April 2012

Stand Your Ground Part 2


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Numbers 13:26-32

Jesus gave His Disciples a lawful command to arm themselves and it was as appropriate then as it is now. The countries they were going in to were wrought with dangers, infested with robbers and wild beasts. There’s nothing new under the sun. Wild beast roam the streets of America and rob people of their valuables. I choose today’s Scripture reading in Numbers as a lesson in how not to stand your ground with the exception of Joshua and Caleb. In fact, when God gave our ancestors the Promised Land, He sent them out to observe the gift He had given them. But, what did they do? They complained about how weak and powerless they were compared to the inhabitants of the land. In other words, they were afraid to stand on the ground that God had given them. As a consequence, they spent the next 40 years in the wilderness and never did enter the land of promise. Did White Christian Americans let the savage Indians stop their westward migration from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans? No, they were familiar with the Bible story and saw the American frontier as their promised land.

The pioneers sold their possessions and bought a covered wagon, with provisions and guns to protect them in their journey to find their plot of God’s green earth to settle and raise their families. The thought that God was setting them up for defeat was the last thing on their minds. The only thing on their minds was the “High praises of God in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand” (Ps. 149:6).

Stand Your Ground Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture reading:  Luke 22:35-38

Trayvon, Trayvoff… Trayvon, Trayvon, Trayvoff. Sung to the tune of the popular TV commercial “clap-on, clap-off.” Now there may be some who think I’m being insensitive and disrespectful to the memory of negro Trayvon Martin of which so much media hype, clamoring and hysteria has taken place in the last few weeks. A Mexican looking guy [I have since learned that he is a Peruvian] shoots and kills a negro. So what’s the big deal? It happens all the time and vice versa i.e. blacks shooting Hispanics. To find out what the big deal is one must probe a little deeper into the motives for what these miserable wretches in the media are trying to accomplish. Jesus knew them well saying, “Woe unto you scribes… you’re the children of them that killed the prophets.”

Stand Your Ground

by Pastor Mark Downey

Part 1:  A crucial examination of a real life news story that affects every White Christian and their right to self-defense and bearing arms.

Part 2:  As expected, the national media thinks it can make self defense against the law, but there is a higher law from heaven that will not only guarantee our survival, but the defeat of our enemies. 

Part 3:  Putting the survival of the White race in historical perspective from the Phinehas Priesthood to the French Revolution in San Domingo.