Eyes That See

by Pastor Mark Downey

An explanation showing the difference between one of our five senses (sight), and what Jesus meant by "eyes that see" spiritually.

Part 1: A number of examples are given to show what spiritual blindness is as it relates to the idols of the heart.

Part 2:  White Christians strive to do good, but we have inherited the Fall of Adam. We innately know what evil is, even though a lot of people are in denial that our sin nature is adversarial to God, race and most importantly... life.

The Prince of This World

By Pastor Ken Lent

There is nothing like time consuming distractions to prevent God's people from properly learning and teaching God's Laws for the family and nation.  God's grace and laws are the backbone of His Kingdom.  If we are not focused on and dedicated to this Scriptural principle we lose most if not all of our calling to be stewards for righteousness in the Earth.  Trying to repel supposed invisible devils, haunting ghosts, so called psychic fields or sci-fi lizard people is worse than a distraction. It is embracing false doctrine of which the Scriptures have much to warn against.

God's written Word tells us that there is no Big Devil Demon, Satanic Cosmic Mind, or King Serpent Lizard Man who is The Prince of This World.  These ever popular but imaginary "trouble makers" are not taught anywhere in God's Word.  Even when the Scriptures do mention ‘satan’ that word has to be correctly defined.  This is the Hebrew word saw-tawn, which means adversary and it is used in many different Scripture applications and verses.  It is merely a regular normal noun.  However, when the translators of our English Bible capitalized this word from ‘satan’ (adversary) to “Satan” then a personal identity was thrust into the dictionary definition of that word.  But nonetheless, there surely is an evil presence that has been an adverse force against Godly righteousness since recorded time.

The "Red Dragon Satan" of Revelation 12

by Pastor Ken Lent

If any book of the Scriptures is riddled and loaded with allegories, it's the book of Revelation. God Almighty never intended us to apply literal meanings to something that is figurative in its context.

People use all manner of metaphors in their daily walk, (paint the town red, cat got your tongue, I’m just dying to do that, etc) and realize those terms for what they are. But when they read from the Book of Revelation about "Satan", for some reason they have a difficult time realizing the obvious truth that this is symbolism in a poetic license of expression. But why should there be such an almost universal mystic esoteric perception concerning the word "satan" in the Scriptures? Surely this has taken place because of the constant bombardment, generation after generation, on the part of denominational theology's relentless insistence that "the Devil is going to get them". People want a "Devil", and, by God, they will have him because in Revelation 12:9 we know that the "Fallen Angel" was cast out of heaven. This may be the most often misquoted verse in the Scriptures used by "Devil/demon" believers to support their position that a literal Devil named Satan is a "second-in-command spirit being", the arch angel in heaven, who rebelled against God Almighty.

The Serpent of Genesis

by Pastor Mark Downey

I have been Christian Identity since 1976, but I am not Dual Seedline.  I have read just about every expositor for this theory and have come to the conclusion that a bit of a theological shell game has been played upon the casual observer “at a glance.”  It is not (IMHO) the two seeds [sic] of Gen. 3:15 that carry this theory, but rather the idea of a supernatural being acting as the only adversary to God who created what we know today as jews.  Without this supernatural character, the whole Dual Seedline theory collapses.  I put the [sic] after the word “seeds”, because it is a poor translation from the KJV and suggests that spirit beings, otherwise known as angels, can arbitrarily change to physical beings, biologically having a reproductive capacity.  There is no biblical foundation for this assumption.  Within Dual Seedline itself there are variations of opinion as to what actually impregnated Eve.

The Temptation of Eve and Jesus

by Pastor Mark Downey

It is assumed that just because the words "Satan" and "Devil" are incorporated into the Masoretic text, that proves the existence of a literal supernatural being. However, if we probe a little deeper into Scripture to see who or what is the principle of temptation in the case of both Jesus and Eve, we will discover something that cannot be easily dismissed or passed off as mere coincidence. To understand what tempts man, we must search scripture for an answer (to see whether it is a personification of evil called "Satan" or something else). I believe the answer is found in I John 2:16 which says, "For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." The "Satan" or "Devil" is not mentioned as having anything to do with "All that is in the world." What this tells us is that all temptations of evil are of this terrestrial world.

