O Stranger, Where Art Thou?


by Pastor Mark Downey

Revised May 2013

Scripture Reading: Exodus 12:37-43

Salvation of colored people and mulattos was not of too much concern to the average White or White Christian until about a century and a half ago when abolitionists caused the death of over half a million White American soldiers. Through the millennia philosophers, emperors and a priestcraft had the luxury to pontificate over the status of non-Whites in the scheme of world events. In contrast, the average White man’s only consideration was providing for his family in a hostile world. Since the White man’s only focus was for his own kind, caring about the welfare of other races, whether it was their past, present or future status, had to be pounded into their minds through any means.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to the Christian Identity community then, that the White person who discovers his biblical heritage as the Israel people of Scripture and has not yet developed a racial consciousness, because of a lifetime of brainwashing, innocently inquires about the salvation of other races, especially if they have been reared in the catholic/orthodox judeo-Christian churches or given k-12 years of public indoctrination/education.

One aspect historians love to dwell on is that the negro was saved from slavery (although the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution made slaves of us all, regardless of race). And yet very little attention is paid to the cost of that deliverance (from a civil war) nor to its adverse after-effects.

Tyranny has always been buttressed with a religious class of priests subservient to the tyrants. The ultimate goal of tyranny is to rule the world regardless of differing races, religions or forms of government. That’s why the nonsensical misnomer of “the human race” is reiterated ad infinitum. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Couple that with Franklin Roosevelt saying, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way” and you have the main construct for a totalitarian regime. We’ll see that there are two very different plans for controlling people and ruling the world, albeit God is in control of both.

Catholics were so notorious for regulating who went to heaven or hell when they died, that it caused a major protest for reform; it was called the Protestant Reformation. At that point in history (1517 AD), the doctrine of Salvation had become totally corrupted as an issue regarding the hereafter. The doctrine of Salvation is even more convoluted and perverse today through racial reconciliation according to the dictates of those pushing for one world government. Why would possible rulers of the world care about the particulars of religion? Because they know that if the truth of God's Word were known, they would be out of business and probably swinging from the nearest lamppost. They only want the illusion of freedom and happiness.

But our book says, "The truth shall make you free." The illusion is that if you obey the 501c3 state sanctioned church, you will go to heaven when you die, regardless of race. The truth is: no White man is going to God's abode in heaven; so why should any non-White go there? "No man hath ascended up into heaven, but... the Son of man [Jesus] which is in heaven" John 3:13. When we die it is the cessation of life. Psalms 115:17 tells us, "The dead praise not the Lord." It was the serpent's lie in the Garden that ye really wouldn't die. But guess what? They died!

The truth is that eternal life is an entirely separate issue from Salvation. The word ‘salvation’ has been hijacked by the priestcraft to bring in “another gospel” and “another Christ”. I know this may come as a shock to those who have been programmed and brainwashed into thinking heaven or hell are final destinations. But it is not in harmony with the clear teaching of the resurrection of the dead. This is how the Bible defines death: “His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth, in that very day his thoughts perish” (Ps. 146:4). We are not resurrected from a conscious state of mind whether it’s a torture pit of fire or a lofty cloud in outer space. We stop breathing, we’re buried in the ground and our minds stop functioning. We cannot be awake in heaven and then be resurrected from the dead.

But this paradox is often not enough to snap somebody out of their hypnotic state of mind. Mind control is triggering a thought with just one or two words like heaven or hell. Pavlov proved this mechanism with a bell making dogs salivate. The post hypnotic suggestion is the repetition of what the hypnotist wants you to think. This is accomplished with a barrage of media images absorbed into the subconscious. Do you really believe these would-be tyrants are going to tell the truth about the Word of God? They’re not going to do that. They’re going to provide a gullible public with a fantasy world where words like heaven and hell and salvation conform to their purposes not God’s. The average person upon hearing this new revelation will regress into cognitive dissonance and relapse into a myriad of ghost stories seared into their memory banks. This message is to help the lost find their way out of the maze.

Even the bipolar theory of dualism is skewed in its understanding of the word ‘heaven’ from which a ‘fallen angel’ fell from and became a supernatural superstar of evil not much different than the mainstream matrix church version of God’s primary adversary. Heaven has more than one definition in the Bible and that’s why we’re told to “rightly divide the word of truth.” Was the Son of God sent to save us from our mortal enemies or from supernatural characters falling to earth from heaven? The word ‘heaven’ in the Bible is often times a euphemism for an elevated place in government where men act as if they were messengers of God. Or as in the case of Nimrod, they think they are God. Some scholars believe Nimrod was colored. If we don’t understand that heaven sometimes means earthly governments, we get uppity negroes running for the most elevated office in the land, in which everything goes to hell. If we don’t recognize the Nimrods in our midst, we can easily allocate salvation to the wrong people. This is the satanic plan of the mystery religions: strange gods rewarding a strange and alien people. If you remove this fraud you cancel the free lunch.

