Baal Worship in Judeo-Churchianity Part 4


by Pastor Mark Downey

How To Bring Down the Baals

Scripture reading: Judges 6:25-32

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.  Can we say that it’s probably a duck?  Can we say with 100% certainty that it is indeed a duck?  Someone might put forth the allegation that we in Christian Identity are duck hunters and they would be right.  But, it’s not necessarily the small aquatic bird variety.  If it looks like the 12 elements of Baal worship given in Part 3, we can not only say it probably is the worship of Baal, but that it is also a perfect match.  There is no reason not to believe that it is alive and well in the churches and synagogues from which churchianity gets its cues.  This begs the question for the true believer: could we bring down the Baals?; should we bring down the Baals? Would we dare bring down the Baals?  If you are in the affirmative, then welcome to the duck club.

Before the holy quartermaster issues you your ammunition, let me emphasize that we are dealing with a particularly dirty and unclean bird.  In Revelation 18:2, the depravity of Baal worship is described as “The habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”  The figurative language is conveying the idea of utter desolation, which begins with the words, “And is become,” pointing to a complete destruction on par with ancient Babylon.  But the modern prophetic allusion is made to an economic-religious consortium of papal Rome, jews and those crazy fundamentalist churches who want to jump on that bandwagon.  Put together, it is a state of mind that has drawn all sorts of men and heathen into spiritual adultery; forsaking and making merchandise of the true God, by which the mixed multitude have lived deliciously in the self serving luxury of wickedness.   Fair warning is given to all that expect mercy from God, that they should not only come out of this beast system, but assist in its destruction.  

But the enemy has planted the field with mines in the psychology of false guilt, changing the names of the guilty to protect the guilty.  Thomas Jefferson may have been a little cynical when postulating about this minefield saying, “Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined, and imprisoned, yet we have not advanced one inch toward uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half of the world fools and the other half hypocrites.” I get a steady salvo of SIED’s (spiritually improvised explosive devices), which Baal worshippers email me all the time, expecting me to repent of not being a Baal worshipper like them. For example, got this one the other day, “It greatly saddens me that not only are you incredibly ignorant, but feel the need to spread the hateful antisemitic ideology. You make me ashamed to be white and catholic. Luckily you'll be dead in the next few decades and hate mongers such as yourself seem to be disappearing at an almost exponential rate. Jesus was not only a Jew, but he loves you and will forgive you for your judgement and hatred, for judgement and punishment is the lords responsibility and not one of our own. I don't expect you to suddenly stop preaching hate and lies, I just wanted to remind you that it's never to late to have a loving relationship with the lord for he is almighty and forgiving. God is good and we should try our best [to be] good Catholics, not Jew haters.”  There must be a template where people like this insert a dime and get their 5 minutes of gratification for chastising someone like me.  This is so stereotypical of the generation that has reached an apex of apostasy.  It is a time where good and evil are reversed.  When self righteousness exceeds the righteousness of God, the Land-Lord of the earth moves in to lawful action to evict those who insist upon the witchcraft of rebellion, who persecuted the prophets and who today speak all manner of evil against the saints falsely.    

The gods of Baal want us to come out of true worship, to be drawn away from obedience to the God of Israel.  They want people like us to keep our mouths shut, so that we’re estranged from the power of God.  But, our getting back in touch with God will change everything.  We will bring down the Baals by coming out of her planned plagues.  The preparations of the beast are many and varied in order to enslave the entire world, but God is in control and if you know what to look for, the Baals have already begun to fall like dominos in slow motion.  What’s going on in the world is priceless to the observant Christian.  Unless one is completely amoral and brain dead, the following current events of Baal in the news should be self evident and a good reason to aid and abet in bringing down the gods of sin and death. 

Unless one is living in a cave, the biggest story in the news is the Penn State scandal.  Nothing could be more heinous and despicable than child rape, except perhaps ‘trial by media’ for such a crime, dispensing with ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and therefore a harbinger for a broader assault on our civil liberties.  What is disturbing is what’s not being said or reported.  Let’s go duck hunting.  Who is Graham Spanier?  Besides the names of Sandusky, Paterno and McQueary, did you know that the most powerful jew on campus and president of Penn State was also fired by the Trustees because of “public pressure.” Spanier, whose parents escaped Nazi Germany, ran the state’s largest academic institution with a $4.3 billion budget.  There are 5,000 jewish students at Penn State.  Spanier was a major broker for bringing in jewish money for academics and football.  The American Jewish Committee honored Joe Paterno earlier this year for his philanthropic work and support of interfaith programming on campus.  When he was fired, it caused riots on campus, giving a perplexing image of students as to whether they thought football was more important than child rape.  It seems to me though that the worship of Baal and the worship of football are pretty much the same god. 

