White Genocide Part 2: No Silver Bullet


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 9:1-7

Genocide is not a word Christians should desire in their nomenclature as a mantra, because we are told in Mt. 6:7, “use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do” and because Christ came  so that we might have life (John 10:10).  Therefore, genocide is all about death, whereas Christianity is all about life.  The religious practice of repeating a phrase or prayer is oriental and alien to our race.  This is why we cannot afford or have the luxury to echo a constant threat that looms over us like 'White Genocide,' having the expectation that a slogan will save us from destruction.   The thieves and robbers of Israel “comes only to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10:10).  What we have here are competing memes, which are concepts having the capacity to expand exponentially and affect any given culture.  The alleged jewish genocide has gone under the guise of “the Holocaust” and has pumped billions of dollars into the coffers of antichrist jews.  The love of money is the life blood of the jew.  We are not jews, so we do not have to resort to the ways and means of jews.  Make no mistake about it, jews are destroyers and we are at the top of their hit list.  Pastor Elmore said in his last sermon, “Jews, mostly Zionist in nature, have spearheaded every movement or cause that now threatens our destruction and brings us to the edge of extinction and annihilation.”  But, I John 3:8 states, “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”  Is it too much of a stretch to say the destroyer jew is going to be destroyed?  No, we have ample prophecy that pinpoints the Edomite jew as the one being annihilated.  Christ made an important declaration in Hebrews 2:14-15, “Therefore, since the children [of God] have flesh and blood in common, He [Christ] also in like manner took part in the same, that through death He would annul the one having the power of death, that is, the devil [false accuser]; And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”  We have to go back to the original cause of death.  Indeed, the cause of death or genocide right up to this point in time.  And there we will find the culprit.  If we're sick, do we treat the effects or the cause?  The sorcerer always treats the effects and thus deceives all nations (Rev. 18:24).  Got cancer?  Cut, burn, drug; don't pray, don't change your diet and don't believe in divine healing. 

By one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin” Romans 5:12.  “The wages of sin is death” Romans 6:23.  If we can isolate that which Christ came to destroy and that which has the power of death, then we can identify that which destroys us.  Again, why did Christ come?  “He was manifested to take away our sins”  I John 3:5.  “He has been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself” Heb. 9:26.  “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from death [dead works, rituals, sin] to serve the living God?” Heb. 9:14.  This begs the question: was the purpose of Christ manifesting Himself in the flesh, to destroy one and the same thing or to destroy two different things?  Is the devil the cause of our sins and what causes us to die?  And therefore is what is destroyed?  If the collective jew is the devil, then I hope it is the one being annihilated.  If “Sin is the transgression of the law” (I John 3:4) and “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23), then who is the sinner?  The jew is simply a devil tempting man to sin.  The whole entity of jewry, Zionists or otherwise, are used car salesmen for temptations; their trade and ply is vice.  The women of our church do not wear fire-engine red lipstick, or any lipstick that I can detect.  But, if a fire engine truck were to drive by and that led her to put on some red lipstick, can we say that it's the fire engine's fault?  Ladies, you're beautiful just the way God made you.  And our race was created to follow the law of life, not death.  “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death” Romans 8:2. 

Our subtitle today for Part 2 is “no silver bullet.”  From Wikipedia: “In folklore, a bullet cast from silver is often the only weapon that is effective against a werewolf, witch, or other monsters. Sometimes the silver bullet is also inscribed with Christian religious symbolism, such as a cross or the initials "J.M.J." (Jesus, Mary, & Joseph).”  Aside from myths being mythological or not real, there really is no need then for mythical weapons.  There is no silver bullet for non-existent monsters.  The term has become a contemporary idiom that will kill whatever adversary or adversity that troubles us, albeit 'tongue in cheek.'  It carries with it the expectation that some new miraculous response to a problem will be resolved.  I've heard the phrase quite often among 'legal eagles' fighting the IRS, where there is limited success, but nothing resembling a meme.  The irony is that a lot of their silver bullets are perfectly correct and should kill any obligation towards voluntarily compliance.  However, the cure is secular and superficial.  It is dealing with a maze of fictions and legalese.  The reality is that we have an abundance of wolves in sheep's clothing standing behind the pulpits of America, we have witches galore (one is even running for president) and we have monsters,