The next time some new person in our movement asks what happens to other races when they die, you can tell them nothing happens to them other than rigor mortis. “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth hath He given to the children of men” Ps. 115:16. That’s us folks! That may be to the dismay of some because of the religious and secular conditioning to accept and tolerate the not so sacred concept of ‘we were all created equal’ by God, on earth as it is in heaven. That’s why they still think other races can be saved, even though they’ve gotten a glimmer of truth about their own identity. They don’t know their place. They can admit race mixing is wrong, but will integrate God’s abode in heaven. They need to get the whole truth that the so called ‘equality of the races’ is not to be found anywhere in Scripture, let alone in heaven.

The truth is: the Bible is about the White race and God’s plans for her exclusively on earth, in this realm of reality. As long as one insists that the Word of God is inclusive of other races, one will never understand the real import of Salvation. That’s because real Salvation does not include other races and I’ll prove that in the rest of this message.

Nobody knows the fate of every single non-White in the world today except God. But, we most assuredly do know that Christ said the Second Coming of the Son of God would be as it was in the days of Noah and Lot. What were they doing back in those days? Well, besides one White Adamic guy and his family building a boat, the people were engaged in an epidemic of race mixing and gross immorality. God sent a flood to destroy them all, except for Noah and his racially pure and moral family. Let’s not kid ourselves. The world in these last days is ripening for the judgments of God and for much the same reason for the same kind of people. Can you believe it? It’s in your face every day. 

I can tell you where much of this universalist babel and confusion stems from: a misuse of words to subvert the intent and context of Scripture. Once again, wolves in sheep’s clothing isolate a word at its face value from a secular perspective, ignoring the inspired and infallible language of God, which will always be superior to anything man writes. But Pastor Downey, doesn’t the Bible tell us to go and “Make disciples of all the nations”? Doesn’t this mean we should share the Bible with everyone regardless of race? No… it doesn’t.

This is what I mean by the subversion of words. If one were to study the Greek word for “all”, they would discover that it means “all of this or that part”, rather than the inclusion of everything. Context is critical when reading the word ‘all’ in a passage. When we read I Cor. 15:22 saying, “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”, it does not suggest that pre-Adamic races were immortal nor does it hint that all races will receive immortality through Christ. The context is clearly all Adamkind i.e. mankind, not all of humanity or the trick phrase ‘the human race’. Only our race inherited mortality from Adam’s fall. Only our race is imputed the righteousness of Christ and thus immortality after the resurrection… “All shall be made alive.” Until that time we should not be preoccupied with things that distract us from being saved from our mortal enemies.

What part of Mt.10:6 don’t the universalists understand? “Go not unto the ways of the gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not; but go ye rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Of course, the dispersed Israelites from the Assyrian captivities were the gentiles or nations that Paul sought in accord with Mt. 10:6. Occasionally, the word gentile means heathens or non-Israelites to whom the apostles were directed not to go. And they didn’t. None of the disciples or early Christians took the Cross of Jesus to China or Africa or any other non-White lands. They well understood the racial meanings and differences between the words ‘man’, ‘brethren’, ‘neighbor’, generation’ etc and the words ‘stranger’ (zuwr), ‘heathen’, ‘beast of the field’, ‘bastard’ etc.

Therefore, it is rather preposterous to assume that words such as ‘all’, ‘every’ or ‘whosoever’ mean racial diversity. The entire Bible is exclusively addressed to one race and one race only. “This is the book of the generations of Adam” Gen. 5:1. The word ‘Adam’ means man (not hu man), so that we can understand mankind to mean the race of Adam. Hue means color and thus human means man of color. God made ‘kind after kind’. In other words, He made all kinds or species separate for His own purposes. It was never God’s purpose to include all races as part of mankind. The world may purpose non-Whites as the “brotherhood of man” (humanity), but the Bible does not make such a claim. “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord” Isaiah 55:8. The word ‘human’ is not in the Bible and should never be confused with the word ‘man’.

What then can we deduce from the following, “All have fallen short of the glory of God”? Is this referring to all races or just mankind i.e. Adamkind? The context throughout Scripture is only those who were given the Law of God that have fallen short of the glory, and thus exclusionary of other races. The Law was only given to one race. “He showeth His Word unto Jacob, His statutes and His judgments unto Israel. He hath not dealt so with any nation; and as for His judgments, they have not known them” Ps. 147:19-20. Now if “Sin is the transgression of the law” (I John 3:4) and Jesus shall “Save His people from their sins” (Mt. 1:21), where pray tell do other races who are not His people get the notion that Salvation pertains to them?

The universalist may respond, “Pastor Downey, the other races are His people also!” That’s not what the Bible declares. “You only have I known of all the families of the earth” Amos 3:2. Of all the races of the earth, it’s only the White race that God relates to as family. That’s why He’s our Kinsman Redeemer. Jesus made the exclusive distinction, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” John 10:27. The only sheep in Scripture is the race of Israel i.e. the White race, who has made Christianity what it is today. Granted, the Kingdom of God has been postponed innumerable times, because His people have fallen short of the glory of God so many times.

