The Flood of Noah

by Pastor Mark Downey

The story of the flood is not recounted merely as an event of the past but more importantly what the purpose of God is for man on earth, and consequently its value must lie in the moral and spiritual lessons it is designed to teach. The reality of the cataclysm itself is accepted by most Christians, although the significant details are hotly debated as we shall see.

As a generalization, it can be agreed that divine justice was tempered with mercy and the family of Noah was spared for a new day of opportunity. Here is the beginning of the concept of the remnant, which is the object of later prophetic Identity teachings. Our problem is with the idea of a worldwide flood. The major error of the religious establishment's narrative is that of cause and effect. The misunderstanding is simply a lack of knowledge of biblical terms, idioms, translations and an apathetic and prejudiced view of God's Word.

If the flood was approached from the standpoint of strict literal context and historical exegesis (interpretation), it is clear that such interpretive license is not condoned by the Scriptures themselves (II Tim. 2:15). A universal deluge can only be construed from an intellectually dishonest use of grammar. Jesus Himself spoke in a non literal, symbolic and allegorical language on occasion. And what would you do with a literal rendition of the Book of Revelation? The fact that there are different Bible versions and translations that say different things proves that the infallibility of the Bible rest on the fulfillment of His Word rather than what people translate, publish, believe or say. The idea of a universal flood is a misinterpretation and distortion of Scripture causing an unnecessary controversy between theologians and scientists. However, the truth and infallibility of God's Word does not conflict with science, history or the Bible.

Those church doctrines, as opposed to Bible doctrine, promoting a worldwide flood also promote the "brotherhood of man", multicultural diversity and the false notion that all the races of the earth evolved from Adam. Their agenda of racial integration is deviously interwoven into the Noah account as well. Unfortunately, the fundamentalists or evolutionary creationists, in order to fit their square peg into the round hole, have resorted to fabricating and distorting history and science so that it will conform to their personal conviction of what the Bible says. Their theory attempts to explain geological formations by way of a worldwide catastrophe (the flood). They try to argue that the fossil record found in the geological column or sediment has nothing to do with a great expanse of time, but rather were deposited all at once, compressing millions of years of earth's history into only a few months or a year. This is an assumption and assumptions are unprovable.

The multiple layers of sedimentary deposits and variations throughout the earth are not scientifically characteristic of one general flood. Their theory must show but one thick sedimentary layer. Even to the student, the inconsistencies become obvious. The debate between creationism and evolution has blurred the issue. The Bible and science should be regarded as sources of information, and not synonymous with the theories that use these sources. Fundamental creationism is not truly biblical just as evolution is not truly scientific. New scientific discoveries may conflict with religious errors but will never conflict with biblical truths. Whenever there seems to be a conflict between the works and words of God, it is because of the ignorance or wickedness of man. Nothing in the Bible precludes God from using long periods of time. Man's impatience turns God into a magician and the magic is but illusion.

We have scientific evidence of long term glacial effects upon the earth from the Great Ice Age. The formation of magnificent mountain ranges such as the Rockies and the Himalayas occurred primarily from great volcanic activity. The fundamentalist-creationists offer their universal flood theory as an explanation for the formation of the mountains in the world as the flood waters receded. However, the mountains clearly existed before the Flood, since the waters of the Flood are said to have covered them (Genesis 7:20).

The difficulties involved in the assumption of a worldwide flood is an embarrassment to true Christianity. Not only would the laws of hydrostatics (the physics of liquid pressure on submerged objects) be violated in the accumulation of such a vast amount of water, but the climate of the globe would have been changed, making it impossible for animals to exist, even in the ark. To this should be added the practical difficulty of bringing animals from distant lands and islands and housing all known species in a vessel of the size of the ark.

Many ethnic flood legends are modifications and adaptations of the biblical story which have been scattered around the world by missionaries or tales of special local causes connected to myth in an attempt to explain the mysteries of life. Jewish scholars give a convoluted account of the Hebrew manuscripts being derived from Babylonian cuneiform (which deals with the secrets of immortality in metaphor). The difference between the two is that the biblical motive is moral in sending judgment and grace upon the Adamic race who have become degenerate whereas the flood story of Babylon is due to the caprice of polytheistic gods. Other archeological fragments point to a Sumerian version as the source of the story. Perhaps a combination of borrowed literature, highly colored traditions and indigenous natural phenomenon regarding water are elements that God has designed into the mix. "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter" Prov. 25:2. There is an overabundance of permutations, but we need not fall into the trap of getting bogged down with minuscule discrepancies, because we have the key of race which unlocks the mysteries and focuses on the real story. There is no composite character of multicultural documents just to make everybody happy.