A 'monster' is defined in Black' Law Dictionary as “A prodigious birth; a human birth [but in some part resembling a lower animal] or offspring not having the shape of mankind, which cannot be heir to any land, albeit it be brought forth in marriage.”  Given this 19th century understanding, before the population explosion of the third world in the 20th century, aided and abetted by the judaized missionary church and so called humanitarian philanthropy, the non-White monsters of the world, the negro in particular, were rightly discerned as man-like beasts and beast-like men on the dark continent of Africa. Commentaries of the Victorian era, a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence, suggested that the negro sprang from a species of apes or that apes were themselves the offspring of negroes and some other admixture of beast.  These theories were squarely in line with the ancient tradition that Africa was a land “bringing dailie forth newe monsters” because, as Aristotle himself had suggested, many different species came into proximity at the scarce watering places.  Jean Bodin, the famous 16th century French political theorist, summarized this wisdom of the ages with the categorical remark that “promiscuous coition of men and animals took place, wherefore the regions of Africa produce for us so many monsters.” 

Enemies who try to pass themselves off as usThe biblical prohibitions against miscegenation are nearly lost today, preserved primarily through the teachings of Christian Identity.  And even within our ranks, there are hypocrites who poison the intellectual marketplace of ideas with the leaven of racial inclusion.  The person who promulgates the notion that one can have 15% mixed blood and still be considered White, should be flogged with the same whip Jesus used to chase the usurpers out of the temple in Jerusalem.  For such an absurd and destructive utterance, I can only conclude that it is no accidental intrusion and that we have an adversary along with his amen choir, that has been organized to distort, defame and destroy Christian Identity from within.  Eli James is not only a fraud, but an enemy of the White race; and he is not the only interloper.  On a larger scale, this is what has happened to the church world.  In the secular realm, social engineers subvert the White man's destiny.  Werewolves have sunk their teeth into passive congregations and sucked their blood dry; the metaphor is not lost when ministers become agents of the state and encourage our young White warriors to march off to another jewish war; culling the sheep in the name of a false theocracy, a false Israel, a false God.  Even if our own people do not understand the hidden hand of satanic shape-shifters, the transformation of a man into a the characteristics of a wolf, there is still the instinct to remove one's self from the proximity of wickedness.  The great apostasy or falling away from the institutionalized church, may be a blessing rather than a curse, as a survival mechanism.  “Come out of her My people” Rev. 18:4.  The churches are as corrupted as the government, still trying to portray themselves as “angels of light” when, in fact, they are messengers of death.  A fully integrated society are the last nails being hammered on the lid of our national coffin.  We are the descendants of White Europeans who made their nations civilized and beautiful.  African slaves brought to the Americas by jews had not discovered the wheel, had no written language and were intellectually retarded.  After 1865 they were released upon White society and the curse has been with us ever since. 

There is no silver bullet; there is no water baptism; there is no communion or Lord's Supper; there is no anointing of oil; there is no laying on of hands; there is no going to church; there is no ritual or work of man that can save us - if we are engaged in the blasphemy of the doctrine of Balaam, which if you recall was bait in the trap for our ancient Israelite ancestors to fornicate with the racial alien.  And we have the same kind of cosmetic enticements today only streamlined for brainwashing our children.  The apostasy of White Nationalist is not turning away from political correctness, it's turning away from God and not understanding the divine cause and effect of genocide.  Like the Nicolaitans, which may have been the general character of society, rather than a specific people, who held that their freedom and liberties placed them above the moral Law of God, giving them license to commit the foulest of sins, brought grief and misery instead; perhaps the analogy of kosher conservatives and bleeding heart liberals constituting the perfect storm for Marxist dialectics today.  Rev. 2:14 is the only place that mentions this particular doctrine of race mixing and starts the verse with God saying, “I have a few things against you.”  God is against racial integration.  Numbers 31:16 alludes to the effects of Balak hiring Balaam to seduce the men of Israel with the strange women of Moab, to curse the children of Israel, to wit, “Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord.”  A similar circumstance of race mixing in Numbers 25 caused the deaths of 23,000 White people in one day.  Our God commands us to be a separate people or face the consequences.  If there is a White genocide, it is compounded with a White suicide. 

