Positive Christianity - Part 4


Sermon Notes by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  I Thessalonians 5:19-22 “Do not quench the spirit.  Do not despise teachings.  Prove all things, hold on to what is good.  Abstain from every form of evil.

First, let me make clear a few things.  I knew that when I revised and expanded this series that it would be wrought with controversy.  I have several reasons for doing so.  One is to take a stand against the jewish propaganda machine and the other is to chastise the secular White Nationalist movement that naively emulates the National Socialist without Christ, in Hollywood movies, books and sordid media, and thinks that wearing a costume will awaken White people to the perils we face in the world today.  Both do a disservice to the historical record and truth.  It is not my intent to recreate the imagery of the past, but to capitalize on the principles of what worked in the past and will work in the future.   And especially not to repeat the mistakes of the past, of which we should have a 20/20 vision.  Even in the Christian Identity community there is consternation about the status of Christianity during the Third Reich.  So, in this final installment we are going to deal with some things that are rarely discussed.  Hopefully, we will put a new perspective in your heart about the heroes of our race, who have been painted with the brush of villainy.  However, the idea for Christians, is not to lay our hope in man per se, but our hope and enthusiasm in men of God whose role model is Jesus Christ.  He is our example and His student, Adolf Hitler, exemplified the Master.  The prostitute-historian cannot stand that truth and can't portray a person any better than the Picasso shown in Part 3.

The one truth that cannot be denied is that Jacob-Israel and Esau-Edom clashed in a crescendo of opposite values in 1933.  It was really a clash between judaism and the last vestige of Christianity in Europe; talmudic law vs. God's Law.  It is imperative that Identity Christians understand the history of Germany fighting for their lives against a satanic force;  a force that was abducting the Kingdom of God through the violence and immorality of mammon.  A similar situation exists in America today, although I would venture to say much worse.  All the more reason to honor the heroes of faith, than to dishonor them.  For if we disdain those who shed their blood for us, we are still under the antichrist yoke of dialectics; a mind control to hate your own kind; to hate yourself for being White.  Take away the heritage of heroism and you have no resistance to tyranny.  And one of the biggest taboos for showing respect for the sacrifices Germany made is the swastika.  Not to fly it as some fools do, but to understand what it meant. 

Joseph Goebbels said:

“Misfortune must not make us cowardly, but rather resistant, never giving a mocking watching world the appearance of wavering.  Rather than hoisting the white flag of surrender that the enemy expects, raise the old swastika banner of a fanatic and wild resistance, renewing the oath that we swore so often in the happy and safe days of peace (the 6 years from 1933 to 1939), thanking God again and again that He gave us a true leader for these terrible times, feeling bound in our hearts to his sorrows and trials, thus showing the enemy world that they can wound but not kill us, that they can beat us bloody but not force us down, torture us, but not demoralize us!” 

There is no other symbol in the world that strikes fear and loathing in the ignoramus than the swastika.  It originated in ancient Indo-European culture and spread to non-Aryan countries as well.  It symbolized positive connotations from life and good fortune to power and strength.  The word 'swastika' is Sanskrit and means “to be good or well.”  Did not God call His Creation “good”?  It predated Egyptian and Asian usage and certainly National Socialism with the following examples (left to right); Etruscan pendant, Bolsena, Italy, 700-650BC; Greek silver coin, Corinth, 6th century BC; swastikas on the vestments of the effigy of Bishop William Edington (died 1366AD) in Winchester Cathedral.

Hooked cross emblem on Etruscan pendant, Bolsena, Italy, 700-650BCHooked cross symbol on Greek silver coin, Corinth, 6th century BCSwastikas on the vestments of the effigy of Bishop William Edington (died 1366AD) in Winchester Cathedral
There is speculation that Hitler chose the swastika because as a boy he frequently saw the symbol in a church in Lambach, AustriaThe Swastica symbol can be found in many churches throughout Europe

There is speculation that Hitler chose the swastika because as a boy he frequently saw the symbol in a church in Lambach, Austria; even though Orwellian thought police call it a “myth.”  Nevertheless, this symbol can be found in many churches throughout Europe.   

