The Kurtis Monschke Story Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 13:3

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them” Heb. 13:3 ESV.  I wonder how many Christians heed this passage or even understand the ramifications of what they're being admonished to do.  Although it's not Scripture, we have heard the idiomatic expression, “There but for the grace of God go I.”  I wonder how many people have committed crimes and have never been caught?  I wonder how many Christians think so and so should be in jail for something they think he did wrong, when in fact incarceration is no where to be found in God's Law.  The only justice meted out in the Bible is restitution or death, which is a pretty good deterrent against crime or what we call sin.  But, this passage in Hebrews isn't necessarily talking about criminal actions, or debt or immorality and certainly not your more heinous crimes of malevolence, but rather those who are in bondage for the sake of Christ.  Today we call them political prisoners or prisoners of war (POW's).  This is often the case with God's elect standing on principles and demonized in a nation under occupation and not under God.  You know you're doing something right when “men shall revile you, and persecute you, an shall say all manner of evil against you falsely” for the sake of Christ (Mt. 5:11).  I dare say that the antichrist would like to put every racist, what they consider an “antisemite,” and every politically incorrect hate group in concentration camps to die.  They are so bold today, to talk of the White race and Christianity in the past tense, in the most disparaging terms.  But in spite of this, the Holy Spirit compels us to proclaim the Good News of the Gospels and to produce good fruit.  You usually won't find them in the churches, but you'll find them in the trenches of racial consciousness.  That's where the real battle is being fought, in the hearts and minds of our kind. 

We should not forget those who dare take a stand.  We should admire those who, as the KJV puts it, “Prove[s] all things; hold fast [hold on to] that which is good” I Thes. 5:21.  The CNT renders it, “But scrutinize all things, hold fast that which is right.”  Unfortunately, when a society has a government that no longer adheres to proof or scrutiny, it no longer is a terror to the evil, but to the good and righteous.  In lieu of death camps for the goyim, we have instead a criminal justice growth industry, whereby innocent men and women can be thrown into prison on the flimsiest of pretext(s).  And that's always been the case when the wicked rule, the people mourn; but, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice” Prov. 29:2.  We remember the victims of injustice by praying for them, sending them letters, visiting them and relieving them of their distress with the Comforter, the Spirit of God that gives us peace... as if we were in their position.  Lord knows they suffer spiritual adversity, physical afflictions, stress from their environment of the unbelief of brethren and the temptations of the world. 

I have the distinct honor, for more than 10 years, of having a prison ministry.  I actually don't remember how it got started, but it was probably through correspondence with a few prisoners who got the address for Kinsman Redeemer Ministries.  It has grown to about 100 prisoners throughout the United States and I spend approximately 2 days every other week answering mail and sending out literature.  I don't send out a one-size-fits-all newsletter, but rather give special attention to the needs of each prisoner, and that's time consuming.  However, it's certainly been a rewarding experience, meeting various individuals and seeing them grow spiritually.  Probably one of the most influential prisoners, who can rightly be called a disciple of Christian Identity and loves Jesus Christ with all his heart and mind, was a young man of 19 at the time, which I recollect was 2003 or '04, when he first made contact with us.  It was our protocol at the time to meet prospective church members at a neutral location like a restaurant, because our church was in our home and there's nasty people who did nasty things to other home churches.  A lot of times there would be no shows and no further contact, so we figured they were up to no good.  But, we met this young man named Kurtis Monschke and two of his friends at a Denny's and they were skinheads and were enthusiastic about Christian Identity.  We had a great fellowship with them and invited them that Sunday to our worship service and again they bonded with the racial message, like ducks to water.