They say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  With the doom and gloom mantra of 'things are going to get worse' we can identify the escalating meme that there is no hope.  However, in Christianity, the God of our race is a God of forgiveness, forgiving us of our sins.  If there were no pardon for our transgressions of the Law, we would have become extinct a long time ago.  We may very well go to the edge of extinction, but our entire race is not going to die if we believe Scripture, one of which states, “This body that decays must be changed into a body that cannot decay. This mortal body must be changed into a body that will live forever” I Cor. 15:53.  We believe that the original White man and woman were immortal, but fell from grace, becoming mortal.  In God's plan for the ages it's going to take thousands of years of history for our race to return to its glorified bodies.  In the expanse of the last 6000 years, from Adam to the present and onward to the Second Coming of Christ, the testimony of Jesus will prove to be the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10).  The Lord is saying, "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,... And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine” Isaiah 55:8.  Most prophecy is structured as cause and effect; you do this and this is what's gonna happen.  And most of the time it's some kind of national sin that is presented as a dire warning having lethal consequences. 

A little old lady was so curious about what this name JADE HELM operation meant that she researched it until she found government documents that tell us JADE is Joint Assistant for Development and Execution found in the Air Force Research Laboratory circa 2001 and HELM is Homeland Eradication of Local Militants from the Dept. of State Publication 7277, Disarmament Series 5, 1961.  Now there's nothing wrong with keeping abreast of overt austerity/reduction plans and covert violence aimed at the White race.  But, we should discern the flaky alarmists who cry wolf one too many times just to sell a book or to grow an organization.  I got a typical email from two different outfits saying the same thing: “Newly released evidence shows America will be facing its worst disaster yet... in less than 13 months. It's an event so catastrophic, in a split second, it will unleash ancient diseases, mass riots and complete chaos upon the world.  Former CIA director James Woolsey says “two thirds of the US population would die.”  Well, why doesn't somebody report this to the Genocide Convention and bring them to the World Court?  Gotta sell the book first. 

White Pride BilboardIt's pathetic to witness those in positions of authority explaining every botched social program, coupled with incessant whining as the fault of White racism.  It's even more uninspiring and pathetic to witness a billboard with a little girl and her brown puppy dog, that says “It's not racist to love your people.”  The good intentions of an amateur propaganda minister that doesn't count for a hill of beans.  We shouldn't be running away from racism, we should be charging the battlefield, embracing all the invectives as a badge of honor.  They call us racist?  So what?  “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you... and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely” Mt. 5:11.  Racism is not evil (it's a blessing) and the truth shall make you free.  As I stated from the start, race and racism is the most important thing in the Bible.  Secular White nationalist may love their race, but they're not racist enough to love their God.  White judeo-Christians love everybody just like their god of universalism.  With the Baltimore riots going over the edge, having nothing but contempt for law and order, not just from the criminals and thugs, but black public officials, the White frustration level is reaching a boiling point (remember the frog in the saucepan).  Who in their right mind can tolerate gratuitous and cowardly black on White beatings?  The black female mayor of Baltimore made the bewildering order to her police officials to give the rioters “space to destroy.”  And then has the gall to ask the Justice Department to open up a civil rights investigation into the city's police department.  The police chief is black and the new US Attorney General is a negress.  Can it get any weirder for White people watching this fiasco on CNN, knowing that once again, their tax dollars will help rebuild the infrastructure of a perpetual rotting corpse?

Talk about frustrating, here in Kentucky we have an upstart negro judge in Louisville who refused to sentence two savages in a home invasion to prison.  Two black males stormed into the home of a White family and terrorized them at gun point.  The family made a victim impact statement about the trauma that had been inflicted on their daughter, who was three years old at the time. The family testified that two years later, she is still terrified of black males.  Judge Olu Stevens then chastised the victims and expressed sympathy for the confessed perpetrators.  He suggested that it was the fault of the victims that their daughter was afraid of blacks.  Stevens would only sentence the thugs to probation, so that they can resume their criminal careers to invade more White homes.  Black jurors are notorious for giving free passes er not guilty verdicts to black thugs; OJ Simpson being the most famous case.  However, the reality of innocent White victims of black criminals should never turn us into a culture of victim hood.  That's what SIN does to a nation-race such as ours.  Instead of standing for what is right, some of our kin engage in the sophistry of marginalizing the latent racism that God wrote in our heart and mind.  God's Law keeps us from being lawless and victims.  How about a billboard with a noose that reads ' Racism: it's what keeps White Christian America alive.'  Even the milquetoast billboard with the little girl and her puppy is lambasted with screeches of bloody racism.  So why not get in their face, expecting an identical diatribe, rather than putting your tail between your legs?  There is no reason for the White man to kowtow to their enemies unless they are already subservient.  Whatever definition our adversaries want to say racism is, I could care less.  Half the battle is a war of words.  The most superior worded war strategy is found in the Word of God.  You think racism means thugs?  Look no further than Baltimore and the street thugs tearing apart that city. 