Some Christian researchers have found evidence that the Hooked Cross was the predominant symbol found in the Christian catacombs of Rome in the 1st century after the ascension of Christ.  German linguists found a similarity between Sanskrit and all European languages and thus the theory of Indo-European origins.  This created an attraction and keen interest not only with Hitler, but many German scholars also.  In Christian Identity we suspect that the early Adamic society had a proximity to India (from the Tarim Basin) and the caste system, which we hear so much about; it was, no doubt, the separation of Adamites from non-Adamites. 

Ann Kingsley wrote at Exemplore.com:

“This is what my research into the innate symbolism of the straight–sided cross and the swastika yielded.  Bear in mind that in the past few years some of the information on the internet has been buried by those with an agenda.  However, when I originally did my research on the internet (about 10 years ago) regarding the innate symbolism for the straight-sided cross, the symbolic meaning is “life”.  Likewise, when I did my research on the swastika with a key word search of Vedas + swastika, the meaning is “wholeness”, the most predominant feature of which is “eternal Life”.  Ten years ago the swastika was mentioned by several web page listings as the symbol predominantly found in the Christian catacombs of Rome. The reason that it was the most predominantly found symbol is that Jesus Christ’s teachings were above all about “eternal life”. When you look at the swastika, you see that it can actually be turned – rolled – rolled on forever and ever, which is why the straight-sided cross becomes the swastika when one desires to depict “eternal life” as opposed to “life”.  Jesus Christ used what was universally known as the symbol for “eternal life” and passed it on to his followers, who then etched it into the walls of the catacombs and on the tombs. Some of today’s Christians are trying to explain away the swastikas in the catacombs as an attempt to disguise the cross due to Roman persecution of the Christians. I find this to be a very sad betrayal of Jesus Christ’s teachings, since Jesus Christ’s mission was that of a path to “eternal life.”

The German (and Austrian) postwar criminal code makes the public showing of the Hakenkreuz (the hooked Christian Cross i.e. swastika) and other National Socialist symbols illegal and punishable.  It is even censored from the lithographs on boxes of model kits, and the decals that come in the box.  And people like Ernst Zundel can be extradited from Canada to Germany and put on trial for “Holocaust denial,” and spend 5 years in jail.  A fundamental principle of justice was denied Zundel when the Canadian court concluded, “The truth in some absolute sense really plays no role. Rather, it is the social context in which the message is declared and heard which will determine the effect that the communication will have on the listener.”  Because of the injustice jews have leveled against Positive Christianity, our symbols of Jesus Christ are denied; they will call good evil.  The legacy that Hitler's Germany left us, the heritage that antichrists will take away from us was and is: “love thy neighbor as thyself.”  And non-Whites are not biblically our neighbor!  It wasn't about helping the ungodly and those who were helping themselves to what did not belong to them.  It was all about self denial and helping your racial kindred and thus healing your nation.  The assertion that they wanted to subjugate the world under German rule was absurd; they only wanted to be left alone in peace to build and prosper a great Western civilization; to make Germany great again.  Imperialism is by far more justly applied to the British Empire, where the sun never sets (circa 19th and early 20th century).  Just the opposite was true for jews who did want to rule the world without Christ, and Germany felt the brunt of jewish subjugation like no other Western industrialized nation after WWI under the stranglehold of the Versailles Treaty and the auspices of international banking. 

So why did Germany need a new symbol that would later be demonized as no other symbol ever?  Well, they needed something to counter the 'Hammer and Sickle' of Bolshevik terrorism controlled by the 'Star of Molech.'  Again, the eternal conflict between Jacob-Israel and Esau-Edom reached a political meltdown when the true Israelites developed zero tolerance for what was blatantly ruining their nation-race.  And it was spiritual in nature; the spiritual warfare preceded physical war.  Hitler indeed was critical of catholic and Lutheran body politics for their failure to help White Christians in their hour of desperation and economic depression, but he never repudiated the teachings of Christ.  We have the same problem today and I would not hesitate to send the race traitors of televangelism to concentration camps. 

