September 2013

The Perfect Sermon Part 2


by Pastor Mark Downey

Scripture Reading:  Ephesians 6:13-19

Once again the Holy Spirit has brought someone else’s commentary to bear fruit on our understanding of perfection with Paul’s description of the armor of God and specifically verse 19 with the phrase “the mystery of the gospel.’  The brother said this, “Paul was explaining how the scriptures in his day had been manipulated to hide the one fundamental principle of the message from God's word. Paul flatly said he was chosen to reveal this mystery to the nations of Adam. Almost nobody in the Identity movements know, or can say whaft this mystery is, because it was sealed up again until the latter time:  Paul tells us this mystery is so important, it is the ONE thing a believer must learn and believe in order to a) be "established in the faith," b) be "made complete in Christ." Conversely, if one doesn't know this mystery, he IS NOT established in the faith, and he IS NOT complete in Christ. So this mystery is very important.  What is this Mystery Paul is teaching? This means that today, nobody or virtually nobody, is established in the faith of the apostles and prophets, because nobody, that I have found, can state what the mystery is when asked.”

Well, maybe he hasn’t asked that many people in Identity, most of whom believe we are in the latter days, but allow me to offer a ‘perfect’ explanation.