Greek CI scholar William Finck made a visit to this area this year and wrote an article titled ‘Philthadelphia’ in which he observed, “There is in Philadelphia an area where the street signs have rainbow-colored bars along their bottom borders. This demarcates the so-called “gayborhood”, as the locals often proudly call it: a municipal government's promotion of sexual deviancy in an apparently desperate attempt for more tourist dollars … It is openly promoted as both a living area and a recreation center for such sexual deviants. This is the fulfillment of the jewish idea of liberty. This is the jewish concept of “freedom”, freedom to be a perverted sexual deviant… These street signs amount to a government-approved promotion of sodomy, and they are a large black mark on the spiritual well-being of the nation just as horrible as the perverted idea of “gay marriage” and the realization of other deviant agendas. God is not mocked, and the jews, aliens and deviants who have made Philthadelphia the sewer that it is today shall not escape His wrath.”  He went on to say, “With a confluence of jews in Philadelphia from the earliest times, and with the importance which the city has to White American culture, it should be no surprise that the preponderance of new monuments in Philadelphia are jewish monuments. With wars both economic and military, White Christian America has been in a downward spiral ever since the jewish bankers have been allowed control of the American economy - and therefore of American politics… jews have come to dominate all American business, politics, and culture...jews have long dominated Philadelphia.”  I might add to this cultural stain upon our American heritage, that jews have an entirely different religious appreciation of child rape and sodomy as their holy book, the Talmud, puts forth the sanction as follows, “Intercourse with a boy nine years old is not considered a significant sexual act” (BT Ketubot 11b); “A child less nine years old cannot be [considered] the object of sodomy.” 

Why then didn’t any adults at Penn State stand up to the accusations of pedophilia on their watch?  It’s because there were no Christian standards, only the gods of football and money.  The Grand Jury has opened a Pandora’s Box of what has started out as an embarrassing collegiate scandal, which is now escalating to a higher level of a possible pedophile ring similar to Sen. John de Camp’s expose’ in ‘The Franklin Cover-up’ and may be a thousand times worse if you have jews and/or their cohorts constantly covering up for an aristocracy of sexual perverts who live the Baal lifestyle.  Universities are notorious left wing breeding grounds for sin, where the fruits of liberalism can more easily accommodate the cults of abominations.  It should outrage the sensibilities of White Christian America.  It should bring down the goalposts of deified sports for the sake of decency and social order.  Is anyone in the media or the churches calling for what God prescribes for sodomites or pedophiles in His Law?  If we don’t bring these Baals down, they will bring us down.  How do we bring the Baals down here?  We ask the right questions and demand the truth, not a hysteria controlled by the media, who itself is engaged in a much more massive cover-up.  We need an investigation.  What?  You say Penn State has hired former FBI Director Louis Freeh to uncover the truth about the horrific child abuse crimes there? Isn’t he the same jew who supervised the Ruby Ridge assassination of Vickie Weaver, an unarmed Christian Identity mother holding a baby in her arms and her 14 year old boy, Sammy, shot dead?  Wasn’t the jew Louis Freeh responsible for the conflagration in Waco and told us they did it for the children, while 19 children were incinerated?  We need to investigate those who cause their sons and daughters to pass through the fires of Molech. 

