Pray For Naphtali


by Pastor Mark Downey

December 16, 2012

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 33:23

Today, 12-16-12, in Israelite history we observe a covenant made in 1838 with the tribe of what many in Christian Identity consider to be Naphtali, known as South Africa.  There is very little to find or to ascertain from what we know about this tribe of Israel.  There is a great deal of disinformation attributing Naphtali to just about every ethnicity other than the White race, so we can dismiss these canards as simply more feeble attempts by jewish scribes to deceive the true Israel people in the world today.  And for good reason if one’s spirit is evil, because South Africa has one of the richest deposits of precious metals and minerals in the world.  Therefore, the interactions between geo-political factions and theological realities have significant ramifications.  Naphtali might not be important to most Christians, however once that old city of Jerusalem is totally destroyed forever and the Edomite imposters with it, the New Jerusalem will appear, having the glory of God, that have twelve gates, which are the twelve names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel (Rev. 21:11-12).  The twelve tribes of Israel have to exist in the world today in order for prophecy to be fulfilled.

Why is it important to know the identity and location of the tribes of Israel today?  Most people, including the church world, do not understand world events thanks to half breed Baal priests like Hal Lindsey and Oral Roberts and all the lemmings that make these sorts of false prophets so filthy rich.  It’s a big mystery as to why not only America, but most White nations are up to their eyeballs in debt and all of the social disorder that accompanies economic slavery.  The most recent (12-14-12) controlled chaos being the false flag PSYOP in Newtown, Conn. at an elementary school where an alleged ‘lone nut’ shot and killed 20 children and 7 adults, in which initial reporting described a second accomplice, but has now gone down the Orwellian memory hole.   Did you see the blatantly fake crocodile tears of Obama saying this is not a day to talk about gun control (although he just planted the post hypnotic suggestion in people’s mind) or did you see a grade B movie actor of SAG, the Satanic Actors Guild?  The ‘third world’ has noticed that the Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred peoples have prospered for so long that they want in on some of the action.  “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” Mt. 11:12.  This shooting spree is but yet another staged MKULTRA event.  Where’s Obama’s sorrow or the American public for that matter for 20 children being wiped out by a US drone half way around the world?  But, what the third world does not realize is that these Aryan nations are the true Israel of the Bible and God’s blessings and curses only apply to us.  The truth is that world events have been prophesied from the Word of God and they are only focused on Israelites.  Non-White peoples are only mentioned in a negative context of adversaries who will eventually be destroyed.  What has happened to the children of Naphtali should make you think again about what happened to the children of Connecticut.  In Genesis 49, the patriarch Jacob gives a prophetic word to each of his twelve sons in the sense of tribal traits that will “befall” their future posterity “In the last days.”  In other words, the identity of Israel would be lost and then later become recognizable. 

Moses contributes to our understanding of these last days by prophesying that the descendants of Israel would become utterly corrupt and face difficult times: “And the Lord shall scatter you among the nations, and you shall be left few in number among the heathen… And there you shall serve gods, the works of men’s hands… But if from there you shall seek the Lord thy God, you shall find Him… When thou art in tribulation and all these things come upon thee, even in the latter days” Deut. 4:27-30).  Jeremiah also warned of a time whereby chastisement would befall the sinful Israelite nations, calling it a time of ‘Jacob’s trouble’ (Jer. 30:7).  It’s important that God’s servants today warn His chosen race of the dangers that lie ahead so that they will be “saved out of it.”  Locating and identifying the modern Israelite nations is a key to understanding their future through prophecy.  It was mentioned recently that nobody preaches the prophetic word anymore and that may be due to two things: a lack of knowledge and/or an increase in knowledge that requires sifting through the reams of garbage.  Prophecy cannot be discerned without key elements.  This fact alone automatically eliminates the modern counterfeit known as the IsraeLIE state in the Middle East, because when talking about prophetic Israel, we are talking about twelve nations, not just one.  Keep in mind also that “Blindness in part has happened to Israel” (Romans 11:25) and the part that isn’t blind is Christian Identity.  Remember this also, because the jews certainly don’t, “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Rev. 19:10.  Most White people today don’t know that they’re the true Israel, while ignoring Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 that says there will be imposters, “The blasphemy of them who say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan.”  It wasn’t enough for the jews to falsely claim themselves as the tribe of Judah; no, they had the gall to claim all of the tribes.  The word ‘jew’ falls into the category of garbage information because of its sloppy and inept usage.  Our people are dumbed down to think one tribe is twelve.  Is that bad math or what?  Or maybe it’s chutzpah or a lie so big that it can’t fail. 

