Part 1: The Illusions of Government


by Pastor Mark Downey

I'd like to bring forth three ideas to help explain why things are the way they are. The first is the illusions of government, followed by animal magnetism and the magick of occult societies. I don't need to go back 6000 years to find the beginnings of our own adversaries corrupting America through deceit. There's nothing new under the sun for those who believe they shall be as gods. They certainly know and understand the art and craft of evil. They have think tanks of evil geniuses. They manipulate the thinking of the masses. "They" own America through the worst sort of avarice that the Bible speaks of: murderers, liars and thieves. Who are they? I'll get to that in a bit.

Here it is October again and a time for the Feast of Tabernacles for some and a time for 'trick or treats' for others. Yet we are on the verge of another antichrist war (Iraq 2002) whereby the rich get richer. Our people are so preoccupied with disinformation that it's no wonder we are accounted as sheep for slaughter. If you're going to deceive somebody, it makes sense that you distract them from reality. You crash commercial jetliners into skyscrapers and put a full court press on terrorism. You play the game of dialectics. You play God.

FDR once said, "If it happens, it is because we planned it that way." This kind of mindset negates the belief that God is always in control. The stakes are so awesome in this contest of life and death, that the characterization of the good guys and the bad guys has reached new levels of propaganda. Aren't they clever when they say 'if you're not for us, you're for the terrorists', when in fact, they are the criminal politics behind the terror. Here's where it gets interesting and is the premise of what bothers me more than anything: there are conspiracies, but there are way too many conspiracy theories. The people responsible for the JFK assassination are the ones churning out all the rabbit trails and cul de sacs.

If we put world affairs and current events in a theological context, we also see a betrayal of interpretation as to why we are subjected to a seemingly insurmountable adversary. Within our own movement, we have this leaven of an insidious defeatism that the sky is falling. They say it's going to get worse before it gets better. Why? Because some men, not all, have been conned into empowering the enemies of God. Oh ye men of little faith. Why do you suppose you're the tail and not the head? I'll tell you why. It's because you can't discern who's wagging the dog. If you're a God fearing man, here's a clue: it's not Robert De Niro.

What I'm getting at is the psychological warfare that is self inflicted upon the fighting spirit of the White man to overcome this pernicious fear of dark supernatural forces on earth. There ain't any! When I read the First Commandment, "Thou shalt have no other God before me", that's telling me that there's only one supernatural power in the universe, which is confirmed in Isaiah 45:4-6: "There is no God beside me ... there is none else", and in Mt. 28:18, Jesus said "all power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth."

The Bible warns us about governments contrary to the Word of God and does not deny the sorcery of witches and wizards, but nowhere in scripture do we find these people, places or things inherently possessing control of other people, places or things. The key word is inherently. If they did, they wouldn't have to resort to deception. Here's the bottom line to the current wave of deception. The satans or adversaries in our culture are people who have promulgated the superstition of an over exaggerated strength, competence and efficiency of wickedness in high places. These are the black robed pulpit pimps, media whores and moneychangers who have put forth the notion that you can't fight the almighty city hall and that an apocalyptic future is inevitable. It kind of flies in the face of 'thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven', doesn't it?

Our people have been pacified from a false teaching of Eph. 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Whole doctrines are built on the foolish idea that our warfare is exclusively spiritual. Of course, our weapons are worthless without God, but that doesn't mean we don't physically pull down devilish strongholds (II Cor. 10:4). The contrast is not between human beings and spirit beings. The context in Eph. 6:11 that the enemies of God want White Christians to ignore is the fact that we are to be equipping ourselves for battle with the armor of God, that we may be able to stand up against the deception of real life murderers, liars and thieves. There's not much of a difference between serial killers Janet Reno and Ted Bundy, other than one held public office.

Our godly duty is to resist ungodliness. The reason for us being a warrior is to oppose and counteract any attempts to get us to cooperate and submit to those who want to play God with you and your nation. It's only natural that Mr. Scorpion will sting Mr. Frog on his back while crossing the river, even though he promised not to! By the same token, those who advocate one world government can't help themselves in reducing the world population to manageable levels and terrorize otherwise peaceful, freedom loving people into absolute surrender and submission to their totalitarian vision of a New World Order.

I'm not a big fan of Congressman Jim McDermott, but he returned from a fact finding tour in Iraq and spoke to a crowd of antiwar protesters up in Seattle on October 6th, saying he believes there's a pattern of deception in the Bush administration to justify war. He's quoted as saying, "One of the dilemmas we've had since 9/11 is that this country has been continuously terrorized by the government! Every week they announce a new threat." Five years ago I wrote an article entitled 'The Revival of Christian Nationalism', and I started out by saying "appearance is the facade that hides ugly fictions." In other words, the images of Madison Avenue can sell an ice cube to an eskimo. Today, we're being sold so many lies that the truth is clouded, but the truth is out there.