A couple of weeks later, we were shocked to hear on the news, that Kurtis and three other people (not the ones who came to our home) had been arrested for a murder that took place in Tacoma of a homeless man.  Needless to say, his skinhead image was seen by the local prosecutors as an opportunity to throw the book at him and he was railroaded through the court system and sentenced to life imprisonment.  As I tell you his story, you will come to realize the atrocity of how a travesty of justice like this could take place in America, where once upon a time you only heard of such cases in the media, happening to poor colored people; but the color of America is changing, the complexion of justice is going dark, not just racially but spiritually as well.  Having only known Kurtis for a brief time, we didn't know what to think.  I really didn't have an opinion as to whether he was guilty or innocent, but I was savvy to the scribes and media whores that can make anybody look bad and color public opinion.  They sent him to a Federal prison so that his appeals would be that much more difficult than a Washington state prison that provides a law library and relevant resources to address the appellate courts. Plus, he was being moved quite frequently from one federal penitentiary to another and in the process they would "accidentally" lose his legal papers and Christian Identity materials, like Bibles and concordance, newsletters etc. 

Let me say right now that the trial records of the court prove Kurtis did not commit the murder, that he was not even present at the crime scene when the other co-defendants were the actual perpetrators.  As crazy as it sounds, one of the actual murderers is now free and out of prison; and the other 2 will be out within the next 10 years.  I'll explain why later.  In legal circles, this case is well known for 'prosecutorial misconduct' and one of the prosecutors sued the Prosecutor's Office and won.  This case is important for the wide gamut of White activists and Identity Christians to understand.  Why?  Because it can happen to any one of us.  The case set a precedent.  Unless it is successfully challenged and defeated, this corruption of the law will advance America towards an already encroaching dictatorship and police state.  Kurtis has exhausted all legal remedies, including a petition to the US Supreme Court, which was ignored.  His only hope now is clemency from the Governor of the State of Washington.  This is why friends of Kurtis have initiated a website to that end.  The URL is and there you can read for yourself transcripts of the trial (which I'm typing and collating presently) and other pertinent documentation.  Kurtis wrote an Introduction for the home page and a subsequent addendum, which is, in a nutshell, his story.  And I'll be sharing some of that with you, but first I want you to get to know Kurtis a little better from letters of correspondence that I've saved.  I've seen him mature in Christ from the milk of the word to the strong meat of the word in the last 10 years.

I really got to know Kurtis as a brother and fellow believer in Christ through his letters.  He has brought dozens of other prisoners to the message, who are likewise bringing the Good News to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  And I am in correspondence with them as well, who bring a steady flow of neophytes, hungry for the Truth of God, nation and soil.  He was in prison for over a year before I heard from him and that's because he was in the hole for 17 months.  He approached the prison chaplain, a Baptist, trying to get his religious diet approved, but it was denied and sent him a note detailing how the Law had been done away with.  However, later, the chaplain gave him a form to fill out in which he had to list what religion he was affiliated with.  This prompted something off the internet about the British Israelism belief being erroneous.  This was the beginning of confrontations Kurtis would have with prison chaplains, fighting for his religious rights, that a wide array of other prisoners enjoyed.   Eventually, Kurtis won a federal decision in favor of Christian Identity being recognized for privileges just the same as other beliefs, but for the most part are ignored by officials.  In his first letter, he quoted Luke 1:68, “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed His people.”  

The next year (2005) he started his appeals and was told that he was going to be transferred out of state, but remained in Washington.  He said, “I have continued in my studies of the Bible.  I have walked as close with God during this time as I can. It is not easy, but I find the strength through prayer.  And I share the Bible's truth with all of my kindred.  I still believe in the Great Purpose of our Noble Cause, and that flag flies high with every step God allows me to take... God has been generous with me, but I am still a beginner, at 21, my walk with the Everliving has just begun... I know where my circumstances has put me in people's eyes.  I even understand.  I don't know if I'll remain in prison for the rest of my life, or if I'll be released.  But the Cause is alive, I will continue tirelessly to do everything I possibly can to make the movement move!  Whether in or out of prison.  I respectfully submit a request, that you give me careful consideration.  If God tells you I'm bad news, I'll respect that... God will stick to His game plan; He knows how to execute each move according to their success, not me.  And what's best for His people, is the best, period.”  In some quarters Kurtis was regarded as a pariah, because they believed the ADL and Southern Poverty version of events more than the truth.  I agreed to take him under my wings as I do with all prisoners who seek answers. 

