genesis 21:12 and Romans 9:7 for in Isaac shall thy seed (race) be called. Seed is genetic, not something sentimentally wished for or spiritualized. Indeed, the name of Anglo Saxons derives from Isaac's sons. The covenant God made with Abraham was confirmed to Isaac in Genesis 26:3-5 to make thy seed/race to multiply as the stars of heaven and giving them countries in which all the nations of the earth will be blessed. Genesis 17:4-7 tells us of an everlasting covenant with Abraham, that thou shalt be a father of many nations and that these blessings would be passed along to future generations of the same racial lineage. Psalms 105:6-10 commands the same for a thousand generations (40,000 years). Jacob passed along the covenant blessings to Joseph's sons; Genesis 48:19 says Manasseh shall be great, but the younger brother Ephraim shall be greater, his seed shall become a multitude of nations. If you compare the history of Jews in contradistinction to Anglo Saxons, regarding these promises, it should become readily apparent as to who is fulfilling the role of the prophetic heirs.

At this point, it should be obvious that the church cannot be a candidate assuming the title of Israel. The church today is not the same biblical entity of 2000 years ago. It has become the apostate organ and propaganda mill of 501C3 state sanctioned ecclesiastical thought police. These congregations are Baal-centered and if Christ returned to them in the flesh and told them their doctrines were from the pits of darkness, they would try to crucify Him again. Ye shall know them by their fruits. If the Judeo-Christian ministers upheld God's laws, statutes and judgment and made sure the people heard and obeyed them, then the people would not have tolerated corruption and evil that permeates society [14].

The Greek word for church is ekklesia and means 'a calling out' or the leaders advocating a new way of living subservient to Jesus Christ not Caesar or the Federal government. Today's mutant churches are the whited sepulchers unequally yoked together with darkness. We need a calling out to be separate from unrighteousness, from learning the way of the heathen. The true Christian church survives without the architecture of Freemasonry or synagogues of satanic Jews. In Deuteronomy 7:6 Israel is chosen above all other races of people in the earth. This prompts the question of racial superiority and whether or not White Supremacy is scriptural. See Appendix A for a closer examination of this label.

Remember that God has His reasons for choosing things the way He does. Ironically, the name Manasseh means forgetful. The most poignant trait of Israel is its blindness as to who it is. Who is blind but the Lord's servant race and messengers and His witnesses of the Old Testament [15]? And who has blindness to their identity and responsibilities happened to in the New Testament but Israel [16]?

Most Judaized Christians are blind to the distinctions between the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities or the subsequent movements of the northern (Israel) and southern (Judah) tribes. Jesus was not referring to the 42,360 of Judah [17], returning from the Babylonian captivities in 536 B.C. to Jerusalem in Matthew 15:24 but rather He said "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (the 10 tribes of the northern house). These millions of Israelites were lost because over the centuries of geographical dislocation, their Hebrew language, religion and heritage evaporated.

This is not to be confused with racial assimilation, as history records the genetic integrity of their westward migrations into Europe. The Europeans did not suddenly appear out of thin air shortly after the end of the Assyrian captivity. Is it coincidence that the Caucasus mountains are just north of the Assyrian territories with people known as Caucasians? The Great Commission of the apostles was to go to their racial kinsmen and awaken them to the good news of the gospels. These lost sheep of His flock would be receptive and would hear the message of Jesus, whereas non-Israelites would not believe upon the Lord [18]. The disciples did not trek into the jungles of Africa or slop through Oriental rice paddies. They went to their White brethrn in Judea first and then later along the northern shores of the Mediterranean, from Turkey to Spain and into France and Britain (the isles). With the advent of Christ, it is foretold that His people would have a name change.

Let's untangle the confusion of the word-manipulators by reading Isaiah 65:15: And ye shall leave your name (Jew) for a curse (Revelation 2:9 the blasphemy of them [Pharisees] which say they are Jews [Judahites] and are not; as are today's Jews falsely claiming to be God's chosen) unto my chosen (Israelites): for the Lord God shall slay thee (the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.) and call His servants (Israel) by another name. And in Isaiah 62:2 the Gentiles (those Israelites dispersed from the Assyrian captivity and scattered abroad, James 1;1) shall see thy righteousness....and thou shalt be called a new name: which is Christian (Acts 11:26). In Hosea 1:10-11 Israel's identity is lost and found in divorcement with God and future restoration; we are the sons of the living God and we have been gathered together into Christian nations. Make sense?