The apostasy of race mixing is as abhorrent as mixing other races into God’s Plan of Salvation. Before the sin of race mixing can get its foot in the door, the sin of theological race mixing, by whatever precept of universalism one wishes to impose, is logically condemned before it occurs. The theology of Salvation is important for us to understand because it is not directed at individuals personally, but rather points only to one nation or race of people. This does not excuse personal accountability because the Law pertains to each and every one of us. The false doctrine of universalism is the cause which creates the effect of race mixing. “They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against Me” Ex. 23:33. ‘They live’ in our land and race mixers “ho” after nappy headed gods.

A racially homogenized society becomes antinomian (against law and order) and God’s racial Laws are then ignored. Any church that allows a mamzer to enter their congregation must first change God’s Word/Law (Deut. 23:2). Any city, state or nation that elects strangers to rule over White populations must first rescind the biblical prohibition (Deut. 17:15). This is the spirit of rabbinic change agents who make the Word of God of none effect. Beware of political candidates who promise the wrong kind of change and a clergy that supports them. Billy Graham is the modern role model for would-be Judas’ and a plethora of state sanctioned synagogues pushing a phony heaven and a false doctrine of Salvation. There are many manifestations of universalism, but if any of these teachings are inclusive of other races in God’s Plan of Salvation, then they are either ignorant or malicious towards divine intent.

The Christian Identity movement clearly sees this threat upon America today as well as all the other Israelite nations of the world. The other races are not a congenital God-breathed Spirit-filled race and therefore do not have the compulsion to administrate the Laws of God as does the White race. All of God’s covenants have always been with the same race of people and the New Covenant of Salvation now puts His Law into our mind and hearts (Heb. 8:10). “And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, know the Lord; for all [Israelites] shall know Me” Heb. 8:11. The racial context here is that all the neighbors and brothers of mankind shall know the God of Israel. The wished-for universal salvation is resoundingly absent. Otherwise, it would not have used such exclusive qualifying language.

When the adversaries of God and the enemies of the White race attempt to incorporate other races into the promises, they are accounting us as “sheep for the slaughter” (Romans 8:36). Do the promises pertain to other races? Listen and learn from Romans 9:4-5, “Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises… and of whom as concerning the flesh [race] Christ came.”

What are His promises for us? Here are a few. We would become a great and mighty nation. We would become many nations, a company of nations. We would possess the gates of our enemies. Only our race would be the custodian of God’s Word. We would be blessed above all people (races) when obedient to the Law. We would have control of the seas. We would have great agricultural and mineral wealth. We would be God’s battle axe in destroying evil. We would be a people saved by the Lord. There are over one hundred promises, but I think you get the idea.

Galatians 3:16 makes the integral point that the promises were exclusive, “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds [other races], as of many; but as one.” The “seed” of Abraham is singular and refers to his racially pure descendants. “And I will establish My covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee” Gen. 17:7. There’s no mention of an interracial band wagon here.

What would happen if we were to lose any or all of these promises? We would be a people in need of Salvation! Remember that the aforementioned promises do not belong to other races and should they assume any of them, we would be in a world of hurt. And that’s exactly where we are today. They have become the head and we have become the tail. The old adage ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’ is now spread from sea to shining sea. The universal salvation of ancient Babylon, of Baal worship, of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church, of Judaism and it’s bastard church judeo-Christianity, of Freemasonry, of Satanism, of communism, of the New World Order/the global economy, of Martin Luther King’s dream, of ecumenical Promise Keepers, of the church of the NFL boob tube zombie culture, of secular humanism/political correctness and the list goes on and on and permeates our national psyche to the point of self-flagellation.

We are a race in need of Salvation worldwide. If South Africa is any barometer of what the future portends, we should note that it was the theology of racial inclusion that removed Apartheid and opened Pandora’s Box for rampant Black against White crimes of rape, murder and mayhem. Did you know that 1 million out of 3 million White Afrikaners are destitute, unemployable and homeless? That’s what we can look forward to if we continue down the path of amalgamating the Word of God. Are you ready to open your eyes and see what the true doctrine of Salvation is really about?

I had a major epiphany some 20 years ago after reading the Bible 3 or 4 times. I happened to be reading Luke 1:71 and the simplicity of God’s Salvation for Israel hit me like a brick. It says, “That we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us.” No longer are we preoccupied with what happens after we are dead and gone, but what happens to us in the here and now.

The great battles I read about in the Old Testament were precursors for future generation’s salvational needs. There’s not much difference between ‘salvation’ and ‘freedom’ in context to how the Hebrew language was used to describe these events. Our Hebrew ancestors would not be familiar with the Greek, Persian and pagan corruptions of the word ‘salvation’ as incorporated into modern church dogmas. In many Old Testament accounts, Israel was under attack from aliens and was forced to go to war with them lest they lose their freedoms. Israel turned to God for help and believed that the victory belonged to Him not them.

