The Fiery Cross

by Pastor Mark Downey

A Christian Cross on fire conjures up all sorts of assumptions and presumptions about what it means.  It’s probably one of the most politically incorrect and despised images the controlled media can offer to convey what they consider a symbol of hate and bigotry.  But, I’m not here today to promote any organization that they like to call a hate group or activities that they like to call hate crimes, but rather a biblical examination of these elements of the Fiery Cross.  I will say that I have been affiliated with Pastor Thom Robb of Arkansas since the early 1990’s.  I should also mention that there’s a common misconception that there is only one KKK, but the name is in the public domain and nobody has ever copyrighted it.  Anybody can call themselves the Klan, even the FBI (and they have).  Therefore, there are all kinds of screwball klans that say and do stupid things, which the jews media love to put on TV.  There are many more intelligent spokesmen, like former leader David Duke, who can articulate our cause eloquently, but will seldom get air time. 

A Fiery Cross is not the exclusive trademark of the Klan.  If you drive past a Methodist church, you will notice a sign with a Cross and red flames.  Many denominations have illuminated Crosses on their buildings at night.  In Scotland, the Fiery Cross, known as the Crann Tara, was used as a declaration of war in the 18th and 19th century.  The sight of it commanded all Scottish clan members to rally to the defense of their kindred.  On other occasions, a small burning Cross would be carried from town to town.  It was a symbol of unity and loyalty.  Even Sir Walter Scott wrote about it in his poems.

Today, some Klansmen get a little indignant and perturbed about their ‘Cross lighting’ ceremony being called a ‘Cross burning’, but I got to thinking that there’s a way to put this in a positive light.  I could even do a sermon on it.  Well, we have a fireplace in our home and we burn wood logs during the winter months to keep our home nice and warm.  Before electric heat, that’s how people kept from freezing.  It creates security and an ambiance.  I’ve been to several Cross lighting ceremonies and there’s always this awesome emotion; not just the proximity of feeling the heat, but the warmth and nearness of God’s love for His children.  God said in Amos 3:2, “You only have I known of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”  Isn’t that what a loving father does to his disobedient children?  “He that spareth his rod hateth his son; But he that loveth him chasteneth him” Prov. 13:24.  It’s not just an illumination of the Light of Jesus Christ in a dark ignorant world, but is, indeed, a symbol of something burning.  I hope my fellow travelers don’t think I’m reinventing anything, but rather appreciate the evolving paradigm of our Christian family serving both God and nation.  And for those who are not familiar with this American subculture, I pray that this presentation offers a fresh look at a very misunderstood icon.  Let me clarify also, that the Fiery Cross itself has never been an object of worship and thus a form of idolatry, but rather a memorial, a commemoration or convocation would better describe it.  

Let me ask you, do you get a little bit of an adrenaline rush when somebody asks you, “Do you smell something burning?” And the smoke detectors haven’t gone off yet? Do you baby-boomers realize that you’re only going to get 75 cents or less on the dollar for what you’ve paid into Social Security? This should be a burning issue for those approaching retirement. Don’t you think it’s very interesting that our enemies have been manipulating our economy since legislating the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and we’ve gotten burned financially, decade after decade, and still no fire alarm? Oh, there was one ringy-dingy from the Ron Paul campaign, but not too many people heard it, because the media of yellow journalism knows how to use their fire extinguishers.  And now the Tea Party is smoldering, like rubbing two sticks together. 

But everybody has heard about the Ku Klux Klan burning crosses. They just can’t quite put that fire out though. What then do you suppose this signifies? Many of Christ’s disciples thought the crucifixion of Jesus was a lemon, His ministry a dud and that His death was just a sad ending to a righteous life; until, that is, He rose from the grave and was resurrected from the dead. Nobody ever did that before! The rest of the story is the lemonade of history and the burning desire for White people to be Christians.  Have you ever heard the expression ‘to be on fire for Christ’? 

I believe there is a twofold message as to why Crosses are burned. The first is for hope and the second is for warning. When we prepare the Fiery Cross, we bind hundreds of rags to the structure and we soak it in kerosene. Whether we realize the significance of this one component or not, I believe it is in accord with the Scripture that says, “Our righteousness [is] as filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6). How does a rag get filthy? By cleaning up a mess… right? Therefore, our righteousness is taking inventory of our sins and doing what the Bible tells us to do in correcting our failures of the past and to start measuring up to God’s standards.  Cleaning house is the right thing for a Christian to do.  Cleanliness is next to godliness as they say. 

