Imprecatory Prayer campaign 2017 Announcement

March 23, 2017
Let the Imprecatories Begin

Today we launch our prayer and fasting campaign against the fake news that threatens the safety of our children's future. To clarify the fasting part, it is entirely optional and you can fast for however long you wish; you don't have to fast the whole 40 days until May 1st. To learn much more about this special Christian Identity Court of Divine Justice, please refer to the sermon delivered on March 5th and the online radio discussion March 11th with William Finck at the following links:

Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive spirit. From our initial information sent out, there has been zero negative response. For the next 40 days, please share with us anything our community may appreciate. On April 29th, I will be doing another program with William Finck at and we will bring forth as many of the imprecatory prayers that you folks have been bringing to the Divine Court of Justice, plus some special Christian Identity guests. Remember that this project is focused and clearly aimed at the Mainstream Media (MSM).

The following was sent to the Mainstream Media on March 20th:

Attention Mainstream Media: The recipients of this declaration are now being given lawful notice to cease and desist from intentionally bearing false witness, slander and deviant journalism. Your agenda is increasingly becoming self-evident that you hate America, hate the White race and hate Christianity. You don't have much time left to repent, i.e. change your evil ways and start reporting the truth. Many of you in the Mainstream Media are atheists and don't believe the God of the Bible can punish evildoers. You would be wrong and whether you report it or not, God's wrath is coming to your doorsteps. The curses will be begin March 23, 2017. You have been warned according to Ezekiel 3:17-19. The time for interviews and programs are over. For years the Mainstream Media has had every opportunity to report the truth about Christian Identity and has only participated willingly in a smear campaign to ruin lives. Now, it is our turn to campaign against you, in defense of our posterity. I will only consider sincere communications by way of email. Hard copies are also being sent so that you cannot plead ignorance. May God have mercy on your wicked souls.

To Whom Pertaineth,
Pastor Mark Downey