There’s a reason why certain nations are blessed with abundance and freedom, while others struggle with poverty and oppression.  There’s a reason why certain small and insignificant nations have suddenly risen to global prominence, while the aforementioned once-powerful nations with long and glorious histories have receded into disgrace and degeneracy.  They, the mongrel, have become the head, while we, the pedigree of God’s elect, have become the tail.  That’s what happens when you succumb to the theory of a level playing field under jewish communism.  That’s where the communists took South Africa by violent means and that’s where Obama is taking America.  But, I’m getting ahead of the story. 

Let’s look at the clues God has given us.  Jacob gathered his twelve boys together to tell them about their posterity’s future and this is what he told Naphtali in Gen. 49:21 KJV, “Naphtali is a hind let loose: he gives goodly words.”  That’s it!  There are various other translations, but the analogy is made with a hind or deer or as in the case of South Africa, a gazelle (a very quick animal), which is a simile for a warrior who is skilful and swift in his movements, who is neither hunted or grown slim, but let loose and running free, suggesting little or no hesitation in fighting for what was right.  The people of Naphtali were famous for being great runners and hence traveling long distances.  In the latter part of verse 21, Ferrar Fenton says Naphtali “Has the gift of eloquent speech.”  This may be an allusion to their militarism and risking their lives in joining forces, who at first was timid like a deer, but when committed to the battle, sprinted into action with their kinsmen Zebulon to defeat the Canaanite host of Jabin and thereafter was celebrated with the song of Deborah (Judges 5:2-31), providing the lyrics and sung together with the prophetess. 

The meaning of the prophecy seems to be that the tribe of Naphtali would be located in a territory so fertile and peaceable, that, feeding on the richest pasture, he would spread out, like a deer, branching antlers or as the Septuagint renders Naphtali as “A tree full of shoots, sprouting out beautiful branches.”  The song describes “The genius, disposition, and manners of the tribe, who were kind and loving, swift and expeditious in their affairs; lovers of liberty, well spoken persons, humane, affable, courteous, of a good address and pleasing language” bl– Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible. 

Following the completion of the conquest of Canaan by the twelve tribes of Israel circa 1200BC, Joshua allocated the land to each respective tribe.  The tribe of Naphtali was one of the last tribes to receive their promised land being that it was geographically the most northern territory.  Ironically, they were one of the first tribes deported by the Assyrians centuries later because they were the closest.  But, this swath of land may have been the choicest of landscapes throughout the whole of Israel.  This region, bordering the Sea of Galilee, was the highly fertile plain of Gennesaret (which literally means ‘a garden of riches’), characterized by Josephus as ‘the ambition of nature… an earthly paradise… having very rich soil.’ 

The prosperity of this situation was seemingly prophesied in the ‘Blessing of Moses’ to the twelve tribes in Deut. 33 and in verse 23, we read about our subject: “And of Naphtali he said, O Naphtali, satisfied with favor, and full with the blessing of the Lord; possess you the west and the south.”  This is not an easy Scripture to understand as there’s a multiplicity of interpretations.  But, the one that I found most plausible and dove-tails with Christian Identity is that the land and people of Naphtali were most beautiful, depicted as the ideal image of God in both landscape and personality.  This may have respect to the temporal happiness of this tribe, which had a remarkable share in the favor and good will of God, and in the blessings of His goodness.  Scarcely any of the tribes were more favored in particular by the wondrous mercy and kindness of God, than them and the tribe of Zebuln to their southwest.  But the innuendo here is something more than what was intended for that point in time. 