There are honest and dishonest differences of opinions as to when the Flood occurred. Usher's Bible Chronology dates it in the year 2348 BC; Frederick Haberman (Tracing our White Ancestors) says 2345 BC; Steven Jones (Secrets of Time) puts it at 2239 BC; whereas Bertrand Comparet writes that the preceding dates cannot be relied upon because they rely upon the Massoretic Text (a body of Old Testament Hebrew notes by scribes between the 6th and 10th centuries AD) that have been deliberately tampered with and so calculates 3145 BC as the date of the Flood. The Greek Septuagint more accurately dates it at 3246 BC.

Regardless of these dates, Charles Weisman (Facts and Fictions of Noah's Flood) comments that the Flood falls within the period of history known as the 'Bronze Age' which dates from 3000-1200 BC., second only in importance to the modern Industrial Revolution. If there was a cataclysmic flood, it would have upset world progress so drastically, it would have taken centuries to recover. However, there is no evidence that the Bronze Age was abruptly halted and then restarted all over again. At the time of the Flood there existed definite written historical records of many civilizations with a world population estimated to be 50-100 million. If everybody died in the Flood except Noah and his family, the earth's population would not yet have recovered. All civilizations and cultures along with their artifacts, inventions, commerce and architecture would have disappeared. Is it credible that within a few years they miraculously reappeared in their original size and character? Verified archeological records of Egypt, China, Sumerian, Minoan, Indus Valley and Phoenicia show continuous ongoing civilizations from 3350 BC well through the period of the Flood. By the time of Abraham (1930 BC), Mesopotamia-Sumer was heavily populated and a thriving center of trade. Their state of affairs would have been obliterated by a flood. If the Flood were worldwide, the devastation would have wiped out any trace of civilization.

With just a bit of detective work thus far, we can make the common sense deduction that the Flood was not worldwide and so it must have occurred in an isolated locality. Noah was the 10th generation from Adam and after the Temptation and Fall, Adam and Eve were expelled from the area of Eden to its east side, since God had placed Cherubims at the east of Eden to keep them from the way of the tree of life (Gen. 3:24). Thus, the location of the new Adamic homeland was established east of Eden, later to become the site of the Flood. If we can find where Eden was, we can easily locate the local flood of the Bible.

Moses gives us a clue, being that he was writing from somewhere between Mt. Sinai and the border of Canaan, therefore Eden was east of this area. The Bible describes its geographical boundaries in Genesis 2:10-14. Some think Eden was in Mesopotamia being that the Euphrates river is mentioned, but we must look for an area that has 4 rivers which flowed from one source. The Hebrew word for Euphrates (#6578) implies 'a river of the east'. The Mesopotamian river derived its name from the original river in the east. If Eden were located in Mesopotamia, it would be called the 'land of Shinar', not 'of the east'. Eden is somewhere east of Mesopotamia.

The Pison (v. 11) has been attributed to the Indus or Ganges River in India. Josephus describes Havilah as India with Pison as one of its rivers. The Gihon (v. 13) has been confused with the Nile because of the reference to Ethiopia. However, the Hebrew word for Ethiopia (#3568) comes from the Chaldean word Kuwsh or Cush. The oldest origin of this word comes from northern India (not Africa) where the Hindu Cush mountains still bear that name. The river Hiddekel has also been erroneously applied to the Tigres River in Mesopotamia and is most likely borrowed from the ancient east. This is probably why Genesis 2:14 describes its flow "towards the east of Assyria" so as not to be confused with a river by the same name that flows within Assyria (or Mesopotamia).

In analyzing a map of central Asia and northern India, Frederich Haberman identifies the location of Eden as follows: "Such a location of 4 rivers starting from one source we find on the Pamir plateau between the Tian Shan mountains on the north and the Hindu Cush on the south. Cush is the original word for Ethiopia and a word older than the division of languages. From the lakes of that plateau issue four great rivers: the Indus, the Jaxartes, the Oxus and the Tarim. The Oxus is still called by the natives the Dgihun or Gihon; the Chitrel branch of the Indus answers the description of the Pison; the Jaxartes is the original Euphrates; and the Tarim going toward the east is in all probability the Hiddekel."