Chapter 64 of Isaiah (in my KJV) has the heading ‘Fear and hope of the Remnant’.  Keep in mind the Fiery Cross as we begin reading in verse 6, “But we are all as an unclean thing.” In other words, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. “And all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.” This is telling us that the wages of sin is death and thus not to be blown away by every wind of doctrine. It’s clear that a burning Cross sends a message that all races were not created equal. It is a racial declaration. Other races do not burn crosses. Back to Isaiah; “And there is none that calleth upon Thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee; for Thou hast hid Thy face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquities” (v. 7). God’s Word is telling us that our people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Most of our people, except for a Remnant, don’t know that race mixing and race mixed religions will divorce us from God. On the other hand, maintaining racial purity is the security of the covenants our race has exclusively with God as no other people can claim. All of the covenants were made with the same people… us.  Someone who is not White is going to get an entirely different response to a burning Cross.  It’s not going to inspire the stranger to be awestruck over his sins or to do anything about.  How can he?  The stranger has no knowledge of God’s judgments (Ps. 147:20).    

Verse 8, “But now, O Lord, Thou art our Father, we are the clay, and Thou our Potter, and we are the work of Thy hand.” What is it that makes clay pottery good? It’s the fire from the kiln that makes it right. By the same token, it’s the flames of that burning Cross that purges the dross, the impurities of a carnal mind, like a refiner’s fire, and produces a vessel of righteousness through discipline. “When the earth experiences Thy judgments, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness” Isaiah 26:9. The purpose of the Fiery Cross is to burn the flesh in our souls so that we may be spiritual. This part of the Fiery Cross is for White Christians only. There’s another message for mongrel mentalities that we’ll get to in a moment. 

We’re not burning incense unto Buddha statues or alien idols. We’re burning the only symbol of Salvation for our race. Our enemies have gotten us to think there’s something wrong with burning a Cross.  The movie ‘Mississippi Burning’ is clever psychological warfare. Willing scribes love to report hate crimes perpetrated on the lawns of negroes, when, in fact, the dastardly act is committed by blacks themselves or youth emulating jewish propaganda. This is the work of saboteurs trying to falsely accuse us of something we do not do.  The Fiery Cross is a private affair, like a wedding with invited guests only, not a public exhibition like a baseball game.  The sacred ceremony is never removed from hallowed ground and used as a means of intimidation against other races. The truth is a far superior weapon to be used against our adversaries. 

The Cross of Jesus Christ is the foundation laid for each of us. In I Cor. 3:12 we read about the Potter’s rejection of those vessels of unrighteousness. Those inferior pots of clay were smashed to smithereens. “If any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble.” Stubble? Why would anyone build upon the foundation of Jesus Christ with stubble? Obadiah 18 may give us an answer. “The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame [that’s us], and the house of Esau for stubble [that’s not us].” Hey, you know what this is referring to don’t you? It’s the bastard church of Judaism called judeo-Christianity; the golden arches of multicultural diversity. “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain” Ps. 127:1. Did you know God’s ministers are called “A flame of fire” (Heb. 1:7)? My my, how many are lukewarm or cold. The Methodist church may have a logo with a red flame engulfing a cross, but their sanctuary is an igloo for illegal aliens and perverts. 

Continuing the thought in I Cor. 3:13, “Every man’s work shall be made manifest… because it shall be revealed by fire, and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.” Yeah, we burn Crosses because our God is a “consuming fire” (Deut. 4:24, 9:3) and we’re not ashamed to advertise it. John the Baptist said that the Messiah would baptize us “With the Holy Spirit and fire” (Mt. 3:11). In Deut. 33:2-3 it says, “The Lord came… with ten thousands of saints; from His right hand went a fiery law for them.” It goes on to say that not only the Law is in His hand, but also His saints, because we’re the called out ones to administer the Law, not Pygmies or Eskimos running for public office. The Fiery Cross lights the fiery law written in our hearts. This fire of the burning Cross is the cleansing agent of Judgment.  The Cross lighting ceremony is not a ritual per se, but rather a solemn assembly to observe and ponder the flames of fire and what it symbolizes in the Bible.  We are in a sad state of affairs today, because not too many of our people know what it means to be God fearing.    What does it take to learn how to fear God?  It certainly isn’t through the televangelist entertainers with bobble-head negroes in their audience.  Christianity is the White race and without God fearing White Christian men who will say that, we will certainly become an endangered species. 

“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God” I Peter 5:1. O Lord, let it begin with a group of believers encircled round about, witnessing the Light of the world. We are either going to clean up our act and do the right thing by binding those filthy rags to the Cross and incinerating our sins with the price Christ paid through His sacrifice or perish. Some people just can’t take the heat and despise the Fiery Cross of Judgment. Remember how God visibly manifested Himself at Mt. Sinai in the form of fire and the mob could not stand to hear His words except through Moses? We’ve got the same problem today with people not able to bear witness of the Fiery Cross without it being filtered by religious leaders; except, of course, those saints who stand with the Light of the fiery law. “Is not My word like fire? Declares the Lord, and like a hammer which shatters a rock?” Jer. 23:29.  This clash between good and evil, light and darkness, righteousness and unrighteousness is not a pillow fight with marshmallows, but rather smashing hardened hearts with the Word of God. 