It doesn’t make any sense that they would possess the south and west of the land of Israel, because that land was allocated to the other tribes and they were in the opposite location i.e. to the north of their kindred.  To their west was the tribe of Asher and to their south was Zebulon.  They were an inland country, but their neighbors were seafarers, especially Asher having the port cities of Tyre and Sidon.  Therefore, the blessing Moses described may have been in regards to the commodities from navigation and trade that the other tribes supplied them with in exchange for the fruitful produce from their rich soil that they had in abundance; keeping in mind something similar and yet future.  The Hebrew word for ‘west’ is yam (#3220) and means “a sea.” In regards to the sea and the word ‘south’ (with this prophetic theme) we can see an affiliation perhaps with the tribe of Dan, who were well known as seafarers.  This all suggests an inheritance that combines the advantages of the sea with the grateful warmth of the south.  Is it just coincidence then that by way of navigation the tribe of Naphtali found its way to the southern tip of Africa and possessed a fertile land similar in nature to their old home in Israel?  The ‘west’ is also the place where the sun sets and a Hebrew expression for a ‘place of darkness.’  Africa is known as the dark continent and I think I’ve said in the past that the Good News of the Gospel were never intended for Africans and by that I meant the indigenous negro, which lived just about everywhere with the exception of what is today South Africa.  It wasn’t until the White man brought civilization to this particular area, that the negro had any interest in it.  It can be truly said that, “The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not” John 1:5.  The ‘south’ spoken of here could also refer to the warmth of God’s Spirit as a comforting and productive influence in their daily lives.  It takes warm weather to produce good fruit and spiritually we strive to restore the earthly paradise, a land of good tidings, a land of milk and honey, a wilderness and desert that shall rejoice and blossom as the rose (Isaiah 35:1).   

All the tribes of Israel struggle with their God ordained destiny.  The tribe of Naphtali perhaps more so than the others.  In Strong’s Concordance the meaning of Naphtali (#5321) is ‘my wrestling.’  In other words, something is obtained through wrestling.  “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against… rulers of darkness” Eph. 6:12.  I think there’s a racial message here in which God is telling us to not fight against our own race, but rather the evil machinations of non-White powers.  But, we can only realize a physical victory spiritually, having our priorities right with God.  Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord before his name or nature was changed to Israel, which means ruling with God, specifically a man of high degree having power with God.  In the Naphtali experience, a great change is appropriate and necessary after years of wrestling with the flesh nature of mankind.  Naphtali was the sixth son of Jacob; therefore taking into account that the number six represents the number of man, this tribe may be a microcosm, a precursor or maybe an example for the rest of the tribes of Israel to pay attention to.  As Naphtali goes, so goes the rest of Israel.  They are not going very well right now and is why I was compelled to give this message.  I implore White people everywhere to pray for the White people of South Africa; they are our people, our blood relatives.  Christian Identity is not just constituted of Ephraim and Manasseh.  Israel’s destiny is to champion God’s will upon the earth and right now nobody is doing a very good job of it, except for the Remnant whom God has in His military reserves, the fighters who fight the good fight.    

William Finck makes a clear case for the identity of the Phoenicians as being none other than Israelites -  Many inscriptions they left behind in their explorations attest to the language of the Hebrews, recognizing the God of Israel and thus extraordinary seafarers, a great maritime people.  Not all of the Israelite tribes remained in the lands given them and neither were they expected to.  Zebulon, Naphtali’s neighbor to the south, was prophesied to “Dwell at the haven of the sea, and he shall be for a haven of ships” Gen. 49:13.  If the Phoenicians were another people, they would have lacked a land base in Palestine.  That land base was occupied by the seafaring tribes of Israel, namely Asher, Zebulon, Dan and Naphtali.  If Naphtali was to be “let loose” as we read in Gen 49:21, it would logically be from their inherited land in Palestine. 

