A good week with William Finck

June 26, 2015

It was our pleasure to host William Finck and his wife last week for being about our Father's business and fellowship with the FGCP.  We accomplished a Bible study, two podcasts in our home and a Sunday worship service with Bill delivering a powerful message.  The Friday broadcast 'Positive Christianity – part 4,' the Saturday podcast 'White Genocide – Part 1' and the Sunday sermon at FGCP can be accessed at the following links:

Positive Christianity in the Third Reich Part 4 by William Finck

Unity and Divisions by William Finck

White Genocide Part 1, The Ultimate Curse

White Genocide Part 1, The Ultimate Curse Pastor Mark Downey and William Finck

Bill and Mark will continue 'White Genocide' with part 2 this coming Saturday, June 27, 2015,  at 8:00PM (Eastern Time).  You can listen to the program on either Bill's website http://christogenea.org or by clicking on the Talkshoe icon. 

In light of the false flag operation in Charleston, SC, Pastor Mark Downey will begin a new series called 'Dissident Racism in a Crowded Theater,' which will not be showing in your local jew movie houses.  The series begins Sunday, June 28, 2015.