Part 2

Scripture Reading: Obadiah 1:15-16

Following our recent sermon trail of ‘Why We Hate Jews’ or sublimated to ‘Why Jews hate us,’ we can likewise take this short series on the other races to say ‘Why We Hate the Stranger’ or ‘Why the Stranger Hates Us.’  We had a fella in our congregation back in the Northwest who told us one Sunday that he had been sharing his new found Christian Identity beliefs with some coworkers and he said to them, “We don’t hate niggers.”  He had good intentions and by using the ‘n’ word (being that he already had a racial consciousness), he didn’t want us to fall into the hate-filled stereotype that Morris Dees liberally spreads through his hate group in Montgomery, Alabama.  We got a good laugh out of his misstatement, because, in fact, we do hate the other races.  It just sounds so offbeat, because of the brainwashing that our people have been subjected to for so long, that God loves everybody and therefore, we should too.  So when we say ‘we don’t hate the other races,’ it goes along with the flow of socially accepted attitudes.  But, is that what the Bible tells us?  Romans 12:2 says, “Be not conformed to this world.”

In a message like this, it’s always easy for the universalist to cast aspersions with well established buzz words to quench the spirit that God has infused into our genetics i.e. to be perfect in our generations.  As a race, we naturally react adversely to certain things.  Our adversaries have cleverly devised a way in which we deny and suppress what we are in God’s plan for the ages.  Is racial equality part of the divine purpose or is racial discrimination a part of what God has put in our heart and mind? 

In a message like this, it’s really a question about love or hate of the alien stranger.  There can’t be a neutral position.  And that question is always obfuscated by the egalitarian jew who distorts the subject with the idea of slavery, subjugation, brutality and persecution of other races.  They’ll call us zenophobic, just like they call us homophobic, when, in fact, we are just God fearing Christians.  Agape love is the highest form of love in the Bible and it means a duty or responsibility, especially that we keep God’s Law.  “There is no greater love than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13.  The Greek word for ‘friends’ is ‘philos’ and it carries the same racial importance as ‘neighbor’ and it is based on experience, suggesting an intimate bonding.  The other races are neither our neighbors or our friends from a biblical perspective.  The ‘doctrine of Baalam’ was an unlawful intimacy.

Hate, on the other hand, simply means opposition, to renounce one choice in favor of another; it doesn’t mean a ‘cracker’ with a whip.  From Kittle’s Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, it summarizes the Greek word ‘miseo’ for the English word ‘hate’ by saying, “Miseo.. has seated within its roots… the fundamental sense of separation or exclusion… usually out of fear of physical or spiritual harm… Anything that comes between a disciple and the master, between God and God’s children, is considered a fit object of ‘miseo.’”  In other words, we are justified to hate the stranger dwelling in our land, because they cause Israel to sin in serving their gods (Ex.23:33).  And why would we not hate something that is called a “snare” unto us.  Are we a prey for some predator?  Judeo-churchianity is completely ensnared with the alien doctrines of devils and jewish fables and there doesn’t seem to be much opposition other than a small voice crying the wilderness called Christian Identity.   

Ye that love the Lord, hate evil!  He preserves the lives of His saints; He delivers them from the hand of the wicked” Ps. 97:10.  Who are the saints of God?  “He [God] exalts the horn [delegates power and authority] of His people, the praise of all His saints; to the children of Israel” Ps. 148:14.  So who are the wicked?  “And I [God] will give it [the temple of God] into the hands of the stranger [#2114 zuwr, non-Israelite] for a prey, to the wicked of the earth; and they shall pollute it” Ezek. 7:21.  The wicked are the strangers with their strange gods and I hate them with a perfect hatred, just as David said, “I count them mine enemies” Ps. 139:22.  I detest the other races dwelling in my land, my Beulah land, the land married to God.  O stranger, where art thou?  You’re at the point of a sword, you’re before the wrath of the awakened Saxon. 

When God said He loved Jacob, but hated Esau, that also included the mixed multitude under the umbrella of red Edom aka jewish communism, a one world government in which Christianity and the White race are eliminated. Do you hate other races voting for a mongrel to rule over you?  Do you hate being the tail and the stranger being the head?  This is the great battle of Gen. 3:15, between a racially pure White race and the world of mongrelization.  The old school Dual Seedline faction of Christian Identity was so preoccupied with Cain being the progenitors of modern jewry, that they forgot the rest of our enemies and opened the back door for a form of universalism in which some quarters think they will be governing the other races; that the other races will somehow be a part of our society.  The Bible doesn’t say we’re going to be ruling over other races; that’s a jewish concept, the Pax Judaica, where every jew will have 10,000 slaves.    