There was still one little snag, a racial snare for the Israelites. A theme that would plague our race incessantly through time.  To the west of Naphtali was Asher with the ports of Tyre and Sidon.  Sidon was the firstborn of Canaan and racially mixed.  God commanded Israel to completely destroy all of the Canaanites, but in the days of the Judges, remnants of ethnic Sidonians, whom Israel failed to wipe out, were there to sorely vex God’s people.  Just as our people do today, they turned to urban flight (aka White flight) and didn’t deal with the problem.  Today, we’ve practically run out of greener pastures to move to.  For this transgression, God punished them by removing them from the Promised Land.  So there were escaping Israelites before the Assyrian captivities and a second wave of migrations after their deportations, which historians call the Diaspora (and has nothing to do with jews).  These are the people whom Jesus called the lost sheep of the house of Israel and they were now in the world i.e. nations of White people.  That’s who Christ came for (Mt. 15:24).  Nothing could be more analogous to God’s Covenant People being cursed with an alien element than in South Africa. 

Well, you might be wondering: how did Naphtali wind up being South Africans?  They must have had a close relationship with their brethren Zebulon to the south as prophesied in Deut. 33:23.  They no doubt resided in Europe along with the rest of the Israelite tribes who took up their respective residencies and kept a close proximity to Zebulon.  The early European settlers of South Africa were Huguenots from France, Germany and especially Holland.  A study of Holland will reveal its identity as the tribe of Zebulon.  The early Boer (which means farmer) pioneers of South Africa were the dominant European element and primarily came from Holland, still speaking an archaic form of Dutch.  The Boers were strong Bible believing Christian Huguenots and left Europe for religious freedom, much like the Puritans fleeing to America.  Holland/Zebulon was a “haven” for both groups. 

The Boers form of government and lifestyle was a conscious attempt to model their lives on Holy Bible.  We can also connect the dots between the two tribes with the diamond (yahalom in Hebrew), the precious gemstone representing the tribe of Zebulon in the breastplate of the High Priest in the Temple.  South Africa is a major supplier of diamonds to the world market and Holland is the marketplace of cutting and marketing of diamond jewelry.  Unfortunately, the jew has made diamonds their monopoly with a sordid history of death and human misery.  The Boers established themselves in an empty land.  The Zulus and the British began moving in and there were inevitable clashes.  The Dutch empire was founded on trade, which soon made them prosperous in spite of being small territorially.  Holland was one of the first countries to adopt the reformed Protestant faith, and suffered much persecution as a result.  After the country became independent of the Hapsburg (Catholic) dynasty, it became a refuge for those who were suffering religious persecution like the Huguenots. 

With the advent of the printing press, Holland had some of the first printing presses, which facilitated the publication of Bibles and thus fulfilling the prophecy of Judges 5:14, “Out of Zebulon they that handle the pen of the writer.”  Likewise Isaiah 9:2, “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them has the light shined.”  Although this prophecy was meant for Zebulon and Naphtali, it also refers to all the tribes of Israel who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Kinsman Redeemer. 

I’ve written a narration of the Battle of Blood River and the underlying document of that period was a covenant made called Vow of the Voortrekkers, in which the Boers promised to memorialize in perpetuity if God would deliver them from the Zulus.  A lot has happened since 1838 and today’s young White South African is about as aware of this piece of paper as young Americans are aware of the Mayflower Compact.  May today’s message resonate with the mercies of Heaven and know that not all of Israel has forsaken His many deliverances.  Let our congregation be the proxy to honor that ‘Day of the Covenant’

With the discovery of gold and diamonds in the latter part of the 19th century in South Africa, the seclusion of the Boers was coming to an end by an invasion of carnal-minded foreigners.   As often happens in history, important aspects of the Anglo-Boer conflict came to light only years after the fighting had ended. In a masterful 1979 study, The Boer War, British historian Thomas Pakenham revealed previously unknown details about the conspiracy of British colonial officials and jewish financiers to plunge South Africa into war.  The men who flocked to South Africa in search of wealth included Cecil Rhodes, the renowned English capitalist and imperial visionary, and a collection of ambitious jews who, together with him, were to play a decisive role in fomenting the Boer war. 