The hypocrisy of scribes and media whores who tell us about the Third Reich reverse love and hate.  The miracle Germany underwent could not have happened without their love of God and their own kind.  They actually loved the truth so much that they repented of a sin that will bring any nation to its knees and that is the worship or subservience to the jew.  They could not not survive otherwise without total separation, and yet are castigated to the deepest pits of hell for the love of life; which, in contradistinction, was in reality a hatred for the living hell the jews subjected them to.  “Abstain from all appearance of wickedness” is what they did.  John 15:18-19 seems appropriate at this point: "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

I can't tell you about Positive Christianity without the truth hurting, but it will set you free.  We lose those we love when they continue to believe a lie.  When you tell them the truth, you risk everything.  It's dangerous to be right when you know the truth and act upon it.  If you step on the wrong toes it can cost you your life.  Even though there was no systematic gassings and cremations from the tall tales of the Holohoax, there was, quite ironically, the Morganthal Plan after WWII to systematically starve to death some 2 million Germans.  With the advancement of historical revisionism, concerning WWII, marriages have ended in divorce, because one partner still clings to the lies of mainstream history and can't deal with their spouse who suddenly discovers that Adolf Hitler was an adamant proponent of peace, whereas Franklin Roosevelt disregarded public opinion and put the “jews harvest” (war) into motion by deceitful lies to kill 60 million people.  And we're told that only jews suffered?  No, they caused the suffering and to this day defend their chicanery with the utmost chutzpah. 

From someone who lived under the swastika flag from 1935, when the Saur was re-united with Germany, to 1945, to give a short answer. "To be a boy or a girl at that time was wonderful."Most Americans have no clue as to what life was really like in Germany, before, during and after Hitler.   In 1994 I had the honor of Louis Beam introducing me to Hans Schmidt at an Identity conference in Montana.  Herr Schmidt told quite a different story than most of his countrymen who were subjected to 'Denazification,' an initiative to rid all of occupied German society of any vestige of Positive Christianity which held to the tenets of collective guilt and collective punishment for every German and those not yet born, in perpetuity.  Forged war crimes and doctored photos would serve to rub their nose in jewish propaganda, which have since been shown to be the blatant fabrications of demented minds.  But, it took away their heritage as if on anti-German cultural steroids.  Hans wrote a very special letter in the mid 1980's titled 'Living in Hitler's Germany,' that was published in his American organization's (GANPAC) newsletter, which was allegedly firebombed by the Jewish Defense League.  I would like to share excerpts from this amazing autobiographical account, which is far superior to anything I could write, because I was not there.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

“You asked for someone who had lived in Hitler’s Germany to tell you what it was like.  Permit me, someone who lived under the swastika flag from 1935, when the Saur was re-united with Germany, to 1945, to give a short answer.  To be a boy or a girl at that time was wonderful.  In the Hitler Youth, the differences between Christian denominations or the different German states didn’t count.  We all truly felt that we were members of one body of people; one nation.  Youth hostels were opened all over the Reich, enabling us to hike from one beautiful town to another, seeing our Fatherland.  Every effort was made to strengthen our minds and bodies. 

Contrary to what is said today, we were encouraged to become free in spirit, and not to succumb to peer, or authority, pressure.  In peacetime, no military training was allowed by the Hitler Youth leadership.  Scouting yes.  Incidentally, to snitch on our parents was frowned upon.  At the very time when America’s allies, the Soviets, destroyed most of the Christian churches in Russia and Ukraine, about two thousand five hundred new churches were built in Germany.  Not one Christian church was closed.  It was the law that school and church had priority over service in the Hitler Youth.  As late as the Fall of 1944, the Waffen SS barracks in Breslau supplied two buses to take youth to either the nearest Catholic or Protestant church every Sunday.  To be a registered member of a Christian church did not prevent advancement in the National Socialist party. 