I hate to think that Paradise was integrated as much as thinking that the stranger is going to be with us in the Kingdom of God.  They are either going to try and destroy us or we are going to destroy them.  And my Bible says it’s the latter.  Richard Kelly Hoskins spent 25 years educating those who would listen about the perils of Hinduism, a vile religion of the stranger with almost a billion followers.  The Hindu doesn’t hate anybody except the White race.  They consider us, as does Islam (an even bigger religion of strangers), as White devils who are slated for genocide.  When we are eliminated, that‘s their paradise or nivana.  Their method of destroying us is through racial tolerance; to get us to tolerate their dwelling in our land; to get us to not hate them.  They are compelled to legislate hate crime laws that are designed to pacify God’s Law.

I chose Obadiah for our Scripture reading today, because it’s not only talking about the demise of Edom, but all of the other races as well, because God hates the wicked and we should too.  And that doesn’t mean that they’re loved less.  It means that the two seedlines, us and them, the racially pure and the racially impure, will as Micah put it, having separate faiths i.e. “For all people [other races] will walk every one in the name of his god [Hinduism alone has about 1 million gods and goddesses], and we [the White race] will walk in the name [authority] of the Lord our God [“I am the Lord, there is none else, there is no God beside Me” Is. 45:5] for ever and ever” Micah 4:5.  In Isaiah 56 God is chastising His watchmen who are blind and ignorant, like dumb dogs that can’t bark (V. 10-11) when the beasts of the field (a euphemism for other races) come to devour the land.  The strangers mentioned in verse 6 are identified in verse 8 i.e. “the outcasts of Israel.”  When God said in verse 7, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people,” He was not including the devouring beasts.  God does not mix the holy with the profane.  God sends the alien stranger among us as a rod of chastisement when we disobey His Law.  That’s their only purpose.  When a child is punished, are they thinking ‘I don’t hate that paddle.’

The stranger has no right to the promises of God, any more than a worm.  And that is exactly how Joel describes them, “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, My great army which I sent among you” Joel 2:25.  We have illegal aliens who are devouring America like maggots.  When a Mexican calls home, do you think they’re saying to their families, “Come to America, they don’t hate us” or do you think they’re saying, “Don’t come to America, they hate us”?  Do you think the hate crime laws are for White people who hate the crime of their nation being invaded and plundered?  When we look at our own history, we can witness the resistance to tyranny as obedience to God as far and few between, allowing our nation to be consumed by the ungodly; and we have no one to blame but ourselves and our leaders who have caved into universalism and multicultural diversity.  Wolves eat sheep, that’s what they do.  Parasites eat a decaying body, that’s what they do.  The body of Christ is being consumed from spoilage.   

I’ve mentioned before in other sermons that the stranger has been in a race war with us for years; it’s not something in the future.  The Dept. of Justice has statistics numbering over 1 million White victims of rape and murder by non-Whites in a 30 year survey; and that’s old numbers before Obama.  This is what Peter thinks of the racial alien, “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption” (II Peter 2:12).  Jude likewise makes hateful comments about the racial alien, “But these speak blasphemy of those things they do not know, yet whatever is natural they understand like irrational animals, by these things they destroy themselves” (v. 10).  Peter went on to say in verses 13-14, “And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you; Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children.”  They eat in our restaurants, because we don’t hate them.  Everything the mongrel alien does is lawlessness.  A better translation of Jude 19 says, “These are those making divisions, animals, not having the Spirit” - Christogenea NT.  These are the non-White bipeds whom some of our people think are just like us.  If that were the case, there would be no need for Gen. 3:15. 

To make matters of love and hate perfectly clear regarding the alien stranger, let’s understand what is meant by the ‘rock of offense.’  Let me give you another example of us and them.  In I Peter 2:8 we read, “And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient, whereunto also they were appointed.”  Evidently, there are a people who have a destiny of lawlessness and the contrast is with us in the next verse, which we are quite familiar with i.e. “But you are a chosen generation [race], a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, so that you should show forth the praises of Him [the Rock in the previous verse] who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”  Now some people might be offended by this overt racist distinction, but this is exclusionary language whereby the New Testament church/ecclesia is in fact the nation of Israel.  The alien stranger is offended by the God of Israel, because Jesus Christ came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb can only be with a bride whom the bridegroom loves.  Does that mean our Savior hates the other races?  Yes, they were appointed to be disobedient.  It does not mean that they are loved less and can be a mistress.  It is a biblical principle that lawlessness, which is interchangeable with evil, is detestable and hated vociferously.  “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work, but it prevails in the present until it is taken out of the way” II Thes. 2:7.  The adversaries of God are the strangers, because all they have in the way of religion is their strange gods; our God divorced Israel, because she was whoring after these strange alien gods.  Verse 8 goes on to say that this mystery is going to be revealed and then destroyed, which is in tandem with Obadiah.  If you are offended by Christian Identity proclaiming our hate for the other races, you are offended by the Word of God… ‘a rock of offense.’