God is not the author of confusion and leaves us clues to identify His people throughout the ages with an important sign. That sign is the observation and keeping of the sabbath [19]. There is only one group of people that have fulfilled this sign perpetually: the White Christian Israelites. We can further fingerprint the people of Armageddon by listing the identification marks God has placed upon them. No amount of evidence will convince a hard-core atheist about the existence of God nor the following proofs persuade those of vested interests in the error of their Judaized doctrines. My prayer is that each block of information can be pieced together so that the chief cornerstone may be rightly placed upon it. This then is the foundation that Jesus Christ is glorified. See Appendix B.

The Blessings of Israel

No other race of people have been blessed or can compare with Anglo Saxon Israel. The Jews have lived in ghettos like parasites on a host (nation) and rightly expelled because of their repugnant religious practices (occultism, sexual perversions, ritual murders, criminal business ethics et cetera). Their psychotic persecution complex would hardly admit their sordid history as being blessed. The Negro is only a few centuries removed from the jungle and still exhibits wild reactions outside of their natural environment and culture, due to limited intelligence and creativity; they are a frustrated race out of their element. The Oriental is subjected to an anthill of poverty and disease where ignorance and fears abound. All other ethnic minorities are complaining about their miserable lot in life for one reason or another. But the history of the White man rises above all others. Only a blind fool would deny the White Christian race is responsible for the advancement of civilization. And of course nothing happens without the guiding hand of Almighty God.

Even the divine chastisements of our people are a blessing in disguise as we shall see in Chapter 7. We can trace the initial blessing back to Abraham in Genesis 22:16 because he obeyed the Lord. Jacob's dream of Genesis 28:12-15 has the Lord giving him land, with a progeny that will spread abroad (v.14) and returning to the land (v.15 fulfilled by Israel coming out of Egypt). The birthright promises of material prosperity given to Jacob and his seed were national in scope and without conditions. There was also the promise of Genesis 49:10 that the sceptre shall not depart from Judah (they would be the custodians of the kingly throne) until Christ the messiah (king and high priest) shall the gathering (Armageddon) of the people be.

The spiritual blessings of Christ's first advent brought grace (divine influence upon the heart, unmerited gift) with the condition of faith as the faith of Abraham was (when he obeyed and God blessed him and his offspring) so that the promise is assured to our race; Romans 4:16-17 a father of many nations (there are numerous White nations). The second advent of Christ will assume the throne of David here on earth [20] where He takes the sceptre to reign over Israel. Do not confuse this with His heavenly throne where He sits now. Nowhere in the scriptures will you find the sceptre or Israel in heaven, the abode of God [21].

We (a remnant of Israel) are elected by God in Romans 11:5. It is a spiritually minded Israel within national Israel. God is not electing non-Israelites (v. 1), it is only by grace that we see who we are and what God wants us to do, while the rest of Israel is blinded (v.7). The blessing for His elect in Israel is that Armageddon will transpire as we do our duty in declaring Christ as the head of government [22]. Rejection of corruption in high places of government and secular humanism in our communities will fade away (v.35). The new heaven and new earth is a Christian society in which we live .... not in outer space.

To find out how blessings work with God turn to Genesis 12:2-3. God blesses the nation of Israel, making its name great [23] and says that it will be a blessing; God will bless them that bless us and curse them that curse us and in our White race shall all the other races of the earth be blessed. America has not been blessed as blinded Americans have supported the Israeli Jews; since 1948 we have been going downhill with curses. Don't you think it makes sense to quit blessing the Jesus killers? II Chronicles 19:2 says wrath is upon us if we help or love those who hate the Lord.

It's sad [24] that our racial kinsmen in Israel (v.3) are so ignorant about God adopting us as His sons for the glory, the covenants, giving of the law, service of God and the promises (v.4), that belonged to our racial forefathers and is why Christ came concerning the flesh (the genetic heirs). Psalms 78:5-6 commands the fathers in Israel to make God's laws known to their posterity. Only Israel has been given God's Word; no other race is relevant regarding what God has decided in this matter [25]. The New Covenant is made with Israel only [26]. We are made different because He supernaturally put His law into our mind and written in our hearts, as He has not done with any other people.

