Part 2: Animal Magnetism


by Pastor Mark Downey

This is a peculiar expression which has taken on so many applications that it may mean one thing to one person and something else to another. But if we go back to the original concept, we can see how it usurps the Word of God. Some of you may think animal magnetism is the romantic relationship between men and women, and others may think it has something to do with unexplainable animal behavior such as migratory sea turtles or birds traveling from one hemisphere to the other. Whenever we don't know exactly how God's creation works, inevitably, some wise guy will try to fill in the blanks. This can easily lead to an apostasy of the imagination. The adversaries of Christianity want you to fall away from reality in your mind. Thus, from all sorts of unusual phenomena in living organisms, they try to dissociate people from God.

The Genesis of Satanic Deception

by Pastor Mark Downey

Discussion of organized ways to divide and conquer all cultures of the world. 

Part 1: "Illusions of Government" Wrestling with the problem of occult powers from a biblical perspective.

Part 2: "Animal Magnetism" Exploring the devices men use to replace God in various forms of hypnosis and mass mind control.

Part 3: "The Magick of Occult Societies" How the control of information revolves around the control of mankind.

Part 1: The Illusions of Government


by Pastor Mark Downey

I'd like to bring forth three ideas to help explain why things are the way they are. The first is the illusions of government, followed by animal magnetism and the magick of occult societies. I don't need to go back 6000 years to find the beginnings of our own adversaries corrupting America through deceit. There's nothing new under the sun for those who believe they shall be as gods. They certainly know and understand the art and craft of evil. They have think tanks of evil geniuses. They manipulate the thinking of the masses. "They" own America through the worst sort of avarice that the Bible speaks of: murderers, liars and thieves. Who are they? I'll get to that in a bit.


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