To all race traitors: “When sinners flatter themselves to their own ruin, it is time to tell them they shall have no peace if they go on. None shall remain in possession of the city but those who are buried in it. Those are least safe who are most secure. God is often pleased to single out some sinners for warning to others” - Matthew Henry commenting on Ezek. 11:2, “Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city.”  "And the heathen were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your authority, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth" Rev. 11:18.  Did you get that last line?  We fight fire with fire, because that's the only thing politically correct racism, a vicarious racism for multicultural diversity, understands.  Why apologize for being White? 

The mass of churches out there are dead or are dying.  They may be a temporary happy-go-lucky refuge for sinners and reprobates that entertain the senses, but they do nothing for the White race.  In order to do something for our race, there has to be voices that are as racist as the Disciples and Apostles of the 1st century church, who cared less about being called derogatory names.  Those were the fighting words of a color blind society just like today.  There would be no Christianity today, had it not been for the sacrifices unto death to preserve the Word for the preservation of the White race.  We, in Christian Identity, agree that it has almost been adulterated beyond repair, unrecognizable as a document supporting a racial consciousness.  Again, God brings forth a movement for what is needed most and again the termites come out of the woodwork to water it down.  Today, there is no greater focus than race and it is given freely for those with eyes that can see.   I say given freely because there are some worms who think they are God's gift to the world and the world owes them a living.

There's no silver bullet that man can forge from metals; “There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” Prov. 14:12.  From Acts chapter 4 we see The Way from God's perspective.  In verse 23 it says, “And being let go, they went back to their own people.”  What happened before that?  Well, Peter and John had been demonstrating in public the ways of God and were manhandled and arrested by the powers that be, who became alarmed that about 5000 believed their words and the healing that was performed.  The rulers, elders and scribes, who crucified Christ, made a public show before the city and grilled the Disciples, demanding to know “By what power, or by what name, have ye done this? (verse 7).  “Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them... Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ... by Him this man stands before you healed... And there is no other salvation in any man, for neither is there any other authority under Heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (vs. 8-12).  After Peter and John were released from the jail and got back to their brothers in Christ and related all that happened, “They lifted up their voice to God with one accord” (V. 24); they were overjoyed with the passion of racism, overcoming their multi-ethnic persecutors through their Kinsman Savior and proclaimed in verse 25, “Who by the mouth of our father David through the Holy Spirit said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things?” (referring to Psalms 2:1).  Let's continue in verse 26, “The kings of the earth stood together and the rulers assembled together against the Lord and His Anointed.”  That sounds very close to the New World Order and Freemasonry, whose goal is one world government over one homogenized breed of human beings, a world of monsters.  Can you see it already?  So, what to do?  Verse 27-28 addresses those adversaries, Herod and Pilate and race traitors, not in the sense of them fulfilling their own lust and rage against Christ, but the hidden purpose (or hand) of God in His infinite wisdom “To do whatever thy hand and thy counsel foreordained to come to pass.”  The adversaries then and now are not gathered together to execute their own will as they suppose, but really to fulfill the purposes of God.  Nothing comes to pass throughout the ages, but for what the Lord has predestined that should be done.  What was done to Christ by the jews was according to the will of God; either by effecting it Himself or doing it by others.  What the wicked did, God designed for good, and hereby brought about the redemption and salvation of His Israel people.  Now what? 