Apparently Coach Joe Paterno and Louis Freeh have something in common: both are associated with the Knights of Columbus, a conduit for jews to enter the Jesuit’s Opus Dei (a quasi secret organization known for political intrigue and intelligence gathering), which has been the object of many child sex abuse complaints.  Victims of pedophile priests consider the Knights of Columbus an enemy in their struggle to hold the Catholic Church accountable.  Although Freeh is a jew, he attended St. Catherine of Siena Opus Dei Parish and sends his son to the private Opus Dei school for boys, ‘The Heights’ in Potomac, Maryland.  There is mounting suspicion that Jerry Sandusky is a crypto-jew, who has received a coach of the year award from the Knights of Columbus and as we already know, protected by Paterno.  Thomas Doyle, who is recognized as one of the most experienced lawyers in the area of clerical sexual abuse, speaking about the Knights of Columbus and their financial support of catholic pedophile priests said, “They have supported priests and bishops in their moral bankruptcy and in their destruction of the bodies and souls of the victims of abuse.”  We need to biblically prosecute them and when found guilty, put a rope around their necks and hang them before they hang us… for hunting ducks without a license.  

And why is it that another scandal is happening in Europe, but goes unreported in the US?  In October (2011) the German press reported that the company Weltbild, the second largest bookselling company in Germany, 100% of the shares of which are owned by the German Catholic Bishops Conference and a dozen other dioceses have been outed for peddling over 2500 porn titles and additional books highly offensive to Christian principles, promoting Satanism, the occult, esoterism and anti-Christian atheist propaganda.  Moreover, the bishops are also 50% owners in another company, which actually produces pornographic novels.  The annual turnover in profits is $1.7 billion.  The outrageous part of this scandal is that after 10 years of Catholics who knew what was going on and issued a 70 page dossier, sent to all of Germany’s bishops in 2008, imploring them to end the porn business out of public view, were treated with silence and spiteful arrogance.  Why didn’t they listen?  They are priests… yes, but the priests of Baal.  They are attached to that same vulgar and rotten religious institution in Rome that paid out billions of dollars to silence the victims of child rape and to cover-up the extent of Baalism in the church.  I can hear the preistcraft saying, “I’m not a duck!!!!!!”  

Now the best thing these faithful Catholics there and the love-filled judeo-Christians here can say about what to do with these sexual perverts, who have destroyed and scarred the innocent youth of our children, which can never be remedied with restitution, is to put them in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.  And because they will not honor the pain and suffering of a child of true Israel, they cannot call themselves Christian.  So how do we bring the practitioner of Baal, the sodomite, the pedophile to justice?  We execute the Law of God as the law of the land.  I know that’s easier said than done, but we’ll take a look at how Gideon fared in a bit for a better insight. 

But, there’s one more news item that supersedes the feeding of hogs with aborted fetuses.  It looks like ‘Soylent Green’ was not just a movie, but a premonition.  I know this sounds outrageous, but the high priests of Baal figure they are above suspicion if what they do is beyond belief and so horrific that those exposing them are viewed as deranged.  A pro-life group called ‘Children of God for Life’, a watchdog organization that follows the use of aborted fetuses in commercial products, has claimed that the company Senomyx, specializing in the research and development of “artificial flavors”, is using aborted fetus and human embryonic kidney cells to supposedly enhance the taste of food products.   Many national name brands are Senomyx customers.  When confronted with documentation, Campbell (Soups), to their credit, immediately stopped using their artificial flavors.  For those Baal worshippers of judeo-churchianity who just cannot believe anybody could ever be so evil (except for maybe Hitler), then ask yourself why hasn’t Senomyx sued the ‘Children of God for Life’ for libel?  Surely such a Goliath corporation of wealth and power could shut them up if it wasn’t true.  Moreover, I find it just as disturbing that the mainstream media has been completely silent about it.  I suppose it shouldn’t come as any big surprise since there is a symbiotic relationship between media and its advertisers, the merchants of the earth.  I did a little investigating on my own.  I found out that Senomyx was founded by prominent jewish biochemist Lubert Stryer in 1999. In May 2001 Stryer returned to his professorship at Stanford University and resigned from Senomyx, but he remains Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.  When the ‘Children of God for Life’ confronted Senomyx with the inhumane and unethical science which they were actively engaged in, the only response they got was silence.  Baal, all sugar-coated for the lusts of the flesh, is being shoved down the throat of the prime target market: the White race.  There is also a direct link between these biotech industries and Big Pharma, that puts a big push on vaccinating our children with concoctions from aborted babies.  All the more reason to bring down these Baals.