Kurtis could have attended services at the prison chapel, but refused because they were multicultural and in Christian Identity we believe Deut. 23:2 is still the Law of God i.e. “a bastard [mongrel] shall not enter the congregation.”  He spoke of his family becoming outraged with current events (and this was 3 years before Obama); His grandfather was retired military and very patriotic and would never bad-mouth his own country, but sees America as a communist regime, because he fought it and he is now seeing textbook socialism, one big police state.  Kurtis was glad that their eyes are opening, but was sad that this is what it takes to awaken God's people. 

Prison life is a whole other world.  He explained how they nickel and dime inmates for petty cash in the mail-room.  At times, the prison decided to take draconian measures.  Just as he was approved for release to another facility, it was canceled; they rounded up all the CI, Odinists and racial separatists and put them in the hole, so that they can build a new Security Housing Unit (SHU) to dump them in.  I hear quite frequently how our guys are thrown into the SHU for simply being CI. 

January, 2006.  “Things have been pretty tough around here.  I've been fighting an out-of-state transfer for nearly 2 years and because of this, I've been getting less than favorable treatment... I don't have a [prison] job and I've been in the hole for 19 months... I spend 47 hours in my cell at a time.”  Four months elapse and I haven't heard from him because he's been transferred to Texas and now under Federal jurisdiction: “I was flown all over the place before I finally arrived in Feb.  My first 3 days on the yard, there were 3 stabbings, one resulting in a murder, so the prison was on a lockdown for a month.  After that there was a food strike, so we went on a lockdown again.  Now all the Whites are on lockdown because the Mexicans beat an Odinist.. Times are tough here.  I am the only Identity Christian here.  Even when it comes to racialism, there's steady conflict.  I don't fit in with the 'convict crowd.'  I'm not a rat nor am I a coward, but this is just a different way of life and I don't think I can submit to it.”  He's always asking me questions about the Bible: “Do you have any information on the following: atonement, propitiation, justification, redemption, reconciliation, election, predestination, foreknowledge or sanctification?”  This tells me he is occupying his mind with the things of God, in spite of his horrid surroundings.  In June (2006) he was notified that the appeal was denied and so his attorney filed a Petition for Review with the Supreme Court of Washington State.  The ACLU also filed an Amicus Brief (filed by someone not directly related to the case, but may obtain additional information which can be included in the case file) on his behalf.  In August he was transferred to California and found a group of CI there, but was put in the hole, because of an Aryan Brotherhood (that he has never been associated with) trial in the courts, making the prison environment volatile.  But, he was elated to find fellow believers.   

May, 2007.  Kurtis is transferred to Louisiana where they just had a race riot between blacks and skinheads.  He said, “I'm praying I'm not going there just to get my wig split.”  But, as soon as he and another skinhead walked into the yard, they were jumped by Whites, because they (Kurtis and friend) were “racists.”  He prayed (with his unbeliever friend) before all this went down, he asked for God's protection for he and his comrade (who thought they were going to get stabbed and maybe die); they not only survived, but were unharmed; the other skinhead became a Christian because of answer to prayer.  Meanwhile, his petition  to the Supreme Court for review was denied and his attorney had just finished a Petition for Certiorari and Prof. Jeff Fisher from Stanford Univ. helped out on it.  In September he is transferred to Pennsylvania, where the food is decent, weights for exercise and a good CI group.  His new cell mate is Bruce Pierce of The Order notoriety.  Kurtis is in good spirits as his family sent him several books from Artisan Publishers; books are really gold to Identity Christians in prison.  Kurtis does not think it coincidental and said, “that while the highest court in the land is considering my case, that Morris Dees does an article on hate with me in it or National Geographic does a documentary with me in it, portraying me as an unrepentant hate-monger.  But them be the breaks, right?”  Kurtis contributes to the Bible study group there. 