Barney Barnato, a dapper, vulgar fellow from London's East End (born Barnett Isaacs), was one of the first of many jews who have played a major role in South African affairs. Through shrewd maneuvering, by 1887 he presided over an enormous South African financial-business empire of diamonds and gold.  In 1888 he joined with his chief rival, Cecil Rhodes, who was backed by the Rothschilds, in running the De Beers empire, which controlled all South African diamond production, and thereby 90 percent of the world's diamond output, as well as a large share of the world's gold production.  In the 20th century, the De Beers diamond cartel came under the control of a German-Jewish dynasty, the Oppenheimers, who also controlled its gold-mining twin, the Anglo-American Corporation.  With its virtual world monopoly on diamond production and distribution, and grip on a large part of the world's gold production, the billionaire family has ruled a financial empire of unmatched global importance.  It also controlled influential newspapers in South Africa.  So great was the Oppenheimers' power and influence in South Africa that it rivaled that of the formal government.

Defying the prevailing racial sensibilities of the period, General Kitchener supplied rifles to native black Africans to fight the White Boers.  Eventually the British armed at least 10,000 blacks, although the policy was kept secret for fear of offending White public opinion, especially back home.  As it happens, the blacks proved to be poor soldiers, and in many cases they murdered defenseless Boer women and children across the countryside.  The fate of the Boer women and children who escaped the hell of the internment camps was therefore often more terrible than that of those who did not.

A crusading 41-year-old English spinster, Emily Hobhouse, visited the South Africa camps and, armed with this first-hand knowledge, alerted the world to their horrors.  She told of the internees "Deprived of clothes... the semi-starvation in the camps... the fever-stricken children lying... upon the bare earth... the appalling mortality."  She also reported seeing open trucks full of women and children, exposed to the icy rain of the plains, sometimes left on railroad siding for days at a time, without food or shelter.  In some camps, Hobhouse told lecture audiences and newspaper readers back in England, "Two and sometimes three different families lived in one tent. Ten and even twelve persons are forced into a single tent.  Most had to sleep on the ground.  These people will never ever forget what has happened."  She also declared, "The children have been the hardest hit.  They wither in the terrible heat and as a result of insufficient and improper nourishment... To maintain this kind of camp means nothing less than murdering children."  Altogether the British held 116,572 Boers in their South African internment camps, that's about a fourth of the entire Boer population, nearly all of them women and children.  After the war, an official government report concluded that 27,927 Boers had died in the camps - victims of disease, undernourishment and exposure.  Of these, 26,251 were women and children, of whom 22,074 were children under the age of 16.

As the year 1900 drew to a close, British forces held the major Boer towns, including the capitals of the two republics, as well as the main Boer railway lines.  Paul Kruger, the man who personified his people's resistance to alien rule, had been forced into exile.  By the end of 1901, the Boers' military forces had been reduced to some 25,000 men in the field, deployed in scattered and largely un-coordinated commando units.  The hard-pressed defenders had only a shadow of a central government.  In the spring of 1902, with their land almost entirely under enemy occupation, and their remaining fighters threatened with annihilation and militarily outnumbered six to one, the Boers sued for peace.  In 1902, the Boer leaders concluded 33 months of heroic struggle against greatly superior forces by signing a treaty that recognized King Edward VII as their sovereign.  The boundless greed of the jewish "gold bugs" coincided with the imperialistic aims of British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain, the dreams of gold and diamond baron Cecil Rhodes, and the political ambitions of Alfred Milner.  On the altar of their avarice and ambition, they sacrificed the lives of some 30,000 people who wanted only to live in freedom.  At its core, Britain's leaders were willing to sacrifice the lives of many of her own sons, and to kill men, women and children in a far-away continent, to add to the wealth and power of an already immensely wealthy and powerful worldwide empire.  Few wars during the past one hundred years were as avoidable, or as patently crass in motivation.

