November 2012

You Eat What You Are Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading: John 21:15-17

A hummingbird does not eat hamburgers.  A cow does not eat hamburgers; if it does, it becomes a mad cow.  Cannibals eat other cannibals.  Wolves eat sheep; that’s what they do.  From our Scripture reading today, would you eat what Peter had to feed you?  This is not going to be a sermon on the dietary laws per se, but rather how the dietary laws are an allegory for what we are.  Last week we were asked what our responsibilities are.  I don’t think that question can be answered unless we know who and what we are.  When I ask you, “What are you?” I am asking you in reference to the dietary laws.  Are you clean or unclean?  Jesus said we are sheep.  Are sheep clean?  Yes, they are.  Are wolves clean?  No, they are not.  Are you a wolf or a sheep?  This sermon is dedicated to the lost sheep of Israel.

You Eat What You Are

by Pastor Mark Downey

The vital aspects of consumption for both spiritual and physical will determine whether you are clean or unclean.

Part 1: A look into the dietary laws of Deuteronomy and Leviticus and how the clean and unclean leads to an understanding of how to discern righteous and unrighteous beliefs.

Part 2: The story of Peter and Cornelius; how Ezekiel explains idols of the heart; the occult presumption of authority