April, 2008.  Things are going pretty good.  Bruce Pierce is reaching out to Volksfront leader Randy Krager on Kurtis' behalf, to get an affidavit for his appeal.  Eventually, Krager refused and the appeal was denied (details are on the website  Kurtis informed me that he was in his 18th week of taking a course in Greek and could read Koine almost perfectly.  He was told that he was headed for Big Sandy, Kentucky, after being in transit for a month in the state of Maine and then another couple of months in Brooklyn, NY.  While there, he got into a fight with a guy who afterwards told staff that he assaulted him because he was jewish and that he hated jews and blacks.  Kurtis said, “It's not like I can convince them that this guy is lying.  Because of all this, I have been singled out by the warden for the “treatment.”  According to officers here, the warden herself is jewish, so she is making it  a personal issue.  I am not letting myself be baited by any of it.”    At this same time, Randy Krager did not come through with the affidavit, but a miracle happened.  His investigator “was waiting in a Chinese restaurant; bored, he noticed a newspaper on another table, all stained with sweet and sour sauce.  He picked it up to read and there was an article about a civil suit that the former lead prosecutor, Barbara Corey, on my case filed against the Pierce County Prosecutors Office.  She won the suit and a jury awarded her a couple million dollars. In the article they were making reference to a problematic case that sounded very much like mine.  So my investigator went to the court house and read the transcripts and sure enough it was my case!”  Evidently she said the case was being mishandled and when she objected along with other misdeeds, she was fired.  The investigator went to her and she gave him a declaration stating that Kurtis' case was based on politics and not the facts.  The court is now going to know that Barbara Corey has already convinced one jury that this is true; to date she has been awarded $3 million.  What are the odds of his investigator finding and reading that newspaper?  Kurtis writes, “While I thought the pagan Krager was my only hope, God provided a way that might possibly be even better.”  He was not allowed to inventory his property or even pack out; they just came and got him unexpectedly one night and he again lost his books; he was off to Big Sandy, KY.   

While in transport to Kentucky, Kurtis remarked, “My drive through Kentucky was breathtaking. There was maybe 4 inches of snow on the ground ; hills, mountains and trees all the way through.  It seemed as though there was a church about every mile.  It had a very wholesome vibe and was very soothing to my anxious spirit.  Driving up to the entrance of Big Sandy I saw 5 huge elk, it was so beautiful.  Once in my cell, I was blessed with one of the best views in the prison; outside my window I could see elk and counted 11; there's also wild turkey.  Yes, God surely has been building my faith; I've been so blessed.  None of his property or books arrived from Pennsylvania and he would have to file a tort claim, which was always pointless.  During this period of time, Kurtis developed a romantic relationship with a young lady who was acquainted with Christian Identity and they hit it off pretty good.  In fact, he had me buy a ring for her and asked me to marry them in the prison.  It's difficult enough for marriages and families to remain together; I've heard many stories from inmates as to just how taxing it is for both parties.  Long distance relationships are hard and without divulging personal tribulations that Kurtis and his girlfriend underwent, it was a love that ended bittersweet.  And that's all I'll say about it.  But, we remember those in prison as if we were in their shoes also.  It must have been very difficult.  On the other side of the coin, Kurtis brought the CI message to the Kentucky prison and for the first time had a very warm reception.  Kurtis wrote, “I've never experienced this before pastor.  So many are interested and listening.  I'm putting together a study group.”  This was the germ of an idea to get CI accepted in the federal prison system for religious rights that other dubious faiths enjoyed.  Through dogged determination he finally succeeded through litigation, although this policy change has been arrogantly ignored by some prisons. 

