Christian Identity Basics

Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up? Volume II

by Pastor Mark Downey

Misnomers and False Interpretations

The controversy is between two schools of eschatology (study of the end times); that of the historicists and futurists. The former, as the name implies, explains God's Word in sacred and secular history, both of which is His Story. The Protestant reformers understood correctly, events that had come to pass fulfilling the veracity of scriptures. On the other hand, the futurist disregard the past and place the works of God in the distant future.

Other topics covered in this volume: Migrations; Judgements of Israel; Regathering of the Lost Tribes; The Kingdom

Will the Real Armageddon Please Stand Up? Volume I

by Pastor Mark Downey

The title of this book is a play on words from an old TV game show of the 1960's, To Tell The Truth. The celebrity panelists would try to guess which one of the three contestants was not lying. After questions and answers, the host of the show would ask the real Mr. so and so to please stand up. The bona fide truth teller would rise and the audience would erupt with applause. Today, we see the truth taking a terrible pounding. The treatise of this book is to resuscitate the fight for that which will set us free from the bondage of lies. May the real Armageddon, God willing, rise up and tower over the plethora of falsehoods. Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of this century is the power to change the meaning of words, whereby definitions slip away into an insidious memory hole, after the manner of George Orwell's 1984 (totalitarian mind control). The tragedy is that an entire race, the White race, is being led into slavery and slaughter by the gradual erosion of language. The control of hearts and minds is manifest in an opposite direction of what God intends.

Topics covered: Definition of Armageddon; racial identification of Israel; blessings of Israel; prophecies of Israel


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