Now we get closer to our resolving both SIN and GIN.  They can try to kill us, either through suicide or genocide, but they cannot kill our spirit.  Verse 29, “And now, Lord, behold their threats and give to Your servants great boldness in speaking Your Word. While you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the authority of your holy servant Jesus.”  The last verse (31) says they then prayed and the place where they were assembled “was shaken,” they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they were now able to speak the Word of God with boldness.  The word which is translated "was shaken" commonly denotes violent agitation, as the raging of the sea, the convulsion of an earthquake, or trees shaken by the wind.  The language here expresses the idea that it's not your typical seismic activity, but rather an atypical confirmation from God inspiring their mission unshakeable.  They could now march onto the battlefield of the world with an intense and glowing confidence and the gates of hell could not prevail against the ecclesia, the called out of God.  What unbelievers think a mission impossible, is now possible.  The not so great commission to Africa and other third world countries would prove to be failures.  The mission was directed only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, just as Jesus claimed (Mt. 15:24).  “In threatening times, our care should not be so much that troubles may be prevented, as that we may go on with cheerfulness and courage in our work and duty. They do not pray, Lord let us go away from our work, now that it is become dangerous, but, Lord, give us thy grace to go on steadfastly in our work, and not to fear the face of man... God gave a sign of acceptance of their prayers. The place was shaken, that their faith might be established and unshaken” again, Matthew Henry.  I am compelled to write about the White Genocide movement, which seems to be the one arm tied behind the back of White nationalism, because it's not moving us into the battle with the whole armor of God to withstand the devil from within and without; a toothless tiger bemoaning “anti-racist is code for anti-White.” 

I got another email; this time from a fellow believer and I have to share excerpts from it with you: “I want you to know that I greatly enjoy your writings, and am immensely relieved to detect the same fiery passion in your writings, that same war-like fury that I have kept bottled up within myself for many years. I had thought for a long time that perhaps there was something "wrong" with me, with all this pent-up "hostility, anger and hatred", but now I see it's just a bit of good ol' "righteous indignation"!  I have to tell ya though: I'm watching and I have seen very few within my scope of experience that actually perceive (or want to perceive) the true anti-Christ in this world.  I don't think people really want to see them.  People are inundated with the symptoms of the jew world order, but they reject (and even resent) me putting together the pieces and showing them the source of the cancer that eats away at our civilization.  I think they prefer to believe that all of the ills of our "modern society" are just the normal attributes of "progress" and "change" and "technological advancements", and certainly don't want to hear about any Biblical signs and warnings of end-of-the-age "birth pangs".  And even when I feel I've seized an opportunity and been an effective communicator, it seems that within the span of a few months they've forgotten it all and are back in total blindness again, incapable and unwilling to see the hook-nosed bastards behind the curtain.  The memories of our conversations are buried once more beneath mounds of their self-administered Talmud-vision re-indoctrination.  The satanic jew mind control is very pervasive, powerful and overwhelming.  Should I try to speak from my own Christian Israelite perspective to friends and family, I can now generally expect to be rudely interrupted and cut off long before ever approaching anything remotely "supernatural" or "shocking".  I guess maybe people now see where I'm headed with it, and they just don't want to go there.  ("Hey man, don't bum me out.   I gotta think about my retirement." or "Not now, there's a football game coming on.")   "Americans" seem to think that the "pursuit of happiness" means that they shouldn't have to confront anything unpleasant if they don't want to, especially if it involves tackling hordes of diabolically clever and evil dirt bags dispatched from the devil himself.  It's very disillusioning and disheartening at times trying to reach the hearts and minds of people I care about, and certainly I have become less inclined over time to want to continue trying to "wake" the same people up, especially when I know that when I'm not around I'm essentially whispered about as some kind of a kook.  I'm a simple watchman, just trying to spread what I learn, and certainly would never imply that I am a "prophet" by any stretch of the imagination, but truly "the prophet has no honor in his hometown." I appreciate that letter and I think there's thousands of others just like him, if not millions.  What we have before us is disconcerting, but tribulation worketh patience and patience is on the clock.  The time will come, according to the Word of God, when that patience has formulated the ways and means to victory, and the sons of thunder will strike like lightning. 

Even if you think there is an imminent White genocide, from a Christian perspective, there is an axiom stated many times that, “There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” Prov. 14:12.  And Romans 6:20-21, “For when you were the servants of sin, you were free from righteousness. Now what benefit were you getting at that time from the things which you are now ashamed?  For the end of those things are death.”  We reap what we sow, even if you're not a Christian, because we can discern the cause and effects over time through the prism of history.  The problem, as some people see it, is that our race is dying off.  They have no idea what to do about it, other than raising the specter of ominous placards and billboards avoiding the S word.  SIN is the Suicide of Israelite Nations. 