A year later, April, 2009.  The study group has doubled in size and others are showing a keen interest in this new Identity revelation.  Kurtis said, “I want to be proud of myself (in a way), but I know it is Christ within me.  His cell mate was a “Creator” (a White group that is hostile to Christianity) , a high ranking member i.e. a “legatis” and “Reverend”, and left the Creativity movement for the real Jesus Christ.  Kurtis remarked that, “The pleasure I feel by being able to bring honor to God this way is simply indescribable, it's absolutely amazing.  In August (2009) the Court made a ruling on his Personal Restraint Petition saying, “After consideration... the Acting Chief Judge has determined that the issues raised by this petition are not frivolous” and ordered that this petition be referred to a panel of judges for determination on the merits of the case and that a law firm be appointed to represent Kurtis at public expense.”  Kurtis almost fainted when he read that and said, “I am very optimistic about this, something I haven't felt in a long time.”  Later that year, we got into a discussion about what confession means biblically, which is crucial to a Christian in prison.  I learned from Kurtis that it is not the cool thing to do in prison i.e. to confess Christ.  “From prison to prison at any given time there are at least 15 Odinist and as many as 60.  Most yards he's been in, he's been the only Christian; sometimes one or two others.  As far as the establishment is concerned, Christianity is denied.  He gets his materials routinely rejected and/or lost, whereas Odinism, Satanism and Wicca are all state sanctioned and subliminally promoted.  All those risks the 1st century Christians took are analogous to contemporary prisons affecting one's job, status, property, health, freedom, family and even life. 

A letter received in February, 2010, Kurtis reported that the court appointed attorneys out of Seattle devoted the month pf December to his case, thinking it would be enough time, but they were still working on it two months later, because of continuances and other delays.  Both the attorneys and Kurtis are optimistic.  In March, because of a successful legal action by Kurtis, against an administrative rejection of Mein Kampf, all of his mail is being screened by the warden himself.  He figured it was retaliation, not based on professional penological concerns, which just makes him more determined to bring more legal actions.  One nice thing about this prison was that they had an art class and Kurtis is a talented artisan in his own right; he made me a wonderful ceramic mug, which I highly prize.  There was a work strike and they threw Kurtis in the hole as the instigator, probably knowing that he really didn't have anything to do with it.  Unfortunately, during this time, all of his art materials were in a locker, which he was unable to access.  In April (2010) he has an epiphany about prayer; he was praying desperately every night about something that concerned him dearly.  What occurred to him was, that if he was desperate and praying at the same time; and agonizing over the situation , suffering from uncertainty, then his faith was no faith at all.  He said it was like rolling the dice or making a wish and hoping it all works out.  However, he was now well acquainted with the Word of God and when it speaks of hope, it really carries the connotation of confidence in something we expect to shortly come to pass.  He said, “If I'm up all night agonizing, praying and hoping it turns out alright, then I have no faith.  This not only rocked me to my core, but scared the daylights out of m!  I was doubting God, something that is unimaginable to me.  So I prayed, sought forgiveness and humbly prayed again in faith, asking and believing it will be given.  And prayers for that situation were answered.  He was moved in September to West Virginia and his appeal is set for October before the three panel judges.  Just 4 days before his girlfriend was supposed to visit him, he and his cell mate were thrown in the hole for an incident that happened the year before and a make-believe plot to hit a muslim, before he even came to that institution.  The authorities knew that his girlfriend just moved to the area and was about to visit him; talk about dirty tricks.  And they're dropping the 'T' word again... transfer.  This can get a guy down; in frustration he remarked, “at least the feds haven't killed me yet.”  One honorable thing, which I admire greatly is that when a brother is getting close to release, his friends will try and protect him as best they can so that he isn't set up for more time.  By December, “bad news,” they denied his Personal Restraint Petition; his attorneys are seeking review by the Washington Supreme Court and if that fails, it will exhaust his claims for federal court and allow his attorney to include them in a habeas petition.