The people of Asia consider the plateau of Pamir to be the original Eden. It was thus on the east side of this area which became the home of our race up to the time of the Flood. Today it is known as the Tarim Basin or Eastern Turkestan. It measured a thousand miles long by three hundred and fifty miles wide surrounded by spectacular mountains. Although we call it a local flood, it was by no means small, perhaps being the world's largest in recorded history. By this flood, God brought judgment upon all that were in the land, not all that were on the earth. The actual flood area covered an area larger than the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Critics of the local flood say that the Ark was too large, not knowing the location of Eden or the land features just described. They would further criticize God's plan by saying Noah didn't have to build an Ark, he could have just walked out of the Tarim Basin before it filled up with water.

But God says, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways" (Is. 55:8). Why then, if the Flood was not universal, did God have Noah build an Ark? Because it was a test of faith, as it would otherwise not require any obedience to God, but rather following after one's own carnal nature to do what seems right or sensible in their own mind. Noah inherited righteousness through faith (Heb. 11:7). When fundamentalists go outside of God's instructions they undermine the message to our race, in order to support their own selfish fairy tales.

When literalists say the Bible says "the waters were on the face of the whole earth" (Gen. 8:9, as well as many other places) they very simply need to do a word study of the Hebrew word for earth (#776 'erats') and compare its usage in other scriptures with a little common sense. Erats does not mean a global planet in its translation, but rather a limited land area. To Moses and his people, the earth, or erats, would have been the extent of geography that they knew existed.

When Cain was driven 'from the face of the earth' (Gen. 4:14), it was from the land, not the planet. When the plagues were upon Egypt and 'the rain was not poured upon the earth (erats) (Ex. 9:33), the literalists have never hinted at a worldwide universal drought, because everybody understands it to pertain the the land of Egypt only. There are many other examples you can find for yourself that confirms the waters of the Flood prevailed upon the limited land area in which Noah lived and not the entire planet.

Another scientific question raised is, where did all the water come from and where did it go? If all atmospheric moisture were to rain worldwide and the polar caps and glaciers to melt, there still wouldn't be enough water to cover all of the land mass. Fundamentalists scrape the bottom of the barrel and purport an unproven water canopy in space and great underground reservoirs of water which caused their worldwide flood to "cover the mountains by 15 cubits" (Gen. 7:20), or about 22 feet higher than Mount Everest at 29,028 feet, or about 5.5 miles above sea level. At such altitudes water freezes and oxygen is too thin to breathe. Are we to believe Noah and all the animals survived for over 9 months under such conditions? Water covering the entire planet could never drain off anywhere or evaporate and give us dry ground in only 164 days. The earth would forever be water-covered or a frozen ball of ice. There is only one explanation for the receding flood or "waters abated from off the land" (Gen. 8:11) and that is clearly because Noah's Flood was confined to a limited area and not the wild magnitude of Judeo Christian myth.

Another bit of evidence found in Genesis 11:2 tells us that after the Flood, Noah's descendents "journeyed from the east" (going west) until they came to the land of Shinar. We've previously mentioned that Shinar is Mesopotamia, which is roughly in between Palestine and the Tarim Basin (Eden) in central Asia. Therefore, we can trace where they came from and the only place where such a flood as the Bible describes could have occurred.

Another point of interest is the high water mark found along the mountains which rim the Tarim Basin, showing that at one time this basin was filled with water, although not all of the mountains were covered. Within the basin are several small mountains which could be fully covered by a flood held within the higher rim of the valley. Then Genesis 8:4 tells us "the Ark rested . . . upon the mountains of Ararat" and all of a sudden the fundamentalists has us in Armenia. This is where failure to properly translate can lead to false teachings. Please note that verse 4 uses the plural 'mountains', whereas Mount Ararat is a single peak and until recent times known only as Mount Massis. The name 'Mount Ararat' was non existent in biblical times. Furthermore, the Hebrew word ararat means "the top of the hills", not Armenia. The Ark came to rest upon some of the lower mountains within the valley.

Incredibly, there are some Judeo Christians who are so naive that they think ethnic and racial types remain unchanged for over 5000 years in particular geographical domains without regard to wars, migrations, miscegenation or earth changes. The Egyptians, Grecians, Persians, Syrians, Indians (from India) etc. of today are not the same genetic stock of the ancient indigenous inhabitants. The history of our White race is suppressed. Our cultural habits, tribal names and transcending languages may shift like the sands, but our racial integrity has not been totally obfuscated.