There is no rest from our enemies or divine judgment, except through repentance.  We each have a different bullet to kill the old man, our carnal nature, because we all commit different sin/crimes; we don't all repent of the same thing, and yet repentance is the temporary solution to a permanent problem, because Christ has not yet returned to destroy the cause of death, the wages of sin, and to regenerate the lost sheep of the house of Israel so that they are no longer lost.  An enemy wants our people to remain lost, without a shepherd or ever finding our true identity or the cause of our suffering.  Those who sin together should repent together.  The problem is the White race is so diffused spiritually, being either for or against Christ; of having two perspectives of our race bringing forth the Christian fruits of the Kingdom of God or our race heading for a complete extinction; either the Good News of the Gospel or the bad news of secular nationalism.  And there is another bone of contention that goes to the heart of our survival: can there be such a thing as peaceful coexistence between our race and other bipeds upon the planet?  The Lord God in Genesis 3:15 says no; “I will put enmity [hostility] between thee and the woman, and between thy offspring and her offspring.”  I believe this can not be talking about anything other than God's racially pure creation of Adam, which He called “good” and the racially impure mongrels, which God had no part in creating and are considered evil.  Now process that thought with the modern scrambling, calling good evil and evil good. 

The root of the alien invasion and wickedness in high places is not the dumb mongrel walking across our unsecured borders, it's the mentality of universalism among our own kind, ignoring God's Law that, “They shall not dwell in thy land” Ex. 23:33.  If we read the rest of that verse, we will see the effects: “lest they make thee sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto you.”  A snare has only one purpose and that's to kill its prey.  You can count on a guaranteed change (and not for the better) if the alien dwells in a White nation.  That's exactly what Obama promised and he delivered.  It is a slow physical and spiritual suicide, not genocide.  It is self-inflicted, forsaking the Laws of God.  If there is a White genocide, you can bet that it's the 'boiling the frog in the saucepan slowly' variety; nothing compared to the jew-Bolshevic slaughter of White Russian peasants, that was 10 times that of the fabled Holocaust.     

You might ask why God allows rampant murders, a breakdown in law and order and the shedding of innocent blood.  Well, He doesn't.  A better question is why do we allow the heathen to rage and imagine a vain thing (Ps. 2:1)?  In the last couple of weeks the city of Baltimore has been declared a 'state of emergency.'  It was all because of a black dope peddler being arrested and dying while in custody; the details and reality of the situation are yet to be ascertained.  But, that did not deter negroes from yet another outbreak of rioting and looting, which spread to other parts of the country.  It's a repeat performance of Trayvon Martin and the Michael Brown shootings, in which the truth of why these things happen don't matter.  A pattern is emerging that demonstrates unequivocally that the media has an agenda and the truth be damned.  For the first time in major league baseball history, a game was played without any fans in in the stands, zero attendance; as the media provides the lame excuse as “civil unrest.”  The real revolution will not be televised; viewers at home might get the impression that African-Americans just walked out of the jungle... and they have, no matter how much propaganda and blonde hair dye has been applied to nappy headed flash mobs or the melting pot meltdown consciousness of White Christian America.  The negro remains brute beasts.  But, back to the game...

The Wednesday, April 29th game between the Orioles and White Sox was played in an empty stadium amidst rioting that had gone on since the death of new negro poster boy for victim hood, Freddie Gray.   During the previous Saturday extra-innings game with the Red Sox, fans were asked not to leave the stadium because riots broke out around the ball park.  I watched a video of the black mob, that looked to be about 200 crazed animals going berserk in a plaza between the stadium and a row of pubs, restaurants and businesses, that were being pelted with a rain of baseball size rocks being hurled by the rioters at mostly White patrons sitting in outdoor cafes.  When a few misguided White people got up from their seats to reason with the negroes, they were immediately beaten to a pulp by gang-bangers, who have no other apparent motivation in life than to commit random acts of violence.  A voice was overheard on the video, “We've got to fight or they're going to kill us.”  It was not a battleground as only one side was assaulting the other; Whites were petrified and did nothing.  But, the negroes acted like monkeys in a surreal jungle movie, attacking only what seemed to be vulnerable.  Where was William Wallace?  The most outrageous thing about the game played without any fans is the memory hole that the media threw the truth down.  It wasn't peaceful protesters that made baseball history, it was criminal thugs who were out of control. 