“In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that knows not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ” I Thes. 1:8. Ladies and gentlemen, we need a little bit of fire and brimstone for a wake-up call. We need to taste the sulphur dioxide in the air of Babylon’s unpredictable combustion, because the Word of God says she shall be “Utterly burned with fire” (Rev. 18:8). The Fiery Cross is a witness of that prophetic and terrible day. Do you realize it could happen right now… the long awaited Day of the Lord.  We shall rejoice while, “The kings of the earth [the antichrist elitists], who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her [the great whore of integration], when they shall see the smoke of her burning” (Rev. 18:9). Would you like a second witness? “And the light of Israel [the White race] shall be for a fire, and his Holy One [Jesus Christ] for a flame; and it shall burn and devour his thorns and his briers in one day” Isaiah 10:17. These weeds, like the tares, represent the heathen. They are not part of the Garden, Paradise restored or the Kingdom of God. 

When I see that Cross burning in the eleventh hour, I see the end of political corruption and the final chapter of wickedness in high places and the beginning of the hope that lies within us for Justification and a new start in life with a clean slate in the eyes of God. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit” Romans 8:1. That’s the hope part of it. God loves His people so much that He puts us through this process of purification, the baptism of fire. We’re already racially pure; now we need to get spiritually pure.  Every mongrel thought needs to be burned out of our minds.  The Fiery Cross inspires us to immerse ourselves in introspection and change, restitution and forgiveness.  That last one, that’s a big one.  But that’s what makes a clan or family stronger in their faith. 

The flip side of how you look at the Fiery Cross is a dire warning to those who mock and ridicule it. If you fall into that category of pompous atheism, then II Thes. 1:8 is for you. “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel.” Remember that…. every time you see a burning Cross on the jew tube.  Whether it’s the History channel or a Madonna video or the evening news, God is not mocked. 

And let us not forget the parable of the wheat and the tares, which is an analogy contrasting true White Christian believers with the devilish impersonation of Christianity in the form of a mongrelized multicultural religious cesspool aided and abetted by the antichrist jew.  That burning Cross is a warning to anybody that would associate with these tares, whom God hath indignation forever. They will be gathered out of God’s Kingdom and cast into a furnace of fire (Mt. 13:42). It warms my heart to know God delivers His people from all who offend and hate us. They know the warning of the Fiery Cross. Their rabbis invented the Holocaust (which means death by fire), knowing that there was no mountain of human ash from the crematoria.  They cry ‘never forgive, never again’, when it never happened in the first place.  And jewish soap was no cleansing agent for that fresh clean smell. I have no qualm in calling them dirty jews.  But I bet they’ve read Malachi 4:3, where, “Ye [we] shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord.” Hollywood jokingly holds a crucifix up to a vampire, but we hold a flaming Cross up to the perpetrators of the Big Lie who say they are God’s chosen people, when, in fact, they are the synagogue of satan, the arsons of Truth. The antichrist writer Oscar Levy said, “We jews today are nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers and its incendiaries.” Therefore, it behooves the White Christian patriot to fight fire with fire. The final conflict is between good and evil. 

The burning Cross is the clarion call being made right now by the watchmen on the wall who “Have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb” (Rev. 7:14).  They are the messengers of the Remnant, who prepare themselves as a bride for the wedding feast; a virgin without spot or wrinkle.  I hope this warning notice comes sooner than later for those who delight in blasphemy and deceit; their cup of iniquity overfloweth.  It warms my heart to know that where there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there’s fire there’s light.  “Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow… Zion shall be redeemed with judgment and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed… And the strong shall be as tinder, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them” (Isaiah 1:18,27, 31).

I like Matthew Henry’s commentary on the preceding verse, “Dross may shine like silver, and the wine that is mixed with water may still have the colour of wine. Those have a great deal to answer for, who do not help the oppressed, but oppress them.  Men may do much by outward restraints; but only God works effectually by the influences of his Spirit, as a Spirit of Judgment.  Sin is the worst captivity, the worst slavery.  The redemption of the spiritual Zion, by the righteousness and death of Christ, and by his powerful grace, most fully accord with what is here meant.  Utter ruin is threatened.  The Jews should become as a tree when blasted by heat; as a garden without water, which in those hot countries would soon be burned up.  Thus shall they be that trust in idols, or in an arm of flesh.  Even the strong man shall be as tow [or a wick]; not only soon broken, and pulled to pieces, but easily catching fire. When the sinner has made himself as tow and stubble, and God makes himself as a consuming fire, what can prevent the utter ruin of the sinner?”

Do you smell something burning? “And God said, Let there be light.” And there stood a solemn assembly encircled round about the sign of Calvary at night. You could hear the crickets chirping.  “And the light shineth in darkness” John 1:5. Behold the Light of the world… behold the Fiery Cross.