The surest method to revive a patient is for the reviver to have faith that he knows what he's doing. What are 'they' doing, telling us about a Rapture and a coming Antichrist? They are helping to create the illusion of government. How can they do this? Karl Marx said, "Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily persuaded." Let me tell you something, rabbi. This is our country ... not the jews' in New York, not the Mexicans' in California and it's not the Somalis' in the state of Maine. I am not easily persuaded of antichrist jewry. Your talmudic mindset inspired the Bolshevik, not the American Revolution. The fiction of a judeo-Christian heritage is the mirage of witchcraft. However, I count it all joy knowing that there aren't going to be any Halloween parties in the Kingdom of God. Let there be worshippers of Lucifer devoted to satanism so that the Word of God be fulfilled and that they are destroyed. You bet we wrestle with the 'Skull and Bones' boys from Yale. King Boy George said, "My heritage is a part of who I am." The Bush family is part of the aristocracy of conspirators.

There are several books ('The Franklin Cover-Up'; 'Trance-Formation of America'; 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare', etc) documenting the malevolent perversions of the power elite who are engaged in homosexual/pedophile ritual murder, satanic worship, mind control experiments through the CIA, control of the drug trade, international banking and occupy some of the highest echelons of government. History should be a study of these megalomaniacs. The function of the news media is to deceive the public and make us stupid. As long as they use deceit, people seem helpless to resist. That is, until they start to understand the Bible.

9/11 is a good example of how the occult aristocracy conducts psychological warfare on an unsuspecting populace. It didn't take me long to figure out who was behind it. It certainly wasn't the scapegoat-patsy Osama bin Ladin. Did you know that the phrase 'by way of deception we shall wage war' is the motto of the fiercely sadistic Israelie Mossad? Not many Americans are aware of the fact that the largest spy ring in American history was busted by the FBI shortly after 9/11, and instead of prosecuting some 200 Israelie jews for espionage, they were deported to safe haven!

Our national woes are much more complex than just saying it's the damn jews, because treason is the reason for the holiday season. At the turn of the last century, our problems began with a flood of jews and non White aliens pouring into our country. It didn't take them very long to pass the Federal Reserve Act on Christmas Eve 1913, and then for them to manipulate our economy and engineer the Great Depression. The rotting stench really began to smell in 1933 with the election of FDR and his horse-face lesbian wife, Eleanor. Since that time, our country has evolved into one gigantic cesspool of moral putrification, culminating in the archetype Ahab and Jezebel clones of Bill and Hillary. The original ZOG of the last century seized power in a bloodless coup d' etat and moved forward with their hyper-bureaucracy, corrupt judicial and kosher legislative branches of government, while institutionalizing the judaization of the church. This was necessary in order for the average White Christian American to pay for it all in cash and blood.

According to Eph. 6, our warfare begins in the spiritual realm; we just don't go out in the streets and start killing like animals. Not so with the jew. They DO wrestle against flesh and blood, because their spirit regards non jews as expendable chattel. They can't come right out and say they're conspiring to kill us, even though it is written in their book, the Talmud, that the goyim shall be killed. In their diabolical and demonic minds, they devised a plan of extermination and genocide of the White race and subsequently, Christianity. You see, Christians can't be a part of their madhouse New World Order. Our blood reflects the image of God, therefore another image, another mixed-blood race, another religion must be introduced into the body politic. In order to do this, the greatest efforts to deceive us must be expended. Their agenda is to produce a new hybrid mongrel void of identity and class to function only as a perpetual source of cheap labor and mindless consumers on a jewish slave planet.

Does that sound like a far fetched conspiracy of satanic deception? Just go to your local mall and witness the baggy pants boys, mutilated piercings and air-headed Kelly Bundy type daughters with mongrel pet offspring hanging on their arms. Better yet, go to your local judeo Christian church and look at all the mamzer-bastards defiling the congregation. Even though the appearance of jews taking over the world is discouraging to some of our people, that in itself is a scriptural fulfillment as we read Mt. 24:24, "There shall arise false Christs (those who regard themselves as the Messiah, i.e., Messianic jews, and are anointed of God, such as Benny Hinn) and false prophets, and they shall give great signs and wonders (Fenton says 'great and terrible omens'; NAS footnote says 'attesting miracles'), so as to deceive (or mislead), if possible, the very elect (the chosen ones, i.e., Israel)." That's the entire White race!

But, if we have the whole armor of God, it is not impossible to resist the days of evil, when we do our duty to stand. I'm standing up against ZOG and you should too. God is always in charge, but He allows the sinful and rebellious to use their own devices thinking they have a handle on some kind of supernatural power; spooks and goblins galore. In the end they will be snared. They can believe whatever they want, but if it's not the truth, God will send them strong delusion. They can hallucinate UFOs and even take fuzzy pictures of flying saucers and ghosts. There are God's laws and then there are man's laws. One is real and the other is fake. The Kingdom of God is not an illusion, but what you see in Washington D.C. today is. The government is like a Hollywood movie and I give it a thumbs down. We will continue exposing satanic deception through animal magnetism and the magick of occult societies next time. Remember that God always protects and defends His called and elect remnant of the White race.