The churches are real big on tolerance as most antichrist things don’t seem to be an immediate threat to their well being.  But, they preach a Christianized form of Hindu tolerance, a communion of light and darkness, which always makes life intolerable for the White man.  We weren’t created to tolerate the darkness of the world; we are children of the Light.  The pied pipers of the 1960’s sang ‘all you need is love.’  But, the dark secret is that they loved money more than the truth, and they’re now running the show.  The scales are dramatically imbalanced between materialism and spirituality.  Why are the Baals so loved and venerated?  Why don’t more ministers preach about what the Bible has to say about Baal worship?  Well, it would come too close to home; it’s better for their 501k retirement fund - to just keep the sheep in ignorance.  I use II Chron. 19:2 quite often to impress upon our adversaries in the church world, the hypocrisy of their position and the damnation they bring upon themselves i.e. “Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.” 

The churches are full of these effeminate lovey-dovey Baal priests whom Paul describes in I Timothy 6:3-5, “If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness; from such withdraw thyself.”  Good people shouldn’t have to go to bad churches to listen to the trash about missionary outreach to God forsaken countries, feeding and clothing the ungodly savages and loving the enemies of God or fellowshipping with people who are proactive sinners during the other six days of the week.  If you want to talk about love, keep the commandments of God (I John 5:3), for without the Law there is no judgment for the egregious sinner to repent.  We judge the Baal worshipper so that they may stand corrected and not perish in their wanton conceit.

Paul is also telling us about the evil consequences of following the Baals in II Timothy 4:1-4, “I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the living and the dead at His appearing and His Kingdom; preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”  Are we there yet?  Most of the people who get a whiff of Christian Identity can’t endure the uncompromising truth of the Word of God.  We don’t have any Joel Osteen’s in our movement.  Our message is so nonconformist to the establishment church that they would rather hear sweet fairy tales.  “They profess that they know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable and disobedient and unto every good work reprobate” Titus 1:16.  Do you think bad things are happening to America, because the Word is being denied and the elements of Baal are being glorified?  Or do you think bad things are happening to us because we’re such a God fearing and righteous nation? 

I happened to catch a commercial the other day for, which purported to have 5 million members and I thought this can’t be good.  I thought I saw a race mixed couple, but it went so fast I couldn’t tell; maybe it was meant to be a subliminal.  So I went to their website and couldn’t find too many pictures because you had to subscribe.  But I did find their commercial on YouTube and sure enough the first couple was Asian and Caucasian.  This prompted further investigation to see who the CEO is.  Christian Mingle is owned by Spark Networks and it’s CEO is Greg Liberman, a jew who is raking in about $40 million a year for the company.  Doesn’t “mingle” mean mix?  In both the OT and NT that’s exactly what it means.  It’s interesting that the universalist/catholic Douay-Rheims Bible uses this word mingle in Lev. 21:15 thusly, “Neither shall he mingle his seed among his people”, which suggests mongrelization.  The KJV renders it, “Neither shall he profane his seed.”  These are poor translations to understand the significance of race mixing ala Baal worship, but in Hosea 7:8 we find the same mixing/mingling, “Ephraim, he hath mixed [mingled] himself among the people.”  The New Living Translation does not mince words and gets to the main thrust of the sin thusly, “The people of Israel mingle with godless foreigners, making themselves… worthless.”  How do we know these foreigners are of another race?  The next verse says, “Strangers have devoured his strength” which is the ‘zuwr’ stranger (H#2114 in Strong’s) i.e. a racial alien.  But a more obvious question is how do we mix our seed with our own race?  It’s impossible.  Mingling is an element of Baal worship.  How do we bring down these gods of Baal?  We don’t subscribe to judeo-churchianty dating services.  We recognize that there is nothing Christian about miscegenation. 

It’s obvious from Scripture that the great whore of Babylon and her judeo churches of satanic influence are going to be destroyed by more than just a boycott, they’re going down violently.  Jesus said, “All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword” Mt. 26:52.  Israel was entering the Promised Land just like we’re going to enter the Kingdom, a land filled with Canaanites and Baal worshippers, and God did not tell them to go in there proselytizing the heathen.  Our God, not the Baal god of effeminate phileo love, gave our race instructions in how to get rid of them.  “And when the Lord thy God shall deliver them before thee [in other words this was a joint venture]; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them; nor show mercy unto them” Deut. 7:2.  We are confronted with the same enemy today that Baal worshippers have befriended and we know, according to James 4:4, “Friendship of the world is enmity with God.”  We are not the world, we are Israel.  “But this is what you are to do to them, ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire” Deut. 7:5.  They don’t want to recognize these kinds of verses that affect their bottom line, their modern equivalents of the tables in the temple that Jesus threw down. 

