April 2018

Celebrating the Life of Pastor Mark Downey

A Tribute Service to Pastor Mark Downey

Mark Downey passed away from this life on March 26, 2018.  He was nearly a week from his 69th birthday.  He died at home in the mercies of our God, without pain, and in dignity and honor after a long struggle with cancer.  He will be greatly missed by his wife, his church, the men of his prison ministry and many others across the nation and around the world.

The Fellowship of God's Covenant People will hold a Christian Identity tribute service to Pastor Downey on Sunday May 6th at 11AM.  We will conduct our normal worship service with prayers and hymns of praise and there will be shared testimonies and memories of Mark's life and ministry and the impact he made on others as a friend, brother and man of God.  Come join us as we remember him and celebrate his life and his legacy.

Highlights of the memorial service:  Celebrating the Life of Pastor Mark Downey