Speak of the Devil

by Pastor Mark Downey

Have you ever lost something and turned your place upside down trying to find it? And then in futility gave up, only finding it a minute later. Of course, it's the last place you would think to look. Have you ever looked for something in the Bible and opened it to the exact page where it was? Sometimes we cannot find something without God's help, although it is the glory of God to conceal a thing (Prov. 25:2). Likewise, it is the honor of kings to search out a matter.

I'd like to address two issues which are strangely interrelated. The first is the lost sheep of the house of Israel and the other is the supernatural. The latter subject conjures up all sorts of paranormal manifestations, but the truth is: there is only one source for all realities, whether it's walking on water or UFO's. As we take a glance at the history of the White race, we can notice a plethora of cultural mythologies and chronic superstitions.

Suppose Satan is Real

By Pastor Mark Downey

Part 1:  Suppose Satan is Real; What Difference Does it Make?  Indulging in the hypothesis of a personified supernatural incarnation of the devil leads to contradictions and chaos of scriptures.

Part 2:  What if Satan Isn't real? Can Christianity Survive?  Entertaining the idea that other people are our adversaries in life, not silly manifestations of cosmic evil, will go a long way in preserving True Christianity.

Antichrists: Lounge Lizards of Churchianity


by Pastor Mark Downey

I recently had the pleasure of using the word 'antichrist' and was surprised by the backlash of knee-jerk reactions coupled with a lack of appreciation for biblical intent. Most adherents of Christian Identity are not fooled by the eschatology of novocain theology, such as the Rapture and its subsequent terms of endearment like the Great Tribulation and the Antichrist; meaning, of course, some future individual World Dictator as the incarnation of Satan, whose purpose would be to kill the saints of Christ through all the supernatural powers of evil at his disposal. There are variations of what constitutes this Antichrist, depending upon what denominational baggage each church carries.

Identity maintains its position along with the contention of the Protestant Reformation, that the antichrist of scripture was not one man, but a mighty system or organization of men animated by one spirit or motivation. The scriptures give a clear, uncluttered definition of antichrist as anyone who rejects the deity of Christ. Because the word antichrist has become such a buzzword, it could just as well be called anti-messiah, anti-anointed without all the emotional preconditioning.

The Genesis of Satanic Deception

by Pastor Mark Downey

Discussion of organized ways to divide and conquer all cultures of the world. 

Part 1: "Illusions of Government" Wrestling with the problem of occult powers from a biblical perspective.

Part 2: "Animal Magnetism" Exploring the devices men use to replace God in various forms of hypnosis and mass mind control.

Part 3: "The Magick of Occult Societies" How the control of information revolves around the control of mankind.