Bread and circuses brought the great Roman empire down.  Sports and entertainment will bring the great American empire to its knees.  I noticed a lot of the White patrons at Camden Yards watering holes had drinks in their hands and were watching the rioting and violence as if they were watching TV, while others were recording the riot with their smart phones.  It was as if they were numb to what was going on around them or perhaps inebriated.  The whole scene was one of SIN and GIN i.e. the Genocide of Israelite Nations.  If we're that far gone, and I think we are, then our people won't run when they should and will run when they shouldn't.  Mystery Babylon is likened to a “woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the martyrs of Jesus” (Rev. 17:6).  Black juvenile delinquents often explain their behaviors as fun or done out of boredom.  I doubt they have the brains to think in abstract terms of mass genocide.  The jew that manipulates them, however, does.  Knowing the symbiotic relationship between the two gives credence to a benevolent program of mandatory sterilization.  But, it may never get to that level of peaceful resolve. 

And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies; and the sound of a shaken leaf shall chase them; and they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword; and they shall fall when none pursueth. They will stumble over one another as though fleeing from the sword, even though no one is pursuing them. So you will not be able to stand before your enemies. And ye shall perish among the heathen, and the land of your enemies shall eat you up.”  Lev. 26:36-38.  Tell me our own land is not enemy territory.  You want it back?  You're going to have to do more than making excuses for not being a racist and being more than conquerors.  For Christ's sake we are killed all the day long... the One who loves us, however, gives us an overwhelming victory in all these difficulties (Romans 8:36-37).  I can only venture to guess what victory means to the judeo-Christian.  It must be an acceptance of hyphenating anything to the word Christian without blinking an eyelash.  Victory must be the transfer of mongrels and mongrel-minded fools from earth to heaven.  Oh wait, that's what the Rapture is all about right?  Little do these poor souls realize that it will be the removal of the wicked. 

Did you know that Friday (5-7-15) was the 64th annual National Day of Prayer?  You would think that God would give them some sort of sign or divine confirmation of their motives after 64 years.  But really, all we have is the sign of times with devils and monsters running amok.  The yearly event encourages people of all faiths to get involved.  And they do.  What an incentive for God to get involved.  The all-star cast of speakers, funneled to an estimated 35,000 different prayer groups, included Senate Chaplain Rev. Barry Black (who is a black Seventh-day Adventist, founded by jewess Ellen Gould White), Honorary Day of Prayer Chairman Dr. Jack Graham, a Southern Baptist, pastoring one of the biggest mega-churches in the country with 40,000 members, and Dr. Ben Carson, another negro, and brain surgeon, who rose to fame criticizing Obamacare, which now qualifies him to run for President of the United States (said sarcastically).  The theme this year was 'Lord, hear our cry' taken from I Kings 8:28, which was spoken by Solomon, the son of David, an Israelite by race, saying, “which thy servant prayeth before thee today.”  How many servant people did God have?  Just one.  "Remember these things, O Jacob, And Israel, for you are My servant; I have formed you, you are My servant, O Israel, you will not be forgotten by Me” Isaiah 44:21.  Do our people remember today?  “Who is blind but My servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one in covenant with Me, blind like the servant of the Lord?” Isaiah 42:19.  Oh boy, you know, this isn't rocket science.  After 64 years somebody should have seen the red flags that playing interracial church is playing interracial death.  And people wonder why the gates of hell are prevailing against America?  Dr. Jack wrote a short invocation for all the prayer groups and in this prayer he asked God to “lift us up to live in Your righteousness.  We pray for our beloved nation.  May we repent and return to You and be a light unto the nations.  And pray for our leaders and ask that You give them wisdom and faith to follow You.  Preserve and protect us... and may we stand in the Truth that sets us free.”  Isn't that just about the most empty rhetoric you've ever heard?  If they were standing in the truth, our leaders would not be alien strangers; they would be White, wise and faithful Christians, not amoral, treacherous, craven and greedy political prostitutes.   The National Day of Prayer was touted as a success.  But for who? 