Germany was National Socialist, but free enterprise flourished during the entire Hitler years.  No company was nationalized.  No small businessman was stopped for opening up his own store.  I myself worked during the war for a company that can only be called part of international capitalism.  If you owned shares, nobody confiscated them, like the allies did in 1945.  The accomplishments of the ‘Nazis’ were incredible.  Starting without money, and with six million unemployed, a third of the workforce, they constructed the entire German Autobahn road network in the short span of six years, almost without corruption, while seeing to it that the new road system did not unnecessarily destroy either the German landscape or wildlife habitats and forests. 

Two years after the National Socialists were elected to power, conditions were so improved that workers had to be hired in nearby friendly countries to help alleviate the worker shortage in Germany.  Germany was booming, while Britain, France, and the U.S. were in the depths of depression.  To help the workers get cheap transportation, the Volkswagen was designed, and a factory was being built for their manufacture when the war started.  Also, for the common people, villages of small single family homes were erected.  The monthly payments were so low that almost anyone could afford his own house.  In Hitler’s Germany, there were no homeless, no beggars.  Crime was almost non-existent because habitual criminals were in concentration camps.  All this was reported in the newspapers, and was known by everybody. 

The German press during the Third Reich had fewer taboos than the American press today.  The only taboo I can think of revolved around Hitler, and during the war there was a law that prohibited defeatism.  This was because of the negative role the German press played in the German defeat of 1918.  It bears remembering that the European economic community was first coined by the Third Reich government.  I remember many articles, both pro and con, about this subject.  One should also not forget, that during the war, at least seven million foreign nationals, nearly ten percent of the population, worked in Germany, either as voluntary workers, Dutch, Danes, French, Poles, Ukrainians come to mind, or as forced laborers, or as prisoners.  I know of no instance where foreigners were attacked or molested, much less killed, because they were foreigners. 

Speaking of the press, I have an article from 1943 in my possession that spells out how necessary friendship is between the German and Russian peoples.  Between 1933 and 1945 there was a tremendous emphasis on culture; theatres flourished.  The German movie industry produced about one hundred feature films per year, of which not one was anti-American.  Only fifty of them can be considered pure propaganda movies.  Some of the best classical recordings, still extent, were made in Hitler’s Germany.  Actors from all over Europe, but mainly from France, Sweden and Italy, were stars in German movies. 

Germany always loved sports, and there was no lack of opportunity to partake in any sport one liked.  The 1936 Berlin Olympics was merely a showcase of what transpired all over the Reich.  In a book on these Olympics, issued by the Hitler Youth, that is still in my possession, Jesse Owens is shown several times, and mentioned favorably.  During the Schmelling boxing fights, we kids all knew of Joe Louis, the Brown Bomber.  Nowhere did I ever read derogatory remarks about other races.  Certainly the accomplishments of Germany and the Germans were given prominence, similar to the ad nauseum statements of today that the U.S. is the ‘land of the free’, etc.  (At the 1936 Olympics, Germany won more medals, of every category, than any nation; and Germany won more gold medals than Britain, France, and the United States combined).

In my ten years in the Hitler Youth, actually eight, since obviously I couldn’t attend while a soldier, the Jews were never mentioned.  Other sports that gripped our attention were flying; there was Hitler’s Youth flying training with their own sail planes, car races; British and Italian drivers dominated, and riding.  Frequently I am asked about the ‘gun control’ during the Hitler era.  Claims are made that Hitler could take power because he disarmed the German people.  That is nonsense.  In Germany, gun ownership was never as prevalent, as it is in America.  I would say that for hundreds of years one needed a gun license in order to keep a weapon.  On the other hand, my father owned an old pistol clandestinely, about which we children knew, and there were gun clubs all over the Reich.  Furthermore, Germany was always a country with many excellent gunsmiths.  It is doubtful that they could stay in business if the laws were too stringent.  I would surmise, that while Germany was Germany, before it was ‘liberated’ by the allies, gun ownership probably was far more widespread than is acknowledged today.  Laws on the books mainly to give police a handle to arrest criminals with guns, not the ordinary citizen. 

