August 2013

State of the Church in Christian Identity


William Finck’s
Christogenea Talkshoe Program for 8-17-13, Saturday 8:00pm

with Pastors Don Elmore and Mark Downey
of the
Fellowship of God’s Covenant People in northern Kentucky

Subject:  State of the Church in Christian Identity

A general discussion about church life in our movement and the importance of worship and fellowshipping together

The Perfect Sermon Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 5:44-48

I don’t mean for the title to sound pretentious, but this is a Bible study on perfection.  To assuage any misapprehensions and to state my case early, I won’t be talking about sinless perfection, for “If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us” I John 1:10.  In today’s reading of Matthew, the point in question is not the sinlessness of God or His Creation of supernatural perfection, but rather our growth into a maturity of godliness; not to be Christ, but to be like Christ.  We’ve seen the bumper sticker ‘We’re not perfect – just forgiven.’  If we were perfect, there would be nothing to forgive.  So what does it mean to be perfect like God?  Do we become gods?  God forbid, that would be the deification of man and there is only one God in Christianity, “There is none else” (Isaiah 45:5).  Obviously, God knew the future and made the #1 commandment to preempt anyone, “Who is opposing and exalting himself above everything said to be a god” (II Thes. 2:4) with “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Ex. 20:2). 

I’m going to show you that we have the capacity to be perfect and that we should have a healthy desire for it, since God requires it of us.

The Perfect Sermon

by Pastor Mark Downey

Part 1:  This is a Bible study on perfection and what Matthew 5:48 means by "Be ye perfect".  The perfecting of Israel is the preparation of the heart for living in the Kingdom of God.

Part 2:  An explanation of "the mystery of the gospel" (Eph. 6:19); examination of "White Supremacy"; and how love will make a Christian perfect.

Part 3:  Our perfect God of Israel is not the god of Trinitarians.  A thorough debunking of the Catholic-jewish-Masonic Trinity and the interpolation of I John 5:7-8.

Part 4:  The phrase 'God's plan for the Ages' is expounded upon and further illustrated with God's original twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Religious Test Part 2


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 66:8

The united States began when God’s punishment upon Israel expired, if you believe the prophecy of 2520 years, otherwise known as ‘the seven times punishment,’ which began in 745BC with the Assyrian captivity and ended in 1776; July 4th to be exact.  Even more specific and interesting, we can calculate the captivity of Manasseh, which is America, going into captivity in 732BC and coming out of that captivity 2520 years later in the year 1789, the ratification of the Constitution.  All of the tribes of Israel went into captivity at different times and all came out of their respective captivities at different times that coincide with the founding of the European nations and their Constitutions.   Do we ignore these numbers or do we do the math and surmise that God is telling us something?  According to conspiracy theorists, were they all subverted by a jewish-Masonic conspiracy or was it just us?  The 1948 IsraeLIE does not compute.  What White Christian Americans have to accept is that God meant for there to be a nation born in a day.  When God gave Israel the religious test at Sinai, He warned them that if they rejected the Law, they would be judged.  Was it just a coincidence that the Declaration of Independence was signed the same year that divine judgment would no longer travail upon His people?  America began in a profound way in the eyes of God and He established His Word through prophecy i.e. a nation born in a day. 

The uncanny parallel between America and ancient Israel was so obvious that virtually every Christian minister in colonial America expounded upon it in sermons and writings.  They clearly held the widespread belief that this new nation was the ‘stone kingdom’ of Daniel with a destiny to finish the work that the Reformation began and ultimately smash the feet of the Babylonian image, which was political Europe and Papal Rome, both based on dictatorial religious tests.  Freedom was hailed as never before as a beacon of light separated from darkness, whether political or religious.  If we are to fulfill our divine destiny in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, we must not forsake the blessings our founding fathers fought for nor misplace the chronology of sins that spoiled their furthering of God’s will.