The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC. does not represent White Christians and they applaud your disappearance from the earth.  The White race is being taxed to death so that non-Whites can out-breed us.  Every year the antichrist IsraeLIE state gets $3-5 billion in foreign aid to bribe US politicians for more money.  They demonize you and call you racist while financing La Raza and the NAACP.  They ignore hundreds of thousands of black on White crimes, while sending in the National Guard when a low-life gang banger deserves what they get from police doing their jobs.  Many of these news stories are staged fabrications in order to incite chaos and otherwise create a disturbance of the peace.  They threaten to disarm us because colored thugs use weapons to hurt and/or kill people.  You, after all, are the problem.  They want you dead. 

The radical jewess Susan Sontag once proudly blurted, “The White race is the cancer of human history.”  This viewpoint has morphed into mainstream academia, promoted without pause in public education; the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto.  White children, our posterity, are conditioned to have no regard for their racial heritage or a future demographic, even though every other ethnic group is encouraged to do just that.  Our young people are told that the God of the Bible has no special love for them “above all people that are upon the face of the earth” (Deut. 7:6-7). 

This last January 19th, Robert Ransdell, our Kentucky candidate for the US Senate, who had the theme 'With jews We Lose', was arrested for protesting the Martin Luther King holy day at a city government building in Florence, Kentucky.  He had a sign that read 'Happy Marchin' Lootin' and Killin' Day' and was immediately approached by the Chief of Police and two other officers.  The Chief told him, “You need to leave” because he said, “the city owns the property,” even though he was on public property.  Robert argued that he had the right to free speech on public property, but was charged with 3rd degree criminal trespass anyway, which law only pertains to land and not buildings.  I talked with Robert on Friday (5-8-15) after he made his first appearance in court and his motion for dismissal was denied.  So now it goes to trial, and not a speedy one at that, next month.  And the judge is now adding into the mix that Robert's sign, which was never a question of legality, is considered “fighting words,” which is a term used throughout the country in hate speech legislation.  In other words, anything that is construed to hurt the little feelings of an individual, like Martin Lucifer Coon.  But wait, that commie, plagiarist, adulterer and agent provocateur is dead; maybe his deification makes him sensitive even from the grave.  The hypocrisy is a microcosm of what the destroyers of our race selectively enforce in this country, while everybody witnessed the marching, looting and killings in Baltimore and the police doing nothing, because the thugs were black. 

The Kingdom of God is coming, not in the years ahead, but right now with White men stimulated with what God has written in their heart and mind.  Open your eyes and you will see the manifested presence of God flowing in the veins of His people Israel, in signs, wonders, healings and miracles.  The door is opening and the Light is flooding in like never before; awake O Saxon, awake to your righteous wrath; “to break in pieces the heathen” Jer. 51:20.    The simple truth is that when rulers recognize their position under God and know that they are but stewards of the throne, they have resolved the most basic issue of earthly governments.  As Western nations have systematically become secularized, they have usurped God's right to rule what He has created.  But, the modern rulers are not willing to follow this advice: to establish the Kingdom, rather than waiting to be overthrown by divine intervention.  Prophecy indicates that they will not do it.  They have mocked God with their Sampson Option to destroy the whole world before surrendering their wealth and power.  I just read a fictional satire from World News Daily Report the other day, that “David Rockefeller has successfully undergone his sixth heart transplant in 38 years at the age of 99.  He has also had two kidney transplant and is still extremely positive about his health and hopes to live up to 200 years, as he joked with reporters only hours after the operation.”  Even though it's a spoof, it's not that far from the diabolical mind set that some people think they are invincible without Christ.  We have our own miracle transplant in this fellowship and she has something Rockefeller will never have, the promise of eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ.  There will never be a White genocide if our God has anything to do with it and He does. 

If we look closely at today’s Scripture reading of Isaiah 9:5: “For every battle of the warrior is confused with noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.”  What is the fuel of fire?  Verse 19 says “people shall be as the fuel of fire.”  The only people that are going up in flames and “shall be as stubble” are the perpetrators of genocide.  Those who live by the noise of and chatter of genocide shall die of genocide.  On that positive note, stay close to Christ in the day to day battles and we will win the war.