This leads us to the heart of the matter and why God chose Noah for the unfolding drama of world history. As Genesis 6 begins to tell us the story of Noah's Flood we read in verse 2 "that the sons of God married the daughters of men". This is very simply the miscegenation of Sethites and Cainites. The line of Seth remained racially pure to Noah. Cain was the son of Adam-man also but intermarried with a non Adamic race (hominids existing before Adam), hence the breeding of mixed-blood daughters. This new hybrid race may have raised the physical aesthetics and mental capabilities, but it lowered the spiritual standard of the original Adam. If God had wanted these pre-Adamite hominids to have special DNA (the breath of life of Gen. 2:7), there would have been no need to create Adam. Therefore, we can understand Gen. 6:2 being concerned with a contamination of God's creation and the principle of everything after its own kind or specie being adulterated.

God told Noah to bring the animals to the Ark after their own kind (Gen. 7:14) to keep the seed alive (v. 3). to mix all the creatures together, would have been utter chaos, as it was with the sons of God and the daughters of men. Although the Hebrew words for man and men are #120 in Strong's, the concordance doesn't rightly divide the two. 'Man' is the species or race from #119 to show blood in the face, whereas 'men' can mean "another, hypocrite, common sort, of low degree." The half breed daughters of Cain can then be seen as less than the godly ideal. Genesis 6:9 calls Noah "a just man", which is another Hebrew word for man, #376 iysh, meaning: champion, great, mighty man, steward or worthy. Back to verse 3 and "the Lord said, my Spirit shall not always strive (plead the cause; remain) with man, for that he also is flesh" (and will yield to the lust thereof). By yielding to interracial marriage, God's Spirit (breath of life) would be bred out of Adamic man. God then pronounced destruction in 120 years if there was no repentance.

There's a twofold play on the Hebrew word breath (ruach) of life in Genesis 6:17. On the physical level, God was removing the ruach-breath from all flesh (the death of all race mixers). On the spiritual level, God was removing His ruach-Spirit for the age, which necessitated the return of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came at the end of that age bringing a down payment for the return of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with a still greater outpouring at the end of this present age. The salvation of our race parallels the Noah experience, in that our generation may receive the fullness of His Spirit as overcomers giving testimony that the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters covered the sea (Hab. 2:14). We will inherit that which was lost in Adam and God's plan and purpose for the creation of man will come to pass. We should be as obedient as Noah in building our arks today against the flood of heathens and their false gods.

Genesis 6:4 is one of those pivotal verses in the Bible that the Judeo Christian dogmatists wreak havoc with in the body of Christ. The word 'giants' conjures up all sorts of bizarre and absurd creatures as well as doctrines of their nefarious imagination. The Hebrew word giant (#5303) is nephil and means a bully or tyrant, not a 10 foot fallen angel or monster from outer space. The false teachers incorrectly identify the characters of verse 2 producing demonic offspring. My how they love their precious devils and get very upset when their perverse doctrine is challenged. And here's why. There's a prophecy in Gen. 6:4 telling us that all of the other races, pre-Adamites, were not destroyed in the upcoming deluge! The key phrase is "and also after that." After what?? Well, after the upcoming flood of course. So we can see that it not only tells us of the consequences of racemixing, but it says that it would happen after the flood also. Obviously the other races would have to survive the flood. And they did because the flood was not worldwide.

They then resort to two shallow arguments that Noah brought other races on the Ark or that all races evolved out of one family. Peter, in speaking of the Flood, says that only "eight souls were saved" on the Ark (I Peter 3:20). The only way then to get the other races on the Ark is to say that these other races are not regarded as people, but are inferior "beasts" or "creatures". This claim is sheer speculation. To have us believe that eight White people somehow changed into different racial types almost instantaneously after the Flood is sheer stupidity.

All of the racemixers and their progeny died in the Tarim Basin, while "Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord" (v. 8) and was spared. Why? The next verse explains. He was "perfect in his generations". The Hebrew word for perfect (#8549) is tamiym and means without blemish, undefiled, sound and whole. Noah and his sons were pure blooded Adamites, not mixed with alien DNA. Any scientist will tell you that pure races have their own genetic code and can only be altered by the introduction of another. It is impossible for a pure race to beget different races independent of each other.

The Hebrew word for generations (#8435) is toledah and means descent. Noah was perfect in his descent from Adam. The politically correct fundamentalists try to tell us that this racially pure family developed or evolved into the present day races, but never specifically explain how, when or why this transformation occurred. Noah's descendents went out into the world already populated by people who had lived right through the time of the Flood and were still going strong.