January, 2011.  Kurtis has only asked for money a couple of times (and not from me) for decent clothes for trial and another time when he didn't have any shoes.  Once a prisoner has been labeled a security threat, they can't get a job to earn enough money for toiletries and other necessities for proper hygiene.  So the only thing Kurtis could do was artwork i.e. greeting cards, portraits etc. and the medium of exchange was stamps.  When Bruce Pierce was his cell mate, he saw how Kurtis was struggling and gifted him with some food and stamps.  He gave it back somewhat chagrined, but Bruce insisted.  Kurtis promised to pay him back, but Bruce sat him down and told him a story about a time when he was struggling bad; he was helping Bob Mathews clear wood in Washington.  Bob found out that he didn't have any money and gave him a considerable amount.  Bruce tried to decline, but Bob insisted.  Bruce asked him, “What can I do to repay you, can I put in some extra work around here” and Bob told him, “You know what you can do for me?”  “What?” Bruce asked.  “You can be a gracious receiver.”  I don't know what can be more Christian in principle than that, between two White Christian brothers.  Any White man worth his salt abhors handouts and wants to make his own way in life.  But the God of Israel orchestrates things in our lives so that we bear one another's burdens.  It was a good lesson for Kurtis and it's a good lesson for us to know our priorities and from whence comes provisions; and it separates and keeps in check pride and humility.  In February, Kurtis is busy filing grievances, especially in regards to  his mail being sent unsealed and getting lost; this can be very frustrating trying to communicate with your attorneys; and tort claims forcing 2 people to share a single cell (a violation of policy); not releasing him to general population; not transferring him within the required 90 days (another violation of policy); losing his property time and time again; and denying him a pillow (a violation of policy).  There are a few prisons guards who are honest enough to say he's gotten a raw deal over time.  Kurtis said, “Filing these things are not easy and it's bringing a lot of pressure on me.  But these things are wrong and I can't ignore them anymore.”  I think the Bible and the US Constitution speak of cruel and unusual punishment.  I've heard from enough prisoners to know that there is rampant cruelty, both physically and psychologically.  It makes me wonder how and why have such sadistic behaviors been condoned and then it occurs to me, yeah, it goes all the way to the top echelons of government where the rulers have become a terror unto the good and not the evil.  Thank God, we still have a few good men daring to do something regardless of the consequences.  That is a true proactive faith found in the blood of our forefathers.  In March, his transfer to the Lockdown program still has not been approved.  He says, “This is unusual, I think they may be having a hard time justifying sending me there since I have had exemplary behavior for over two years.”  He is finally moved to Alabama in May and put in the SMU (Special Management Unit) program; “Not a fun place, The security is overkill. To go to rec (recreation), it takes 2 cops and one Lieutenant to escort, handcuff and shackle me, frisk me, wand me with a metal detector, sit on a metal detecting chair and place my chin and both sides of my face in a contraption... and this is supposed to be a “non-punitive” program.  Visiting takes place over a telescreen.  And the best part, if I don't submit to their brainwashing program, they send you to the ADX SuperMax in Colorado.  They want me to write a 10 page autobiography.”   And then in a candid thought, he said, “I thank God for letting me live during these exciting times.”  Sound familiar?  “In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus” I Thes. 5:18.     