The Madmen of Gadera

By Pastor Mark Downey

Jesus said, “Think not that I came to destroy the Law or the prophets” Mt. 5:16.  He was referring to the veracity of the Old Testament, which we call the Scriptures.  When the New Testament refers to the Scriptures, it is pointing to the Law and the prophets.  Therefore, the Old Testament establishes the truth about demons and/or evil spirits and the laws pertaining to them.  However, what Jesus told us not to think about or consider has been thought about and considered.  People have destroyed the laws against idols and idolatry through a change in language and culture. 

It can be shown quite convincingly that the demons and evil spirits of the Old Testament were nothing more than mere idols.  I Samuel is a good example of these terms being interchangeable through the experiences of King Saul.  Revelation 9:20 also equivocates “The works of their hands” with “devils” or “demons”, rather than supernatural entities.  At the time of Christ, the pagan belief in demons was rampant and even Israelite societies were rife with sacrificing to idols.  It was a perfect time for the arrival of the Messiah to pop their pagan bubbles.  It was a time in which Israelites thought they were worshipping the one true God of Israel when, in fact, they drifted far away from the original worship their patriarchs practiced.


by Pastor Mark Downey

The scriptural fact is that God did NOT identify these "sons of God" as "angels", but rather "man" and "flesh" (Gen. 6:3,7), and if they had been "angels", their conduct would hardly fit the definition of the Hebrew word "malak".  The scriptural fact is that these "sons of God" were mere, mortal men, "judges" or otherwise (Gen. 6:3,7), who reverted to paganism ("took unto them wives of the daughters of men" meaning they embraced paganism), and, thereby, became "hypocrites" ("one who feigns to be what he is not; especially, one who pretends to be pious, virtuous, etc. without really being so."  Further confirmation is found in the succeeding scripture:

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.   And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart." (Gen. 6:5,6)

Breaking Evil

by Pastor Mark Downey

Evil as the all time spoiler for unity with God and His Christian Israel people:

Part 1:  A discussion of the definition of evil and how it differs from sin.

Part 2:  God's standards of right and wrong remains constant and unchanging. The White Adamic race has this curse, but God has not abandoned us without a remedy.

The Fallen Angel Theory


by Pastor Mark Downey

What prompted this subject was a book I started to read and a movie I saw called "The Possessed". The book, like so many others, starts with a false assumption about satan. The movie, like so many others of its genre, reinforces the church establishment's position on evil, which misplaces fear of the Lord with fear of the devil. Why is it that there are so many people vehement in their belief about a "Satan"? Some people believe sin became carnel or incarnate. The exegesis of satan will be found in our study of satan in context to the entire Bible. When we read the 12th chapter of Revelation, there is a lot of figurative language. We know that by interpreting this chapter in a literal sense, we get a lot of bad theology. In verse 7, it reads: "there was war in heaven". Does this mean the abode of God?

Imprecatory Prayer Regarding the Devil

by Pastor Mark Downey

The controversy over the subject of satan continues to escalate from certain quarters who demand war and death for those who disagree with them. Some have become so enamored with their so called “Satan” that they have resorted to lemming-like imprecatory prayers against the imaginary. As a necessary equilibrium for down-to-earth Christian theology, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to provide an alternative imprecatory for a proper exegesis of satanic-related metaphors in contradistinction to the religious hysteria of the literal Judaic ‘pro-Satan’ crowd. Let me reiterate, after dozens of commentaries, that those of us who do not subscribe to the judeo version of a creature called “Satan”, does not mean that the subject of satan or its permutations has no meaning in the Bible. Indeed, it does and that is the intent of this prayer.