May 2012

The Catholic Menace Part 1


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Acts 8:9-25

The word ‘menace’ means someone or something that is a dangerous threat that is likely to cause harm.  The word ‘catholic’ evokes images of a religion that has been and is a dangerous threat to Christianity that has caused so much misery and suffering and will continue on its path of destruction until it is finally destroyed.  I’ve said many times that catholic is not synonymous with Christian nor is it godly or righteous.  With a long line of abuses and violations of God’s Word, the catholic religion can only be considered an ongoing and persistent evil.  It cannot escape its sordid history.  Once a Christian is informed of why the catholic religion is a counterfeit, they will hate it with a perfect hatred. 

The Catholic Menace

by Pastor Mark Downey

A treatise on why the Roman Catholic church can never be considered Christian; its sordid history qualifies as "the great whore" of prophecy.

Part 1:  Finding the secret origins of the Catholic church, which proves that it was never Christian.

Part 2: Looking at the sadistic nature of the Roman Catholic Church and its unbiblical doctrines that contradict the Word of God.

Part 3:  An examination of Catholicism's false doctrines.

Part 4:  An uncanny parallel between Judaism and Catholicism that brings us to an understanding of Mystery Babylon.

Stand Your Ground Part 3


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading: Numbers 25:5-13

The question that faces Christendom in general and Identity Christians in particular is: what are you going to do when faced with racial violence?  Because of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman incident, one pastor recently declared “The race war has begun.”  But, as I’ve said before, the race war of black on White crime has murdered, raped or robbed over a million White victims in the last 30 years.  What I would like to hear declared is that a Holy War has begun and it can begin within our movement, because whether rightly or wrongly portrayed, the Christian Identity movement has been labeled militant and radical.  I would prefer the moniker of ‘zealous’ for the Word of Truth.  A zealous Christian is not someone who is prone to violence, but is no one’s doormat, and discriminates who walks through his door, allowing mud to be tracked into the house.  The current trend of home invasions would be met with the zealous use of a shotgun.  But, it is not just our home that is under attack, but the whole house of Israel.

Everything in the Bible is there for a reason and the story of Phinehas is no fluke or anomaly.  It’s a model for the zealous believer in the God of Israel.