The message was always that there was a God in Israel, even when they fell short of the glory.  It goes without saying that in no way is this speaking about antichrist jews who have stolen the name ‘Israel’.  The concept was not of a chosen God, but rather of a chosen people.  Multicultural churches cannot choose a God of universal salvation of whom God has never “saved” historically.  The God of our Bible is never referred to as the God of non-Israelites.  He is always identified as the God of Israel.  Jesus said, “Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you” John 15:16.  What universalists fail to realize is that they cannot force God to choose them or to modify His Plan for the Ages and make non-Israelites the recipients of His saving grace. 

Jesus told the woman, whose racial identity was tainted, in Mt. 15:26, “It is not meet [fair] to take the children’s bread, and cast it to the dogs.”  Today, that would be considered ‘hate speech’, but the “bread of life” is Jesus and was the Word made flesh.  The context is made perfectly clear that He was sent only unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Mt. 15:24).  He is not the God of dogs.  It is unfair to take God’s message from the children of light and redistribute it to the children of darkness.  What happens when you give that which is holy unto the dogs?  They’ll trample it and turn against you to rip you apart (Mt. 7:6).  This is the legacy of jungle missionaries who are viewed as ingredients in a cannibals lunch menu, rather than converting primitives to be “saved” by the ‘bread of life’: that their religious welfare system was a bust and did nothing but feed and breed another generation of thankless demands for more handouts and expanding entitlements.  Whenever the missionary leaves their field of endeavor in third world money pits, the pages of the Bible become toilet paper and the beast of the field reverts to their innate savagery.  Christianity never took root in non-Israelite parts of the world, because God never choose them to be a part of His salvational mission. 

In the Old Testament, Israel became known by what their God did when He saved them time and time again.  After they were delivered from Egypt and were preparing to go into the Promised Land, Moses told them, “The Lord your God is He that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you” (Deut. 20:4).  This promise from God was fulfilled through Joshua.  This is what real Salvation is all about!  But if our race “Should help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord” (II Chron. 19:2) such as the vast majority of non-Whites in the world today, then our race can forget about “being saved”.  In the minds of Judeo-Christians, Salvation in Scripture no longer means what it says.  Nonetheless, Salvation is deliverance from trouble and distress.  Our red, white and blue flag should be flying upside down, which signifies a nation in distress.  The mongrel masses are tearing our national fabric apart at the seams.  Our bleeding heart righteousness has become as filthy rags. 

We have received the ultimate Salvation through Jesus Christ, but it’s not anything mystical or being delivered from non-existent mythological creatures.  We are delivered from down-to-earth creatures who hate us.  Jesus re-educated the lost sheep and saved them from the alien doctrines of lying devils and jewish fables and all ideologies and behaviors that offend our God.  His Salvation often includes the destruction of these alien abominations which contaminate the minds of the children of Israel.  In fact, we tear down the altars of the heathen.

We read in the Bible where these false gods are ridiculed and challenged to bring deliverance to the people who believe in them.  You may recall the contest between Elijah and the priests of Baal.  He mocked them as they cried to their god and their god lost the contest.  The point then as now is that the God of the White race is the only God that saves our people.  The Salvation of Christ was not the “peace and safety” of a department of Homeland Security or a state sanctioned 501C3 priestcraft promulgating egalitarian principles, but rather a very pragmatic return to the righteousness of God’s Law in a racially pure Christian Israelite nation.  We should be mocking the gods of multicultural diversity, not our own God of Salvation. 

That He would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve Him without fear” Luke 1:74.  A fearful form of colorblind salvation is the false teachings of churchianity trying to save immortal souls and/or spirits in another dimension of total bliss or total agony, while wickedness in government has a good old time ripping off widows and orphans and shedding innocent blood in no-win wars.  Our people are emasculated to fight against these real life devils, because their busy-body mealy-mouth preachers are occupying their minds with invisible beings in another realm of supposed reality.  Folks, this is the pagan stuff of fantasy and la la land, which makes Christianity the laughingstock of our own racially aware kindred who have not yet come to know the White Power and majesty of Jesus Christ.  The catholic inspired paranoia of fanciful New Age metaphysics enables those in opposition to Christianity and stymies our movement to move away from such nonsense.  The witch doctor/exorcist/sorcerer enjoys a very lucrative business these days, but it’s just Baal worship repackaged for mass marketing. 

If we could turn our attention, as God fearing men and women, to what evil people are doing on earth in the here and now, we might have a better understanding of what it is we’re supposed to be saved from.  Do you want to be saved from mythological spooks and goblins (brought to you courtesy of the alien occult) or do you want to be saved from visible physical shysters and shylocks?  Do you want to be saved from reptilian extraterrestrials and demons from hell or do you want to be saved from Zionist Hollywood and international banksters?  Do you want to be saved from the animalistic non-White crime wave against White people?  Do you want to be saved from 20 million half breeds crossing our borders and taking our jobs?  Do you want to be saved from the parasites of affirmative action and reverse discrimination that suck the life out of our national economy?  Do you want to be saved from the career politicians who commit treason on a daily basis?  Do you want to be saved from the scribes and media whores who make a profession of bearing false witness?  Do you want God’s Law as the law of the land or a continuation of Talmudic case law and admiralty jurisdiction?  Do you want the integrity of your race preserved or a further browning of America?  Do you want to witness the power of Almighty God or Hillary Clinton?   Then I submit to you brothers and sisters in Christ that you want the true doctrine of Salvation to be known far and wide for our people. 