South Africa Coat of Arms pre-2000

Again, how do we know White South Africans are the tribe of Naphtali?  We are helped immensely with the precise methodology of heraldry and the hand of God.  Nothing goes into heraldry without a reason in order to specifically identify a people, even non-White people as we’ll see shortly.  No other tribe of Israel is given the symbol of the deer except Naphtali:  “Naphtali is a hind [deer] let loose.”  If we take a look at the National Seal of South Africa as it appeared in 1910 and lasted until 2000, their coat of arms reveal the following:  There are two antlered deer, the Springbok or gazelle on the left and the Gemsbok or antelope on the right, thus two witnesses to establish the matter.  The shield in the middle represents the four provinces i.e. the figure of hope with an anchor (which all good seafarers equip their boats with) is the Cape of Good Hope; the two wildebeasts is Natal; the wagon is Transvaal; and the orange tree is the Orange Free State Republic.  Above the shield is an armored helmet, which is perhaps the most important of putting on the whole armor of God, to protect and defend their consciousness to God and a mentality to separate themselves from evil.  On top of the helmet is identified by experts as a Dutch lion, also employed in the heraldry of Holland, that is defending the unity of four sticks (the four provinces) bound together, as in a fasces (from which we get the word fascist; and which is seen behind the podium of our own US Senate).  At the bottom, the words ‘ex unitate vires’ is interpreted to mean ‘unity is strength.’ 

In order to preserve the White minority and therefore preserve the country, the policy of racial separation was introduced in 1910.  As a backlash, the ANC, a radical black communist organization formed, fomenting unrest and uprisings throughout the country.  In 1989, the last president of the old South African government capitulated and handed his country over to the ANC.  An important reason for the collapse was years of economic and trade embargos by other White nations.  Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian jew was the primary handler for the ANC and secured the release of terrorist Nelson Mandela, who had been in jail for 27 years for killing White people. 

In the meantime, de Klerk had to deal with growing criticism from his own National Party. To counter that, he had his policy confirmed in a referendum voted on by the White population. Almost 70% supported a continuation of the reforms.  The White South Africans voted for their own demise.  Mandela was inaugurated on the 10th of May 1994 as the first black African President of the New South Africa.  Ask yourself, why?  Why would the White South African's betray themselves.  Was it just for economic reasons?  There has to be more.  And of course there is.  Much more that the "history" books don't tell you.  Mandela and the ANC terrorized the White population for years.  Why do I say that?  Because, the ANC's "struggle" include burglaries of private homes, car thefts, robbery, rape and murder.  Wasn't the ANC's problem with the government, the "White" power structure?  But they committed these crimes against the citizens.  In a recent American news report, they said Mandela was in jail for fighting Apartheid.  No, he was in jail for bombing and murdering people.  The ANC also used crime as a way of funding their activities.  Mandela's communist ANC's plan, their slogan and their strategic aim was to make the country ungovernable.  The White countries of the world played right into their commie hands.  We put economic sanctions against South Africa.  We strangled them financially while Mandela terrorized them physically.  Shame on us!  It is only right that God would impose the same reign of terror upon the race traitors of America with the likes of an Obama. 

Of course, the new black government couldn't have the world knowing that a black run South Africa is a violent South Africa.  So starting in 2000 they forbade the publication of crime statistics until a year later.  Not only that, they starting fudging their numbers.  That's right, they are now trying to hide the true crime of black rule in South Africa.  South Africa is fast becoming a third world country.  They are first in one category.  They are now the rape capital of the world.  A note about the murder statistics, because of the fudging of numbers; it's difficult to know the true murder rate in South Africa, but international studies have shown that South Africa is eight time more violent than comparable average countries on the planet.  The United States has around 300 million people and 16,000 murders per year.  South Africa has 45 million people and an official murder rate of 18,000 per year.  Some estimate the number is at least twice that high.  Mandela was responsible for a bomb going off in a shopping center at rush hour where 19 civilian families died and 200 more wounded; for necklacing, putting a gasoline soaked tire over the victims head to bind their arms and setting it on fire; for burning families in their homes in Soweto; for operating what amounted to a protection racket among black South African businessmen and torturing dissidents at ANC gulags in Angola, something even Mandela has admitted occurred, although he’s never apologized or regretted it.  The prophecy of Deut. 4:30, of tribulation in the latter days, is coming to pass. 