January, 2012.  A controversy has arisen about the victim of the crime for which Kurtis has been convicted.  The same people at Volksfront who refused to provide an affidavit to save a fellow White man from spending the rest of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit, promulgated a rumor, whether out of ignorance or in order to justify their apathy or it was just easier to throw Kurtis under the bus when ZOG's media machine turned up the heat, that Randal Townsend (the dead homeless man) was a veteran, as if wearing a uniform makes any difference; the intent was to smear the character of Kurtis and get themselves off the hook in the eyes of White Nationalists.  As you can gather by now, Kurtis is no slouch when it comes to fighting for the truth and so he simple fought for the truth about Mr. Townsend and his own reputation.  Here's what he said to me in a letter: “No, the victim was not a vet like the media said, he was discharged for being unstable only weeks after basic training.  And he wasn't an honorable man that lost his job, family and dog due to outsourcing.  He was a crackhead that was in and out of jail for various crimes; whose family wouldn't let him in their house, because he stole stuff to sell for drugs.  All of his friends (such as those who testified at trial) were black drug dealers and pimps, White prostitutes and race traitors.  Now everything I'm telling you is public record; in fact, I have all the transcripts.  Nevertheless, this crime was reprehensible and didn't win our cause any points.”  Never has Kurtis even remotely tried to rationalize this murder committed by other people.  To think that he would espouse such an attitude is patently absurd and a misunderstanding of the facts.  In February, the government responds to his Federal Habeas Petition, up to 4000 pages and only 20 days to respond; obviously trying to drown him in paperwork, knowing he has no access to Washington State case law or research material, so it's nearly impossible for Kurtis to defend himself.  He said, “It's all so complicated and nonsensical that you nearly have to be a magician to understand it.”  On the 12th, he gets word that they objected to his motion, extension and custody transfer; still waiting for the judges decision.  In all my years of corresponding with Kurtis, he mentions for the first time that he has endured horrors that he hasn't told me about nor anyone else.  He has witnessed much prisoner abuse and their cover-ups; one of his friends was strapped in chains to their metal bunks for 3 days; another, the same treatment for a week.  Kurtis disclosed that he had been beaten by guards with batons.  I hear similar stories from other prisoners from around the country of physical abuse.  It's the ugly America that is swept under the rug.  In July (2012) he's sent to Louisiana and says, “This place has its ups and downs; I'll stay focused on the ups; it's easier that way; everyone else complains; I'm just happy I have no cockroaches to contend with.”  I'm ready for Jim Jester's book or Bill Finck's New Testament.  In December, Kurtis hears from his father who he hasn't heard from in 8 years; he is reconnecting with his family; he had a good talk with his dad and he wants to be a part of his life again.  Being distant from his family has been difficult, so he felt especially blessed with this new reconciliation. 

January 2013.  For the past year Kurtis has had a platonic friendship with a lady named Mary, who has helped him with things.  He sent her all the money he had ($150)  for an art project of Martyr Day cards and a racially orientated calendar.  He worked hard on this project for three years.  He hadn't heard from her in months and started to get worried about her health.  I even talked to her once on the phone and she told me she was in the hospital.  She confessed to Kurtis that while in the hospital her roommate destroyed the cards because she didn't like them.  Kurtis is suspicious that something is not right.  In February, he went to a hearing for the incident the previous year and all charges were dropped, where he could have been facing some serious time and punishment.  In ten years, it was the only fair hearing he ever had; it just wasn't normal; it had to be a miracle from God, there is no denying that.  They have a negress chaplin that refuses to give him a Bible.  He got a response from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals saying that his Certificate of Appealability was denied.  His first reaction was to pray to God to let him out of that place.  He said in his letter, “I know how selfish that sounds.  I would ask that you pray that God gives me the patience to come to terms with his will, acceptance of His will, courage to face come what may with a cheerful disposition, the strength to endure and the selflessness of a good Christian man.”  In April he is transferred to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, one of the oldest and cruddiest prisons in the U.S.  In July, he is informed by his legal team that a book has been written about him.  Kurtis said, “They asked if I helped the author, which of course I say no.  they send me the book and after reading it, it becomes obvious that Mary wrote the book under a pseudonym or assisted the real author or is just a psycho who mimicked the authors identity.  Our conversations are almost verbatim in this book.  She deceived me, befriended me, to write a book.”   

February 2014.  “I am no longer in that nightmarish unit and am that much closer to being eligible to get out of here by March.  My appeal still has not been answered by the US Supreme Court.  Statistically, I have 1/10 of 1% of a chance of being heard by the High Court.  If they reject or deny my appeal, then my appellate process is over.  All I will have left is a Governor's pardon.  To date, I do not think a self prepared Pardon Petition has ever been granted.  I've found a place that specializes in Pardon Petitions called the national Clemency Project.  They do the whole thing for you from beginning to end for $1500.  I have an idea to create a website where we could seek donations to this end.

There are several people who are now making this a reality including Bill Finck, the web designer, myself as administrator, Kurtis' attorneys, friends back in Washington who are getting the word out and of course our friend Kurtis.  We pray that this synopsis of 10 years of correspondence has given you a better appreciation for what has happened to one of our own and that he should be vigorously supported with your prayers and support.  In Part 2 I will give you a synopsis of the testimony and forensics of the case that vindicates an innocent man.  I ask you to remember today's reading in Hebrews 13:3, “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them.