After reiterating these 7 sins of Canaan in Lev. 20, God says to put these people to death.  This is God’s way of destroying Baal worship.  The NT churches say, “No, no, no, we’re not under the OT law anymore… we don’t put people to death because we’re under grace… the only law is love.”  A pretty cool deal for a pedophile, getting to spend the rest of their life in prison with 3 meals a day and no rent.  We read about the aftermath of Mystery Babylon’s destruction (which was an institution of Baal worship) in Rev. 19:11 of Christ riding in on a white horse declaring, “In righteousness He doth judge and make war.”  In other words, doing what is right is military action; all other means of reconciliation have been exhausted.  Would to God, our people get this through their head: there is a war!  Jesus Christ is the commander-in-chief leading His obedient warriors to victory.  It’s not as the Rapture futurists lead people to believe that it’s coming, when in fact the war is here now and will culminate with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  The Second Coming or the return of Christ is not to convert Baal worshippers, but to kill them.  Who is going to argue with Luke 19:27 (FF), “Then as to those enemies of Mine, who did not want Me to reign over them, bring them here and execute them in My presence.”  I can hear the Baal priest now, “Ahh, Jesus I don’t think this is a very good idea” or “Jesus, this doesn’t show much love.” 

Where would we be today if Abraham withheld his knife from Isaac?  No covenant!  Isaac was not an adversary of God and God spared his life.  But Luke 19:27 is going to test our obedience; the life of the adversary will not be spared.  The Bible says they’re not going to get away with it; the gates of hell must surely prevail against the false church.  When you come right down to it, the primary purpose of a Christian nation, such as America once was, is to execute judgment upon the inhabitants of the land who refuse to honor and obey the law of the land.  This is NT theology.  When did God tell us to surrender to the Baals?  Where does the Bible command us to mingle?  We have to get rid of the notion that just because somebody says they’re a Christian minister, doesn’t make it so.  If they preach what Baal espouses, then they’re dirty filthy unclean birds and it’s open season on the bastards.  “Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works, but thou shalt utterly overthrow them and break down their images” Ex. 23:24. 

Newt Gingrich said at the GOP debate last week (11-22-11), “I don't see how the party that says it's the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy which destroys families that have been here a quarter-century." I guess this bleeding heart CFR stooge has never read God’s Word that says these illegal or legal aliens, “Shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against Me; for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee” Ex.23:33.  Hey Newt… the party’s over; Baal politicians that bless the families of other races, curse the families of the White race and according to the Abrahamic Covenant, God will curse them who curse us (Gen. 12:3). 

Why don’t more Christians protect and defend the Faith?  I don’t believe pacifism establishes a civilized society.  The church is pathetically sold on the idea of tolerance and religious freedom to the demise of our own Christian culture.  Do you think our founding fathers would give credence to such absurdities as voodoo, Wicca or Satanism?  Since Baal worship practices infanticide, cannibalism, perversions against nature etc, and it has become pervasive and normal, should it be a matter of religious freedom?  They’re getting bolder with that concept every day. 

I know that what I propose in how to bring down the Baals is not an easy proposition and I’m not telling anyone to go out and start shooting.  I’m well aware of someone saying, “OK Pastor Downey… you first.”  As many of you know I ran for the state legislature several times and my platform was to obey the Law of God and to undo the laws of man that were contrary to Scripture.  I went so far to publicly call for the execution of sodomites.  The newspaper headline read ‘Downey calls for the gallows for gays.’ Well, their agenda is just as radical in the eradication of the traditional nuclear family and a pogrom of genocide against the White race.  We still have a modicum of free speech, but it is dissolving quickly.  So there’s nothing they can do to stop me from preaching the Bible or running for office, even though the system is rigged.  The day the Baals start to come down is the day we run out of alternatives and have nothing to lose.  It’s somewhat like the confidence in Federal Reserve Notes; everybody wants it, but everybody knows it’s funny money.  The money bubble is going to pop and the con game will be over.  The only thing left will be a Jubilee year.  I have said for years that the shooting will begin when there is no doubt in the collective mind that it is time.  The enemy is fighting hard to pacify stout Christian warriors.  But, we have the descendants of Gideon in the world today and his spirit lives on.  Let’s take a closer look at today’s Scripture reading in Judges 6:25-32.