And so God wants His people to dwell alone [27]; to be separate. God made the separation and distinction, not man [28]. The Lord has chosen Israel for His peculiar treasure [29] above all other races that are upon the earth. Israel would be God's servant race [30] in whom God will be glorified. The separations are by geography, as the Most High Creator has made all the tribes/nations of Israel. He has foreordained the appointed national boundaries [31] of where they will be permanently [32]. Restored specifically in America, described as inheriting the desolate heritages [33]. The Lord sent a word unto Jacob, and it hath lighted (fallen) upon Israel [34]. What a blessing to "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee....behold, the darkness (Baal priests) shall cover the earth....but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee (Israel)" [35].

To see, one must look. America is the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world and some Judeo-Christian Baal priest tells you America is not in the Bible. That would be an incredible oversight on God's part would it not? The key of Armageddon dissolves the hogwash of wolves in sheep's clothing, of the pulpit pimps that dream up false doctrines. Who has the Bible in abundance today? Who translates, publishes, distributes and expounds it to the Gentiles (nations)? It is the White race! The Great Commission directed theWhite disciples in Mark 16:15 to go into all the known world at that time and preach the gospel; but before going to the far reaches, they were to begin with Jerusalem [36] and preach repentance and remission of sins in Jesus name. Then, they were to go to the other nations to be a blessing.

When a White man (Israelite) rejects the good news of his God given identity, he also rejects the blessings from the one and only true God. Do an experiment with Deuteronomy 28. Test each verse as to whether or not these blessings have materialized in America. In Malachi 4:5-6, the spirit or godly motivations of Elijah is turning or teaching the heart or attitude of the fathers (leaders of our nation) to the history of the children of Israel, and the children (Israelites today) towards their fathers (the Old Testament patriarch). If you are seeking the Lord and want to do that which is right, then you will look unto the rock whence you are hewn [37]. By discovering your racial history in the Bible you will find that God called Abraham our father alone and blessed him. If you have not already accepted these truths, look in a mirror and tell yourself you can live without God's gifts.

Prophecies of Israel

If we are in the latter days of the "end times" as a majority of professing Christians will concur, then prophecy concerning Israel of the Holy Bible (not Talmudic imitators) must coincide with the scriptural descriptions of events that are coming to pass. We can clearly see back into history the slow growth of civilization compared to the phenomenal industrial/technological revolution of America and an acceleration of progress as never before seen. As mentioned earlier in clarifying the differences between the House of Israel and Judah, which is the birthright and sceptre, so too are the prophecies distinguishable.

The false claims of Jews being Israel or Judah is not supported by prophecy. There are prophecies, however, identifying those who call themselves Jews today such as: Isaiah 3:9 the Jews to be known by the way they look and behave; this comes about through miscegenation [38], a new racial stock of people returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity (a minority of the tribe of Benjamin remained racially pure settling in Galilee, keeping the seedline clean for Christ to be born in). It is these mongrel Pharisees that worship the Babylonian Talmud to this day, that Christ so appropriately denounced and could hardly be a part of. The unnatural Jewish nose is a sign that God gives to race mixers. Also Isaiah 65:15, "and ye shall leave your name (Jew) for a curse unto my chosen (Christian). Jeremiah 24:9 the Jews to be scattered in all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt to be a reproach, a proverb, a taunt and a curse. Jeremiah 15:7 the Jews bereft of children (population statistics do not mark them as the fruitful multitude, stars of heaven).

Jesus never called himself a Jew, but He did call the Jews murderers and of their father the devil [39] like sleazy serpents and shady vipers [40]. We must also correct the fallacious notion that our Bible is an offshoot of Judaism. The traditions of the elders made the laws of God ineffective [41] and the oral teachings of these elders were not codified or written until 500 A.D. (known as the Talmud). And today's Torah is a repugnant distortion of the Pentateuch, which is not the Mosaic law Christ came to confirm. The literature of Jews are a compilation of antichrist lies and pusillanimous diatribe. The same divisiveness of today's Judeo-Christian churches tells us that the laws of God are not in effect; therefore the only laws in effect would be man-made. Bible prophecy is inextricably linked to God's servant race Israel obeying and administrating His holy law. Now you can see how critical the identity of His people is.

The Jewish Encyclopedia [42] makes it crystal clear that "Edom is in modern Jewry". Esau is Edom [43]. God loves Jacob and hates Esau [44]; they (Edomite Jews, the mongrel Christ haters) shall build (their modern bandit state in Palestine, thanks to the White American taxpayer), but I (Yahweh) will throw down. Prophecy predicts their destruction. To be allied with the unholy apostate church (Judeo-Christianity) is to bring loss of salvation and eternal damnation. "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" [45].

