Knoxville Propaganda

by Pastor Mark Downey

Many White people throughout our nation have not heard about the violent and macabre murders of a young White couple in Knoxville, Tennessee, by a group of Negro thugs. Millions of White Americans are unaware of the astronomical crime statistics of black on White crimes that have escalated over the last 20 years.

There's a good reason why our people have been kept in the dark. It's just good business, during a race war, not to inform us about the number of casualties and fatalities. If our people were aware of the numbers, it would be bad news for those who want to destroy us. Have you ever wondered why the perpetrators of crime are never identified by race on the evening news? It's because there would be an overwhelming revelation that crime in America is mainly non-White. It's not very good propaganda for the ideals of multicultural diversity. White people might begin to wake up.

However, hypocrisy and a double-standard is becoming a flashing neon sign for those who observed endless hours of reportage on the Duke lacrosse rape case (in which the White accused were vindicated) compared to the murder-rape-torture case in Knoxville. An interesting development has occurred with the advent of the internet and the flow of information. What happened in Knoxville is becoming a national news story through the internet and the media is being forced into damage control to explain what their editorial priorities were and are.

This story was not just another average murder. From the perspective of those who revel in 'hate crimes', we know that had the race of the victims and the perpetrators been reversed, the hundreds of hours exhausted on drunk Hollywood starlets and a fat lesbian's daily view of the world would have been eclipsed by evil White racists. They would have had an orgy of political correctness. I mean, it's really hard for the media to find a good news story representing how bad White people are.

And yet, there's a hemorrhage of non-White 'hate crimes' happening on an evermore frequent basis. As it happens, Knoxville stands out as an especially heinous and brutal animalistic crime. I hate to report such grim and grisly details of this tragedy, but unless White people are aware of the gravity of such malevolence, the problem will continue to grow unabated. If the national news media were not playing a propaganda game, this is what you would have heard:

On Jan. 7, 2007, Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were on a date and were at the wrong place at the wrong time and were carjacked and then kidnapped to a seedy rental in the "hood" by four Negro males where they both were gang-raped, sodomized and tortured for the next two days and then finally murdered. A grand jury indicted five suspects on 46 counts of murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and theft. Claims of grotesque mutilations have been denied by authorities and autopsy results have been suppressed, although forensics and confessions suggest otherwise. Newsom was shot three times and set on fire with gasoline. The alleged torturers poured toxic chemicals down Miss Christian's throat while she was allegedly still alive. Her battered corpse was found in five garbage bags. Further details will come to light at the trial, but it is outrageous that the trial is being delayed for next year, because of the football season.

Indeed, the outrageous barbarism stonewalled by the local authorities and the media at large have relegated the elements of this horrific crime to a deliberate memory hole. It is a far cry from the police/media sound-bite that it was just a carjacking that got out of hand.

In fact, there is a disturbing Negro organization in Knoxville who plan on coordinating a "celebration of underprivileged blacks who victimize privileged Whites" as a counter-demonstration to White activists planning a protest in memory of Channon and Christopher. The perps are being celebrated as heroes. This should come as no surprise to those who listened to Afrocentric professor Kamau Kambon (aka Leroy Jefferson) at Howard University when he advocated the genocide of the White race. Is this what M.L. King meant when he said, "We shall overcome"?

I can't think of there ever being a prosecution of a non-White for a 'hate crime' against White people, can you? The Bible says there will be those who call good evil and evil good. Psalms 2:1 is more to the point, "Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?" Do you think the majority of prison populations are non-White criminals because they have a congenital propensity for evil or are they just victims of their environment? Either way, the social engineering to experiment with an interracial society has always been the downfall of great civilizations (and a boon for affirmative action criminals).

The racial clash culminates with atrocities like Knoxville. It therefore behooves the White activist to respond to the egalitarian manipulators of public opinion (lies) with sophisticated propaganda i.e. the truth. The truth shall make us free.

Which brings us to the controversial and secular protest on May 26, where the White leader was arrested and the days unorganized event devolved into a shouting contest with communists. Folks, this was bad propaganda for our side and did more harm than good. Propaganda is all about winning hearts and minds to motivate change. Winning is about planning with a purpose. And you cannot plan without a prayer and divine guidance. It is imperative that our purpose is led by the Spirit of God. You see, the other races riot against the will of God and His Laws and people imagine that they are the same as us. It is God who made 'kind after kind' and made the races different. The alien lives among us because our people have turned away from the holy command of separation.

The scribes are not much different today than those to whom Jesus said, "Woe unto you." The media, for instance, would have you believe that the KKK is synonymous with lynching. However, if one investigates the history of lynching in America, it's not much different than the Bible describing a criminal being stoned to death. Conversely, the media would have you believe that racial violence perpetrated by blacks against Whites is about as newsworthy as a partially cloudy day. But, on those rare occasions when there is a racially motivated so-called hate crime, which can only be committed by White racists (said sarcastically), do we hear the mantras of social vilification amplified. The media propaganda is abject cowardice in fear of a city being burned down. What race is it that is known for looting and rioting?

Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and Whites, blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent. That is a statistic that the media will never report, because it's not the kind of propaganda that fits into their agenda. Blacks commit more violent crime against Whites than against their own race. What is the propaganda that we should be conveying? Blacks kill innocent people. Lynching killed guilty criminals. The ratio between the two is extremely lopsided. There are not millions of acts of violence being perpetrated by White people against other races. It is rather millions of White victims of non-White violence. That is the stark reality of the color of crime.

Our message to Knoxville and our fellow Americans is not how loud we can shout at leftist agitators or how tough we look in symbols of media generated stereotypes. The unadulterated truth to our kindred is that we are being lied to and a silent war is being waged against us. How many uncommitted White people are more inclined to be persuaded of simple logic than volatile grandstanding? If we really care about our race, we should get down on our knees and petition the gates of heaven for deliverance. It's happened before in our history you know.

I believe White Christian Patriots carry the torch of wisdom for social change and godly leadership that touches the soul of common sense. The deaths of Channon and Christopher are a wake-up call and could be the pivot point to turn things around. The calls for inflammatory street rage may be cathartic for the emotionally charged reactionary, but it falls short of intelligent tactical leadership. Our only victory is patterned after the battle plan set forth by Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, murder is referred to as the shedding of innocent blood. Can a nation or state or county become guilty before God for their failure to execute God's judgments? Absolutely! It is the covenant between God and His people to administrate justice. Murderers are subject to capital punishment. Does anyone really think that these 'African-Americans' didn't use the word 'White' in a derogatory sense during their killing frenzy and therefore qualify their actions as a 'hate crime'? From a Christian perspective, it doesn't matter. If they are found guilty in a court of law, they should be executed expeditiously. That is the propaganda that must be put forward, if we think we're civilized. Otherwise, it's open season for being White and the prisons become a hall of fame club for black killers.

Let's get the message out there, that we're not going to tolerate innocent blood being shed on thy land. The Judeo-Christian ethic of incarceration for life is contrary to God's Law. "You shall not pity him [the murderer], but thou shalt put away the guilt of innocent blood from Israel, that it may go well with thee" Deut. 19:13. White Christians throughout this land know in their heart and mind that "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed" Gen. 9:6. It is our duty to God and each other to obey the ancient Laws given to our race. No justice - no peace.