Incidentally, just as Hitler had forbidden so-called punishment exercises in the Army, the brutal methods still employed by the American Army, so had he forbidden the use of clubs by the police.  He considered it demeaning to the German people.  Finally this, I don’t believe I’ll ever see again a people as happy and content as were the great majority of Germans under Hitler, especially in peacetime.  Certainly some minorities suffered: former parliamentary politicians, because they couldn’t play their political games; the Jews, because they lost their power over Germany; the gypsies, because during the war they were required to work; and crooked union bosses, because they lost their parasitical positions.  To this day, I believe that the happiness of the majority of the people is more important than the well-being of a few spoiled minorities. 

In school, there should be emphasis on promoting the best and the intelligent, as was done in Germany during the Hitler years, a fact that contributed after the war to the rapid German reconstruction.  That Hitler was loved by his people there can be no question.  Even a few weeks before the war’s end, and his death, he was able to drive to the front and mingle among the combat soldiers with only minimum security.  None of the soldiers had to unload their weapons before meeting with the Fuhrer, as was required when President Bush met with American soldiers during the Gulf War.  Germany, under Hitler, was quite different than what the media would have you believe.”

Today’s Scripture reading makes 4 points and I chose them because they each admonish the Christian to lead a life worthy of God, seeking always to do good to one another for each other's well being.  These marks of Christian character were reestablished by the German ecclesia; not the church buildings per se, but the called out people of God, reflecting His divine will in Christ, our example.  It was a time for a living church guided spiritually by the living Word.  Life was good under the Swastika.  But the adversaries of God did everything to quench or extinguish that Spirit, because the German Christian had a separated nation-race and relished the role models of a new Positive Christianity, rather than despising those who were bold enough to challenge the old corrupt trappings of a church that turned a blind eye to the demoralizing degeneracy that plagued them before.  They would prove or test this new idea of National Socialism by witnessing the manifestation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.  They would embrace this new-found national blessing.  They would abstain or reject anything that smacked of a national sin as best they could.  Hans Schmidt's reminiscing reminded me of my own 'Leave It to Beaver' upbringing in the 1950's, in spite of 'Ike the Kike' being a crypto jew, committing atrocities in Germany at the same time, which would dramatically change in the next decade as the jewish culture war in America exploded.  And look at us today.

The jewish ambition for ruling the world is often called the Pax JudaicaI mentioned earlier the jewish ambition for ruling the world, and it's often called the Pax Judaica.  “There's nothing new under the sun” Eccl. 1:9.   Jews have been playing 'the Game' for a long time.  To quote Maurice Samuels yet again, “Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God.”  The New World Order, as George Poppy Bush put it, is to the exclusion of and antithesis to the Kingdom of God.  In 1815 at the Congress in Vienna a New European Order was contracted and signed by the major powers of Russia, Austria and Prussia (Germany).  It was called the Holy Alliance Treaty and it was partly public and partly secret.  Ostensibly, the alliance was formed to instill the divine rights of kings and Christian values, acting on the basis of “justice, love and peace” for “consolidating human institutions and remedying their imperfections.”  Despite the platitudes, the alliance was rejected by Britain, the Papal states and the Ottoman Empire, although King George IV approved, as we'll see why shortly.  The Alliance would only be binding for 99 years, expiring in 1914, because of the secret parts which dealt with guardianship.  France was treated as a defeated nation because of her Revolution, and the Napoleonic wars would leave the French catholic nobility in ruins.  In fact, the Vatican fell in utter disgrace with the pope under house arrest.  All of this left the Rothschild banks as the undisputed leaders of French finance.  The secret deal made was that the Rothschilds were essentially trustees of the papal wealth.   The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that: “It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.”  The jews had nearly a century to play their Game in order to gain ownership of the Vatican.  But for their strategy to succeed, it was incumbent upon them to overthrow the three nations that appointed them in the first place.  Just before the Holy Alliance expired, they invented the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.  According to Eustace Mullins and other researchers, it was owned by ten international banks; all owned by jews and interrelated by marriages.  It constitutes the heart of Mystery Babylon whose identity is mysterious. 