The Lord called Gideon to fight the Midianites. I think God will call some of you listening to this message to fight the jews or the Mexicans or black gangbangers or maybe a Chinese invasion.  For 7 years the Midianites had been raiding the land of Israel and keeping them subdued by a scorched earth policy, so Gideon was called by God to deliver His people from the heathen.  However, before he went out on a military campaign, his faith was to be tested.  Some of us may be in a testing of sorts right now.  God tested him to tear down his father’s altar to Baal and build an altar to the Lord in its place.  This was no small job.  These altars were large stone constructions.  Archaeological excavations have revealed a Canaanite altar to Baal measuring more than 25 feet across and 5 feet high.  It took 10 men and a bull to pull down Gideon’s father’s altar to Baal.  A huge wooden image of Ashtoroth was also cut down.  His test of faith was being a faithful witness to his own family and community before he could move on to bigger things. 

Gideon was scared.  I was trying to think of an analogy and I thought of that Martin Luther King memorial in Washington DC with a modern-day Gideon in one of those humongous Caterpillars, like the ones we send to IsraeLIE that demolish Palestinian homes in 5 minutes.  Gideon feared for his life.  But, he found a way to obey God; he brought down the Baals at night instead of in broad daylight.  Likewise, we should find a way.  Where there is God’s will, there’s a way.  God picked Gideon because he refused to worship the Baals of his father.  He was threshing wheat in his hideout to keep it from the Midianites… he was a tax protestor!  God choose a timid weak youngster to send a message throughout the land that he was about to rescue His people Israel.  The next morning, the men of the city wanted to kill Gideon for what he did, but Joash (Gideon’s father), as a result of his son’s faith, realized that Baal was a powerless idol and he therefore defended his son’s behavior before the community.  Contrary to what the judeo-church believes, God is not going to use opulent megachurches or a Christian Disneyland to feed the sheep of Israel with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Instead he will handpick a few good people like Gideon.  144,000 servants who will not be arrogant fancy preachers, but ordinary Christians who know how to obey.  Idols are anything that takes the place of God in a believer’s life. 

We will never be successful in spiritual warfare, in tearing down the altars of Baal if our priorities are in conflict with God’s agenda.  The lesson is that the idols of our heart must go before the Midianites can be fought. There can’t be two altars in your life.  Any altar to Baal must be torn down or you fail the test.  The Lord will test your faith in an area that is close to your heart.  Gideon not only tore down the altar to Baal, he replaced it with an altar to the Lord.  When God called Jeremiah, He told him not only to pull down and destroy, but to also plant and build (Jer. 1:10).  Are you tearing down all deceivableness of unrighteousness and also lifting up the love of truth?  If you are, then you’re more than a conqueror; you will be able to stand against Babylon and “Reward [retaliate] her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works… so much torment and sorrow give her” (Rev. 18:6-7).  God promises those that stay with the Baals must receive of their plagues. 

Christians will be involved in bringing down the Baals.  Are you ready to punish evildoers?  The army of God militates the power of the Cross by men of faith and prayer and has always been fatal to idolatry and wickedness.  “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled” II Cor. 10:5-6.  Every power of thought in the world of multicultural diversity, mongrelization and racial amalgamation in the name of religion will be subject to the sovereignty of Christ our Kinsman Redeemer, the racial Savior of Israel, and our kinsmen will either “Come out of her”, that bastard imposter of holiness, or those whose Christ’s blood has cursed, upon their children forever, along with those churches who oppose and exalt themselves above all that is called God will be destroyed.  These gods of ‘self’ would crucify Christ all over again in the name of Baal, if it infringed on their self gain.   