The great Salvation that Christ brought to earth has been compromised and diluted and spoiled with the mongrelization of other salvations repugnant to the White race.  The faith of our fathers has been fumbled and turned to fables.  The next generation has not been given the truth of Salvation; they’re just told ‘Jesus is the answer’.  But it’s the wrong Jesus, because Christ is not the answer for other races being saved.  For example, the book of Obadiah is about the utter destruction of Esau-Edom (the modern jew) as well as every single heathen.  Not some of them, but all of them.  And our people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), whether they cry “Lord, Lord” and claim to have done many wonderful things for other races.  The Kinsman Redeemer will tell them that He doesn’t recognize their self-righteous ‘equality of the races’ and for them to depart from His hallowed ground.

Our people are destroyed for warm and fuzzy feelings about jews and mixed multitudes of genetically scrambled societies.  It is the subhuman antichrist jew who is the foremost purveyor of salvation for other races and hybrid peoples.  When we love and help the ungodly masses of colored heathen above and beyond our own kind of righteous believers, we can expect the wrath of God to judge these terribly misplaced pious values of a Pollyanna apostasy (II Chron. 19:2).

If White people think Jesus was a jew, then they don’t know Jesus and they don’t have a clue.  Jesus said, “I am the door of the sheep… by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved… and find pasture” John 10:7, 9.  Most of our kindred don’t have a key to open the door and act like brats playing ‘trick or treat’ on a Sugar Daddy god.  Our people are knocking on the wrong door and given saccharine dreams resurrecting the Tower of Babel. 

Christians don’t need to “get” saved.  Christ’s Salvation of His people Israel is an accomplished fact, not something we must “get”.  “With all thy getting get understanding’ Prov. 4:7.  The essence of Salvation is that it must come from someone other than us.  It’s been at our fingertips for 2000 years.  But, we have fallen short of the glory in our responding to the great gift of our God.  We should act like a people who are saved and show forth the fruits of His Kingdom by learning and teaching the truth, our history of deliverance.  It’s not that Jesus will be our Savior, but rather that He is our Savior.  If you want to get some understanding about Salvation in modern times, then read about the Battle of Blood River.

For by grace are ye saved through faith” Eph. 2:8.  The same people that were under the Law are now under grace (Romans 6:14).  Who?  “Men and brethren, children of the stock [race] of Abraham, and whosoever among you feareth God, to you is the word of this salvation sent” Acts 13:26.  Universalists may try to wrangle a non-White out of this verse, but it just won’t harmonize with the whole of Scripture.  Let’s not forget that the non-White stranger was to be put to death if they came anywhere near the tabernacle (Numbers 1:51).  The gravity of this trespass is reiterated in four other passages.  In principle, the stranger is to avoid proximity to things that don’t concern him.  Stay away from our race and stay away from the promises that were given to us.  Your distance from us was not nailed to the Cross.    

The problem today is that they don’t know their place, because bleeding hearts have liberally lavished the non-White with a place in God’s Plan for the Ages.  God told the false prophets of old that they put words in His mouth that He never said (Jer. 14:14).  We are told that God does not change (Malachi 3:6).  If there was a change in the status of these strangers, our race would be consumed or destroyed (Malachi 3:6).  Obviously, somebody is trying to change God and remove this serious capitol offense.  Allowing the stranger in our midst serves no other purpose than to slowly whittle away at God’s Law of separation and circumvents the earnest expectation of the creature waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.  A certain road is paved with good intentions, but it’s a dead end.  When are we going to get our act together?

It’s hard to imagine that many can see our way out of this mess or that there even is a mess to begin with.  We are a people who turn to God as a last resort.  When we fall short of the glory of God, God uses other races as a rod of chastisement for our correction.  The remedy of being saved from our enemies and all that hate us rests squarely on how we understand the doctrine of Salvation.  To put it as simply as possible: sin brings judgment; judgment brings repentance; repentance brings deliverance; deliverance is salvation.  True Christianity says that Salvation is based upon the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary.  Animal sacrifices were nailed to the Cross as we now put the blood of Jesus upon the altar of our heart through faith.  We are saved from the effects of sin.  The cause of sin is lawlessness.  The inclusion of other races in God’s Plan of Salvation is not within the provisions of the Law.  Therefore, universal salvation is sin.  We live in a sinful world where the gods of race mixing are diametrically opposed to the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.  Our Kinsman Redeemer is an exclusive Savior to insure that His people do not lose their God-given rights from their transgressions of the Law.