The New South Africa Coat of Arms 2000

The heraldry of the savage beast is also revealing.  Please observe the components of the New South African coat of arms introduced in April, 2000.  Overall, there are two egg shapes signifying fertility, formed by the elephant tusks and wheat.  The words at the bottom are in the Khoisan language of the Ixam, a primitive tribe resembling the bushmen of Australia, and says ‘diverse people unite.’  In the middle we see a gold shield with two human figures (who are not White) in red ochre; gold has become the spiritual identity and national symbol of the New South Africa; above the shield are the weapons of the savage, a spear and a club that serve as the legs of the bird, which is called a secretary bird, a predator like the vulture and buzzard and akin to black rule… it has the pagan design and intent of portraying the Phoenix, rising from the ashes; the body of the bird combines several features with a triangle or pyramid with a red capstone i.e. Edomite rule, and the lower half is the protea flower, integrating the pyramid as their emblem of power, which looks like the facets of a diamond; on the very top is the rising sun denoting rebirth and pagan sun worship. 

My friend Nathan in South Africa sent me a picture of the coat of arms for the Transvaal and he made the comment that he always thought South Africa was a branch of Ephraim and he said that if the wagon was replaced with the bull, you would have the four main figures that represent Israel.  But John Bull, England’s Uncle Sam, has not been a very good relative as we’ve learned.  They really had no business spoiling the prophetic inheritance reserved for Naphtali.  The bull is assigned to Ephraim (Deut. 33:17) who when ‘let loose’ is as if it were in a china shop, not having the demeanor of being satisfied with the favors of God (Deut. 33:23).  When Cromwell let that awful jew Menasseh ben Israel put the bug in his ear to let the antichrists back into England, it would wreak havoc in the centuries to come.  Did you know this jew contrived the mystical assertion that the American Indians were the lost tribes of Israel?  By completing the dispersion of the jews, it was thought that Cromwell himself could hasten the messianic age.  But, the fact is, integration and unchristian abolitionists would be a major factor in egalitarian theories and the human rights movements, which have done more harm than good.  The amalgamation of the races is bringing forth a New World Order for the jew not White Christians.  And therefore, the real Israel is being robbed and spoiled by those who hate us. 

When the Bible presents Scripture on Israel, God means all the tribes of Israel, not the parasitic state of IsraeLIE, created by a resolution from a godless United Nations.  When the Bible presents Israel’s punishments, curses, preservations, blessings, and prophecies, it speaks of the trials and tribulations of a once covenanted race of people, who lost their way.  Great Britain and America were witnesses for God’s grace, love and power, but they stopped.  In fact, rather than separating from those who are destroying us, we are separating ourselves from the only Salvation that will save us.  They are so infiltrated with the synagogue of satan, that they only give lip service.  Aliens ruling over us, those not of our own kind, are a curse and a prescription for a time of Jacob’s trouble.  The antichrists want to move forward with their plans, but if you’re a Christian, you know deep down in your heart that it denies God’s plan for the ages.  Naphtali could be “Full with the blessings of the Lord,” but she’s running on empty.  She needs our prayers to run fast and wrestle against the rulers of darkness in their hearts, in their homes and in their nation. 

Let us pray: O Father in Heaven, our brother Naphtali in South Africa was once delivered by thy mercies from the merciless heathen, surrounded and outnumbered; and yet it was their faith that must have caught your attention, their vow to covenant with their Creator was for a season and another generation knows not the Battle of Blood River.  We will remember Lord.  We will proclaim to the world that our God, the God of Israel, reigns.  Lord, your sovereign grace rises above all known things in the mind of man.  For that truth, we humble ourselves in the earnest expectation of thy Word, that we may repent as a people and turn our face to the promises and a better day.  We give thanksgiving as all things work together for good.  Let us see the good and practice it daily.  Surely what is happening to Naphtali is likewise befalling us.  We beseech thee to refresh our memories; of a truth we confess Hosea 4:6, “Seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”   Therefore, at this late hour, we pray for divine intervention and a great awakening.  Amen.