Israel abandoned God and merged with the hedonistic gods of the racial alien, because the Baals, unlike the God of Heaven, gave people the freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted… and so the gates of hell prevailed.  The ancient sports and entertainment and sensual pleasures of fertility cults are now the sophisticated Madison Avenue churches of Baal.  When Gideon died, the next generation prostituted themselves to the Baals all over again.  If Israel’s history proves anything, it proves how quickly and how easily so many people can be manipulated to turn away from obeying God, because of their unbelief.  The Baal priests have made sure that the Law and the prophets have been mistranslated, misinterpreted and purposefully misunderstood.  We would do well to take note of this fact as we draw near to that Great Day of the Lord.  I’m amused at the emails I get from these poor souls who are so badly misinformed, that tell me that I’m going to hell for being a racist, while I watch the integrity of God’s Creation go down a sewer and life on earth becomes a living hell, thanks to the Baal worship of judeo-churchianity.  There was a sign… on a church reader board I saw the other day that said, “Staying in bed, shouting oh God!  Does not constitute going to church.”  The irony is that most people who go to a church without a racial consciousness, need to awaken from their slumber of carnal pleasures.    

King Ahab got his comeuppance, his rewards for placing the Baals in the land.  The prophets Elijah and Jehu killed about a thousand priests of Baal and slayed all the sons of Ahab.  Bill and Hillary Clinton couldn’t be a more perfect Ahab and Jezebel ministered by the Baal priest to presidents, Billy Graham.  History repeats itself.  Why should their fate be any different?  The same pattern is repeated in the yet to be fulfilled prophecy of Gog and Magog, where God will not be pleading for their conversion, but rather their complete physical destruction.  As the Kingdom of God approaches and Baal worship comes to end, Zephaniah devotes his prophecy to the destroying of strongholds, those that never sought the Lord, those who proclaimed God is dead and will cut off a remnant of Baal (suggesting that an extermination of idols has already begun).  Zeph. 1:5 refers to bipolar Israelites that worship and swear by the Lord and also swear by Malcham (Baal), just like the oxymoron ‘judeo-Christian.’ 

Evidently, Jesus knew there were going to be these kind of people at the end of the age who profess to be Christian and brag about how great they are, but they’re not going to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus will tell them, “Get away from Me, you evil people” Mt. 7:21-23.  Yes, this day is coming for Baal worshippers; a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of waste and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, the mighty man (the antichrists, plural) shall cry there bitterly (Zeph. 1:14-15).  There will be no Rapture or pre-trib nonsense.  The prosperity denominations will not purchase deliverance; their idols of gold and silver worship are cast to the moles and bats.  There is no indication in Zephaniah or elsewhere in Scripture that the meek of earth, the saints of the Most High, the elect Remnant of Israel, the righteous and faithful believers in Jesus Christ are included in any of this destruction.  I believe that our God delivers us from evil; from a godless New World Order, jewish communism, raging heathens, a perverse catholic hierarchy, elitists of Masonic-Illuminati conspiracies, the pagan occult and the monstrous permutations of Baal worship in judeo-churchianity.  All of them are doomed for a final annihilation. 

My wife heard a lady the other day speaking about Christmas and how she’s just giving up on it this year, saying it’s become so commercial, it’s insanity, it’s depressing, it’s sick.  The utter corruption and madness is what it’s going to take for some people to come out of Babylon.  The early church was the most powerful institution the world had ever seen!  It exploded onto the world stage in the book of The Acts, chapter 2, and nothing had the power to stand against it.  Pagan religions could not compete with it.  Greek philosophy could not comprehend it.  Persecution only made it grow.  In 312AD, Constantine fighting for the throne of the empire prayed to the "supreme god" for help.  This god was Mithras, the Persian sun god.  He reportedly saw a vision of the Cross in the sky next to the sun, along with the words “conquer by this.”  He won this battle and then proclaimed he was a follower of Jesus, and now a Christian.  Constantine stopped all pagan sacrifices on pain of death, closed all pagan temples, destroyed many of them, and converted others to churches.  He changed where the church worshipped from house churches to Basilicas.  He changed when the church worshipped from Gods feasts and celebrations to pagan holidays and called them the new Christian holidays.  He cut off the church from its Israelite roots and grafted it into the root of Greek paganism.  Constantine claiming to be a Christian was a devoted follower of Mithras, the Persian sun god, the "unconquerable sun" i.e. Baal.  When he saw the Cross in the sky next to the sun he apparently assumed that Jesus was a manifestation of Mithras. Though claiming to be a Christian, he worshipped pagan deities.  He forced the church to follow his beliefs and practices.  Mithras' birthday was celebrated December 25th. 