We see the sons of Japhet, Ham and Shem "spreading themselves over the seacoasts . . . among the gentile tribes" (Gen. 10:5 FF), "in their tribes and languages in the regions (in their countries) of (or among) the heathen" (Gen. 10:20, 31 FF). In the era just after the Flood, 3000-1200 BC, i.e. the Bronze Age, there appears many distinct racial types represented in paintings and sculptures from Egypt and Mesopotamia. By 1600 BC an even greater diversity can be found. Each of these types are illustrated as they appear today showing that they were permanent throughout all history and have never undergone any type of transformation.

The science of ethnology and anthropology have shown that every single racial type that existed prior to the Flood existed after it. It cannot be supported or proven scientifically, historically or biblically that all races were destroyed by a flood and then instantly reappeared thereafter. All races and/or permutations lived on the planet and they each survived the Flood, as did numerous other life forms, by being outside its realm and influence.

Likewise, God's command to Noah to bring every animal of each specie into the Ark (Gen. 6:19) only makes sense with a local regional flood. Here is a major problem for fans of the worldwide flood: without any evidence they claim that all of the species of life had been gathered from every corner of the globe and then somehow redistributed to their original location and habitat. To put their foot further in their mouth, they are forced to claim that all species of life existed contemporaneously before the Flood, therefore dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, trilobites, polar bears, tropical birds, a million different insects . . . well, you get the idea.

Not all animal life was brought on the Ark. Of all species of life that have ever existed, 99% are now extinct. With about 1.5 million species living today, we can conclude that 150 million have existed with about 148 million long gone. These obvious problems have led most fundamentalists to now say that the Flood was responsible for the extinction of all species, such as dinosaurs, found in the fossil record. So if they became extinct by the Flood, then they were not on the Ark! Noah would have needed 100 Arks to satisfy the worldwide fairy tale. God in His infinite wisdom and creative will had the size of the Ark match the size of the flood in order "to keep them alive" (Gen. 6:19) so as not to create an ecological void in that part of the world.

Just a side-bar: have you ever wondered how all the oceanic salt water marine life could have survived the fresh waters of the flood rains in a universal deluge?

After the Flood, God made an unconditional covenant with Noah and the creatures, that He will never again destroy them all with a flood. For the first time in the Bible, a rainbow and cloud is mentioned in Genesis 9:13. Some have speculated that the sky was like a fog canopy before the flood, but plants would have a difficult time growing because photosynthesis is highly dependent on direct sunlight. It's plausible that God changed the turning axis of the earth to bring about the seasons of Genesis 8:22.

As mentioned in the start of the article, the story of Noah's flood is teaching us a moral value with immense consequences for our race. Jesus reiterated the gravity of the situation to His disciples when He told them "and as in the days of Noah, so will also be the appearance of the Son of Man. For as they were, in the days before the flood, eating and drinking (gluttony and drunkenness), marrying and giving in marriage, until the day arrived for Noah to enter the Ark" (Mt. 24:37-38 FF). The same rebuke is given in Nehemiah 13:25-27 against intermarriage with other races: "I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote certain of the them . . . and made them swear by God, saying, ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters unto your sons . . . outlandish women cause (him) to sin. . . this great evil to transgress against our God in marrying strange wives". The story is used in II Peter 2:5 as a reminder that God punishes the ungodly while delivering the righteous.

Matthew 24:40 further elaborates the warning of "then shall two be in the field (the world Mt 13:38); the one shall be taken (recruited in the Kingdom) and the other left (oblivious)". This is here on earth, like Noah, not a judeo-Christian rapture into outer space. Now, as in Noah's time, we are duty bound to proclaim God's laws against racemixing. The liberal pious churches integrating their congregations, schools and society are oblivious to the judgment and punishment from God. Indeed our Lord will tell them "not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father" (Mt 7:21).

The will of the Almighty Creator is that the White race, the Adamic and Israel-elect of God shall be separate from among all the people of the earth (I Kings 8:53, Ezra 10:11, II Cor. 6:17). "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him" (Is. 59:19). This message is a matter of life and breath.

From Genesis 9:26 we see that Noah's son Shem (the Semites) got the blessing of God which would entitle him to be the progenitor of the chosen seedline that would bring forth Abraham. Noah died at the age of 950 years.