January 2015

An Identity Rebuttal to Jewish Voice Today Part 4


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:35-39

Today's message is the last installment of this series, but certainly not the conclusion of my life's work exposing jewish perfidy nor an end to identity rebuttals proving an endless litany of falsifications and deception by the sworn enemies of God and His true Israel people.  In fact, we must balance the Identity message with as much evidence proving that the biblical and historical Israel can be none other than the White race.  And that will be the focus of forthcoming sermons, which any honest reader will not be able to deny, simply because of a preponderance of factual witnesses.  It will be denied by the antichrist adversaries via judaism and what Lenin called “useful idiots” regurgitating the spirit of hate, hypocrisy and confusion.  Jews have always considered White people as cattle (goyim) and held in the highest contempt, being cynically exploited to subvert our own culture and heritage.  For the limited time and space for this presentation, we've been looking at what the jew has done in the realm of religion to pursue political ambitions.  And there is no better example than the reversal of Gen. 12:3 to falsify the object of that verse, having it pertain to jews by blessing them. The cruel joke is that the more we bless, the more they curse us with their Big Lie.  However, our love for the Truth will overcome Babylon in these last days.