New Look for banner 2015Happy New Year as we move one year closer to the Kingdom of God. 2014 was a very productive time of ministering to Israelites in Christian Identity.  We thank you for your prayers and support.  We have started the new year with a new look to our website.  Our inspiration for the coming year is that Jesus Christ is indeed what He says He is: “I am the door of the sheep” John 10:7.  In that Spirit, we have some new sermon messages starting with the 4 part series 'An Identity Rebuttal to Jewish Voices Today' and 'Eye of the Needle.'  Have you ever wondered why it would be easy for a camel to go through a needle?  Check this one out and find out what the deal is with rich people. 

We have added a rotating banner featuring mini-books that I have authored over the years.  The publishing format is not fancy, but the contents will enhance any library.  As you may know, we do not sell anything making merchandise of God.  Everything we do can be downloaded for free.  But, by your kind graces, donations cover a multitude of expenses for hard copy literature. 

Audio messages are also recorded for your edification from our church in northern Kentucky, the Fellowship of God's Covenant People.  From time to time I have the pleasure of sharing the microphone of online radio programs with host William Finck.  Our most recent broadcast was an interesting discussion on 'Walking the Walk' dealing with the realities of God's Law and Order in White societies.  This also developed into a new sermon message titled 'Talking, Walking and Racing.'  Thanking you all again for being frequent visitors to and if you're in our neighborhood on any given Sunday, drop by for great fellowship and worship.