King George III came from the German line of Hanover and was not only king of Britain, but was also 'the Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.'  Austria at that time was the final remnant of the HRE, ruled by the Habsburg dynasty, one of the most influential royal houses of Europe from 1438-1740.  The HRE was dissolved in 1806 and only a remnant of royal Habsburgs remained in Austria and Hungary until 1918 in the aftermath of WWI, which Germany had lost.  It was the assassination in 1914 of their heir to this throne, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, that precipitated WWI.  Finally, the Russian Revolution dissolved Russia and replaced it with the Soviet Union, dissolving any previous treaties and contracts from the Holy Alliance.  All three of the great powers were thus eradicated shortly after the 99-year contract ended in 1914, thanks to the jews.  What would follow phase one of the Game would be phase two. 

After WWI, the victors of the European theater of war would be the architects of yet another 99 year contract, called the Treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919, bringing us up to the present day.  Unlike 1815, this new agreement was not just for Europe, but for a New World Order.  Hitler understood all of the aforementioned and was determined to remove the shackles of Versailles and take back German territory that was stolen by a criminal cabal of jews; plus an end to draconian reparations.  We don't know for sure, but it doesn't look like the Rothschild dynasty retained their guardianship as the Vatican made agreements with Hitler to regain their properties and wealth.  However, the Rothschild's accumulated vast power through the unbiblical practice of debt-usury gained control over many debtor nations.  It was not only economic, but religious manipulation to win the Game.  God lets these fools think that.  From the soldiers of Caesar, protecting the state authority with their lives, it is not difficult to see why the state religions of history identified with the red shield i.e. the shedding of blood.  Hence, the name Rothschild was perceived to be indicative of both economics and religion, where the church-at-war was more necessary than the church-at-peace.  It's being played out before our very eyes today, just like it was in Wiemar Germany before 1933. 

1923 meeting in Beer Hall Putsch. During the meeting shots were fired by Marxist thugs killing 16 National Socialists and 4 policemen.The House of Rothschild now controls the Vatican with their Jesuit stooges in place, making the world safe for pedophiles.  There would be no 'Black Lives Matter' without jewish money to announce that White lives don't matter anymore.   The same warfare was declared to Germans in a confrontation in 1923 called the Beer Hall Putsch, in which shots fired by Marxist thugs killed 16 National Socialists and 4 policemen.  Hitler was shot in the shoulder and then arrested for treason and spent 9 months in prison where he wrote Mein Kampf.  The divine revelation: there is no victory without the Spirit of God.  It's like the hyper-inflation of the soul; will America be so puffed up about what they believe to be the truth, that overnight it can become absolutely worthless where “moths and rust doth corrupt, where thieves break in and steal”?

Most Americans, nay, most White Christian Americans are braindead, with each passing day possessing less and less, until they will have nothing, including their lives, because they were so delusional about little words that charged them with 'racism,' 'antisemitism' and God forbid 'Nazi.'  So what?!  The government is not here to help you; they're here to help the ungodly destroy you.  If we don't abstain from every form of evil, every appearance of evil will divide and conquer us.  We must be able to identify every stranger that does not belong here and cast them into outer darkness with their strange gods.  They will not go quietly, like the Beer Hall Putsch, but the Word of God commands us to purge the wicked.  The other day, Mitt Romney was blathering about “trickle down racism” and how “all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America."  It's race traitors like Mitt that give us a dark heart and the browning of America.  Don't let any of these Babylonian horse thieves tell you what America wants or needs.  Germany rejected a negative and deformed Christ that would forsake His own tribe of Judah for 30 pieces of silver.  Germany embraced the positive Truth of their Kinsman Redeemer.  Christian Identity brings us to the next step of spiritual warfare to bring forth the fall of Babylon once and for all.  We will finish what Adolf Hitler started and that may have been God's plan all along.  The next paradigm is not another age for the church, but a transition for fanatic zealots of faith who have overcome the world.  We will meet our predecessors who went before us, “who stored up treasure in heaven, where thieves do not break in nor steal” (Mt. 6:20).  That is our heritage if we don't let anybody take it away from us.  May you find the Positive Christianity from these messages and hold on to the good.

March to the 1923 meeting in Beer Hall Putsch