Imprecatory Prayer Regarding the Devil

by Pastor Mark Downey

The controversy over the subject of satan continues to escalate from certain quarters who demand war and death for those who disagree with them. Some have become so enamored with their so called “Satan” that they have resorted to lemming-like imprecatory prayers against the imaginary. As a necessary equilibrium for down-to-earth Christian theology, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to provide an alternative imprecatory for a proper exegesis of satanic-related metaphors in contradistinction to the religious hysteria of the literal Judaic ‘pro-Satan’ crowd. Let me reiterate, after dozens of commentaries, that those of us who do not subscribe to the judeo version of a creature called “Satan”, does not mean that the subject of satan or its permutations has no meaning in the Bible. Indeed, it does and that is the intent of this prayer.

For those who don’t know what an imprecatory is, it is a petition to God for divine judgment. I think this subject just goes to show you that if our people are really interested in divine intervention, then we should be praying for each other to overcome the things that impede our maturing in Christ and a remnant’s resolve to the adversity we face. It isn’t demons from hell or a commander-in-chief of such nonsensical realms that quench our relationship with God, but rather the insidious propensity to whore after strange gods that estrange us from our Creator. May this prayer call the lost sheep of the house of Israel out of darkness and mitigate our past failures to enter back into His marvelous light and everlasting mercy.

The Prayer

Our Father in Heaven, You have told us that Your Kingdom is not in word, but in power (I Cor. 4:19) and that all power is given unto Jesus Christ in heaven and in earth (Mt. 28:18). You have instructed us to “Learn not the way of the heathen” (Jer. 10:2) and to not heed the “doctrines of devils” (I Tim. 4:1). Your first commandment tells us, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Ex. 20:3), because “There is none else, there is no God beside Me” (Is. 45:5). And so we pray and appeal to the God of Israel to pound and pulverize the pusillanimous preachers who puke a putrid propaganda of paganism and puff. We pray that Your people, who are called by Your authority, are not so easily persuaded by every wind of doctrine and the tradition of elders who are “Speaking lies in hypocrisy.”

We pray that the great “I Am” will curse the purveyors of other supernatural beings and wicked superstitions as manifested in the corruptions of the Word of God, such as the arbitrary personification of words like satan, devil and serpent, just as the pantheon of mongrel mythologies do with vice and virtue. We pray that You prepare the hearts of Your people to study, rightly dividing the word of truth so that these words can be seen for what they really are. Move Your people to hate the real satans, the human adversaries of God, false accusers, slanderers, calumniators, carnality and sin. Help Your people identify the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, for that is all that is in the world that can defeat us (I John 2:16).

We pray that you expose the lies and that the truth be known that there never was an incarnation of an opposite deity to God called “Satan” or a renegade fallen angel. Let us recognize that the only opposition to God is from man following the ungodly. We pray that You crush the advocacy of other supernatural entities in competition with the one true God. O Lord, demolish and destroy their false teachings and damnable heresies. We pray that the blindness upon Israel be lifted and that our true enemies are not confused with illusionary idols of the heart.

May our people come to an understanding between satan and jews, for they are collectively one and the same, adversaries to God and false accusers, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. We pray that the head of each wolf in sheep’s clothing is severed from the body of Christ, which leadeth the flock astray. Let Your ecclesia be perfectly joined together having the same mind (I Cor. 1:10) through the revealed truth.

We pray that You awaken Your people from the snake peddlers selling “another gospel” of “strong delusion” and scapegoat theology. Lord, give us a love of Your truth, which shall make us free from the witchcraft of vain imaginations, for it is rebellion against God to believe in any other supernatural deity, which some proclaim to be ‘the god of this world’ wielding diabolical powers. Lord, open our eyes that we may see that it is the sin nature of man that has prevented the Kingdom of Heaven from governing the earth and bringing forth the restoration of Paradise.

We pray for Your servants to effectively fight against the fables of a literally personified devil and to bring repentance from the church of Christ for formerly held beliefs bearing mischief, which contradict the Word which proceedeth from the mouth of God. We pray that Your Israel people seek and find the satan or devil from within that defiles us and separates us from the love of our Kinsman Redeemer. Lord, we give you all the glory for the victory over worldliness and the cause of death, that there might be eternal life with Thee. We give thanksgiving for all the power You have in taking away our sins and blessing a contrite heart with revival. We are thankful and comforted to know that this word ‘devil’ relates to sin and that sin demands accountability, because “Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed “ (James 1:14). Praise God, we can now be responsible for our own lives and in so doing be delivered from our enemies and from the hand of all that hate us (Luke 1:71). Let the blame for our sins rest solely upon ourselves. May the righteousness of Christ shine in our heart and minds and thereby be anathema to the adversaries of God, as You command us to, “Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand” (Mt.4:17) and “Your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).

We pray that those who lie in wait to deceive our kindred and elevate the jew to some sort of supernatural spawning will receive unto themselves a double portion of divine judgment; for the jew is nothing more or less than the mongrel antichrist abomination “Against whom the Lord hath indignation forever” (Malachi 1:4). Let us not empower those who hate the Lord with an unbelievable supernatural ancestry, when their heritage is merely that of mongrelization.

We pray that you bring back reality and common sense to the minds of Your people and that we be not conformed to the spiritual pollutions of the world, so that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2). Thank you Lord for answering this prayer according to Your purposes and Plan for the Ages… in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.