Is this too hard to figure out?  Let’s tear down the Baal of Mithra and see if this god can do anything about it.  Or are some people more interested in entertainment and feeling warm and fuzzy for the holidays?  I pray that this Christmas season will be the reason for God to use the Midianites against the Baal worshippers for plunder, misery and chaos.  The reason for the season is for the occult to operate in the shadows of darkness, orchestrating the worship of the Baals, the self-centered idols of the heart.  God curses our nation for calling this evil good.  Nothing hastens the ruin of our people, nor ripens them for judgment, more than their blatant disregard of the watchmen on the wall who implore them to have a change of heart and reformation. 

Gideon had to do what he did before he and his brothers could go to war.  You have to fight the small battles before you can win the big war.  Who will survive the final conflict of the ages before Christ returns to rule in His Kingdom?  Zeph. 2:3 says, “Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, who have kept His commands; seek righteousness and humility, so that you will be protected in the day of the Lord’s anger.”  The principle that God will “Bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” still holds true.  It’s just that it doesn’t have anything to do with jews.  It pertains to the White race alone.  Not only those who are against God, but those who hate the true Israel, will be slated for elimination.  What’s the end result of all this extermination?  If there are no more usurpers of God’s authority, the wicked of the world, who crown themselves and sit upon a throne as if they were God, what would you have left?  You would have a rapture of the wicked, a removal of the Baals, and the only thing left behind on God’s green earth would be the racially pure White man who only obeyed God, who did not bow the knee to Baal.  The Gideon’s militia will be rewarded.  That is the purpose for which all of the events of this age are moving

I wonder with utter amazement at the length and breadth of institutional malevolence and the forbearance of God; the apostate church sinking lower than the godless third world and God’s patience with so many partial calamities from earthquakes to floods to winds and not an entire end of the planet; for the sake of the elect, who do not turn to the traditions of man, but turn to God for their Salvation, which is a twofold blessing in the present time and for all eternity.  It could be that no matter how much desolation God brings to a city or a nation, there will be some people who will not turn to the Lord.  Perhaps, not until it’s too late and God keeps His Word for the whole world.  The harvest is upon us, the divisions between Christians and non-Christians, Whites and non-Whites increases with each passing day.  It will be the end of Baalism.  “The Son of Man shall send forth His messengers, and they shall gather up out of His Kingdom everything that causes people to sin and everyone who does evil” Mt. 13:41. 

The message today is the same as it was 2000 years ago: “Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Mt. 4:17).  The enemies of God are in a quagmire.  Their devious plans for controlling all the people of the world are being exposed.  But, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28.  The context and identity of ‘the called’ in this verse and chapter is found in verse 15, “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear.”  This cannot mean all races, but rather the people of the Bible who go through generational cycles of apostasy to bondage to deliverance.  History constantly repeats itself, because it is almost impossible for the next generation to possess the wisdom and experience of the former generation.  The trappings of Baal have always had the ulterior motive to undermine God’s chosen people.  The global elitists thought they were going to reduce the world’s population in half by the year 2000, but they do not control destiny.  There is a divine timetable, however, that is on schedule. 

God is going to pour out His indignation, with His voice will the earth shake terribly, to bring down the strongholds of Babylon… and those things which cannot be shaken will remain.  Those who say there is no race, but only the human race, might as well say there is no God; for God is the Creator of ‘kind after kind and there’s some people who just aren’t our kind of people.  If Jesus was our example, then why weren’t His 12 Disciples an example of multicultural diversity?  They were all Benjaminites except for Judas and maybe his inclusion was to emphasize the man of perdition is not one of us. 

In Deut. 30:19 we read, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curses, that both thou and thy seed may live forever.”   God makes things very plain and simple for our racial posterity, but our people are struck with this sense of foolishness to mix God with gods.  Elijah called upon them to determine whether God or Baal was the one to follow.  "How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him. And the people answered him not a word” I Kings 18:21.  At this juncture their minds seemed in equipoise and there was not a quack in the entire flock.  However, such an opportunity presents itself now, through the mercy of God.  Duck hunters… lock and load.