The only thing that will stop the rising tide of color and being drowned in a third world multicultural cesspool is repentance.  We need to vigorously repent of not opposing the stranger with a warrant of contempt.  The first admonition Jesus gave at the start of His three year ministry was, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Mt. 4:17).  In other words, change your thinking because the government of God is fast approaching.  This repentance is only incumbent upon Israel, because she is the only recipient of Salvation, of being saved from the divine judgment, the rod of chastisement, the other races.  How can the other races be saved from themselves when they are the object of what is being delivered from another party?  This divine process cannot be fulfilled if everybody is being delivered, because it doesn’t leave anybody left to be delivered from.  If you have a problem with the concept of racial prejudice (pre-judged), your problem is with God and divine predestination. 

For the Son of Man [Jesus] is come to save that which is lost [i.e. Israel in her captivity and judgment]” Acts 19:10.  “Be it known unto you, that salvation of God is sent unto the gentiles [nations], and that they will hear it” Acts 28:28.  Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice.”  Who are the sheep?  They are the lost of the house of Israel.  These lost sheep were the gentiles or White nations that came out of the Assyrian captivity and migrated west becoming the European nations and later colonizing America.  The mystery of our racial blindness is prophetic and our people won’t know they’re Israel until we are fully overwhelmed by mongrelization (Romans 11:25).  The eye-opener, being ‘better late than never’, shows the love and mercy of the God of segregation. 

The obvious connotation is that not all races are lost.  Some are found smack dab in the heart of where God wants them.  We know Jesus spoke in parables because it was not His intent to give non-Israelite elements the keys of the Kingdom (Mt. 13:11) lest they see and hear and understand and be converted and healed (Mt. 13:15).  Jesus did not come to save all member states found in the United Nations.  The U.N. is antithetical to God’s Plan of Salvation, but is an integral part of God’s prophetic design, which is the destruction of the mongrel Mystery Religions i.e. Mystery Babylon and thereby delivering and saving the “lost” race from it. 

Can we learn anything from our ancient ancestors?  Jeremiah 3:23 speaks of the foolishness of these idolatrous alien nations, symbolized in hills and mountains, hoping for salvation, “Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains; truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel.”  Our race has prayed “Save us, O God of our salvation, and gather us together, and deliver us from the heathen” I Chron. 16:35.  If we do not oppose or hate the stranger in our land, then why would we want to be delivered from them?  Indeed, the polarity of our race and all others is emphasized in Gen. 3:15 where God puts a natural barrier between the offspring of Adam and the offspring of non-Adamites.  Salvation is complete separation from the other races as the psalmist pleads, “Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the heathen” Ps. 106:47. 

The racial barriers that God established have been put asunder throughout the pages of history.  All great White civilizations that have mongrelized, have crumbled in defeat.  It’s just the opposite of biblical Salvation.  Jesus told the Pharisees that their method of interpretation made the Scriptures of none effect.  Likewise, today’s liberal universalists putting the stranger where they don’t belong, makes God’s Plan of Salvation of none effect. 

The Salvation on the Cross was to save us from the trappings of this mysterious and final Babylon in this life.  He died on the Cross to reach the lost, not the dead.  His blood cleanses the heart of man, not the grave.  The foremost threat to our well being is that we may fail to understand that Jesus has already resurrected us from our spiritual graves and saved us from the pagan mindset of priestcraft.  Jesus saves us right now and puts us on the right track.  If we fail to believe all power is inherent in Christ, then we give power to the enemy who will enslave our minds to believe something other than Christ reigning over this earth.  We have been lied to; into thinking Salvation is for the next life and that it’s for all races of the earth. 

My heart's desire is for all Israelites to live in the unity of God’s Spirit. That makes writing these messages difficult. The Bible teaches, "If it be possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all men" (Romans 12:18).  That's the way I want to live. I never go out of my way to start fights, but I will fight for the truth.    Yet, when the truth of the Gospel is at stake, the Bible instructs us to “prove all things” and warn others of dangers.  That’s the duty and responsibility of a faithful shepherd.  Inexperienced Christians today have little hope of avoiding these alien snares and spiritual traps.

The Bible tells us that "perilous times" will come in the last days. We're living in those days right now.  The enemy is using every tool at his disposal to defeat God's plan for the world through Jesus Christ. He doesn't defeat us by direct opposition; he defeats us with tolerance. There's an all out assault against the Gospel of Christ. It's coming from the stranger and his strange gods inside the church, the government, from the media and academia.

The basic teachings of Christian Identity are considered "hate speech."  The "Ten Commandments" are deemed offensive and removed from public view; Christian clergy are being phased out of the military; some churches are removing crosses from their buildings and tossing them in garbage dumpsters because they're an "offensive" symbol. In the final hours of the Church Age, the truth is getting harder to find and a "church" can be a serious threat to your salvation. Yet, the truth is out there.

The Good News is that we were saved for this life to live in the Kingdom now without the heathens raging in our midst.  “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” II Chron. 7:14.