You have been put on notice! It is my prayer that the information contained herein is not a work done in vain. May the Holy Spirit move you to reject the words of the enemy. Much is at stake for the Jewish masterminds to maintain their web of deceit, constantly haranguing the so called "holocaust" of WW II thereby extracting solicitation for materialistic sympathy or else they unleash their rabid mafia front groups to extinguish the spirit of truth. They know that if the truth of 30 million Russian Christians annihilated by communist Jewish butchers were proven (and it has) then their other lies would likewise fall into the gutter where it belongs. Most of the perverted atrocities they falsely accuse others of doing are the product of a demented imagination because of their own propensity for such behavior. They are masters of the smear campaign and character assassination. The wholesale murder and exploitation of White Christians continues unabated. The preceding commentary on Jews was necessary to help the reader identify the counterfeit claims of a Christ hating people that can't possibly fit into the prophecies concerning the real Israel.

America is historically and biblically distinguished as the New Jerusalem, Zion, the wilderness, the desolate heritage, the land of milk and honey, an Israelite kingdom and hence the regathering location of Armageddon. Without studious search, there are some Judeo-Christians who can't find the U.S.A. in the Bible. Whether they believe it or not, we are and have been fulfilling Israel's mission and earthly responsibilities.

What happened to the northern house of Israel? They were rooted up and scattered [46] from Samaria to Assyria, and removed them out of His sight [47]. This was the beginning of Israel being lost, with the birthright blessings withheld for a period of time known as "7 times punishment" [48] because they broke the covenant and became divorced with God [49]. What is 7 times? If the disciples would have had the key to understanding prophetic calculation, they wouldn't have asked about the dispersed of Israel being restored in Acts 1:6. The key is found in Revelation 12:6 and 14 where 1,260 days is also called a time, and times and half a time. Figuring a "time" as 360 days or years, according to the day/year punishment calculations of Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6, then "times" would be a doubling or 720 and "half a time" 180. Add them up and you get 360+720+180=1,260. This verifies that a "time" is indeed 360 years. So "7 times" is 7 multiplied by 360 which equals 2,520. Israel's deportations into Assyrian captivity was completed in 744 B.C. By subtracting 744 from 2,520 we pass from B.C. dating to A.D. and arrive at the date 1776. Can you think of any nation that was born in that year? In Deuteronomy 32:26 it says people would not remember them (Israelites) because their identity and name were lost (this couldn't apply to Jews as they push their false claims).

In II Samuel 7:10, God plants Israel in an appointed place where they will dwell and move no more. That place is referred to as 'the isles' of Isaiah 24:15, 49:1 and Jeremiah 31:10, or better known as the British Isles. It is the land to which Jeremiah brought the throne of David [50], and Zedekiah's daughter to merge with the descendants of Israel described in Genesis 49:22 as 'the fruitful bough'. And these people, our ancestors, would fulfill the prophecy of colonizing the world, becoming a company of nations. It is interesting corroboration that colonial America used the symbol of the eagle with outstretched wings as part of its heraldry found in Exodus 19:4 and Deut. 32:11.

An even more in-depth study will reveal symbols of the tribes of Israel found in the heraldry of White Christian nations today. The woman of Revelation 12:1 and 6 is Israel that fled to the American wilderness, a place prepared of God; v. 14 and given two wings of a great eagle, that it may fly out of its captivity. The birthright blessings were restored after the '7 times punishment' of Israel had expired. In the 1800's, wealth and power blossomed as never before anywhere in the history of mankind! The United States and Great Britain possessed more than 2/3 of all the cultivated resources in the world. And now we are losing it faster than we got it.

This is what happens when we still rebel (repeating history because we haven't learned the truth): God will break the pride of your power [51]. As our flag burns, God will reciprocate our disobedience by making heaven (the sky) as iron and the earth as brass. Rain doesn't fall from iron and a hardened soil doesn't produce crops. How is American agriculture doing? Can you see the prophecy of drought and famine coming to pass? What about our cities? Micah 5:11 predicts decay and destruction because v.12 of the witchcraft (rebellion against God's law) and soothsayers (Hal Lindsey, Van Impe, Billy Graham et cetera). This era of world instability that we are going through now, has been identified by some biblical scholars as the 'time of Jacob's trouble' mentioned in Jeremiah 30:7. But we will be saved out of it after we learn our lesson; to be free from the alien races; we must obey the command: ye shall be a separate people [52]. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. And if any man shall take away the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book [53].